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Horror Story and I Need Some Advice

I bought a 2007 Mustang back in March 2008. I bought it from a dealership about 45 min away from my house because i thought i would get a better deal than what i could get in my home town. This turned out to be a huge mistake because the entire buying experience has been hell for me.

I first went in to test drive. I discussed numbers with the manager for hours but they low balled an offer to buy my VW Jetta. I loved the Stang so much that i got suckered into a take home test drive. I decided to buy the car and sold my car to CarMax. When I went back 2 days later to finish up the paperwork I found out that the manager I had dealt with got fired. I was no longer given the same numbers but I also got new higher interest rates. At this point i was screwed because i had already sold my car. The new manager was not friendly, intimidating, persistant and kept reminding that I was carless so that I had to buy regardless. Again I had to go thru another long time of negociating just to end up with not such a good deal at all. If i had known this, i would just have bought from a dealership a whole lot closer to my house.

I asked to switch my license plates to the new car and the finance dept says they will take care of it. They said i had to do nothing and would get the renewal by mail. Some new plates come in the mail so i put them on the car. I get stopped and ticketed by the police to hear that my plates are bad even though I did what the dealership told me to do. I decide to go in person and i'm told that they ordered new plates that i have to pay for and that i have to go out of my way to deliver the old plates to the MVA. I'm apologized to and i'm told that i will get a refund when i return them. I take a trip to the MVA during work hours because its the only free time i have, only to be told that i cannot get a refund because it hadn't been done by the dealership.

From the moment i had test driven the car, i had told the dealership that the tires were low but they kept saying that it wasn't a big deal and would fill it with air for me. For weeks i had to keep stopping at gas stations to put air in my tires on a weekly basis. I kept telling the dealership that the tires were bad from when i testdrove it but they kept telling me it was normal. Finally i made a big deal about it and they decided to check it out, turns out that it had a slow leak. They refused to pay for it because somehow it was my fauly, but thru persistance and arguing I finally got the leak plugged. I know thru experience that plugging holes is a temporary fix, not something i should have to deal with a brand new car that only has 20 miles.

Also when i bought the car the rear license plate light had been broken. I pointed it out prior to buying the car and was told that it would be fixed afterwards. Again this took months before they would do anything about it, saying that somehow i had broken it off despite the fact that i had already showed it to someone and been promised it would be taken care of.

The most recent issue has been the fact that I only recieved 1 key and 1 keyless entry fob. I was told during the purchase that i would get 2 of each once i bought it. I buy it but recieve no extras, just 1 of each. Both the car salesman and the manager promise that I will get it. I keep calling and going back but keep getting told to come back later. I tell them to call me when they find it or to mail it to me. I never get a straight answer from anyone. One day i call back and it turns out that both the salesman and the manager have also been let go. There is no longer any proof that i never get a second set of keys. For the past couple months i have kept calling and showing up to get them and no one believes or understands what im talking about. I can only call soo many times and go there in person, only to waste my time and money on gas. I don't know what to do anymore... is there anything i can do? Please give me some advice.

I have tried to take this up with the manager of the dealership but it seems that they have some of the worst turnover that i have ever seen. I never get to talk to the same people because they always leave. This is the reason why i feel that i'm screwed without repair. It doesn't really matter what i do because nothing will ever get fixed. I'd like to get my second set of keys but i also feel that i should be entitled to so much more in order to make up for it.

This is the fourth car that i have bought from a dealership but it is the only new car that i have bought. This is also the only American car that i have ever owned. I hope that this is not common to all Ford or American car manufacturers. Honda and VW have given me the red carpet treatment in the past. The only reason i bought Ford was because i really wanted a Mustang but i'm not so sure this experience was worth it. This dealership is god awful so whatever you do please stay away from Castle Ford in Silver Spring, MD.

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Re: Horror Story and I Need Some Advice

That is terrible that you have had this experiance with a new Ford.

I feel you should call Ford Motor Company and speak with a Customer care rep about your the bad attitude of this dealership. If you signed up deal with a manger that got fired then that deal should still stand as far as I know. You dealt with the manager when he was employed by the dealership so it should still be the original deal. Go straight to Ford and complain about how you have been treated by one of their dealerships.

Any reasonable dealership should have fixed the tires without question. How does Ford expect to get return custom with that sort of attitude at dealers.

I really hope that the Mustang is enjoyable enough to overcome the treatment you have had and I hope Ford Motor Company do something about that dealership.

Let us know how things go.

71 429SCJ Mustang
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