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Front lights solved

Hello all,

I am posting to say that I have figured out how to replace the front side marker bulbs/park/turn signals on a 92 2nd gen Ranger truck.

This is for those new to the 1989-1992 US made Rangers.

Due to the way the front is designed, the whole bezel assembly has to be taken off to replace those bulbs as gaining access is a real bitch. The park/turn lights are a little easier to grasp without dissasembling on the driver's side, but not on the passenger unless one wants to take out the battery first. Both side markers are not accessable from inside the engine compartment at all due to their placement vs the opening in the inner fender wall, so for those the entire bezel assembly has to be taken off.

Two phillips screws hold the top portion to the car. You will notice which ones as they don't hold the plastic shield to the top of the grill etc. Take those out, the bottom of the entire bezel assembly, well, it's held in by wire clips that require the use of a flat bladed screwdriver on the bottom edge of bezel housing between a mounting flange that's just below the metal front facia that runs the entire length of the bottom of the entire car between grill and bumper. Slip the screw driver in the spots between flange and bottom of bezel housing and twist slightly at the clips themselves, while gently pulling, starting with the outside edge and work your way to the grill. Best if you pull free the top portion first so you can grasp the side edge of the housing, which will include the large reflector section as well. Be careful as you don't want to break anything.

Once freed, both bulbs are easily accessible. Just turn to release them and the socket and bulb come out of their respective housing. replace bulb and just reverse the processes, except that when you go to put the bezel assembly back on the truck, the bottom will simply slide into it's clips and once secured, replace the two screws up on top to secure.

This truck has it set up so that the park/turn bulbs do not light up the side edge where the light should be, hence the seperate small bulbs for those. The rear tailights use one single double filament bulb for all three functions, just an FYI.

The bulbs for the stock driving/fog lights on the STX trim rangers are not so easily replaced. Why? You have to first unplug the wiring to the back of the bulb before you go any further. That's easily accomplished by sliding underneath and you'll see wires and a plug, simply pull out. Done.

Next you have to undo the bolts on either side of the light housing itself, which can be a total bitch as they will rust and may require something like WD-40(tm) to loosen. Once you have them off, the housing should come out easily and the bulbs are replaced much like the flush headlamp bulbs in that you twist and pull out. The whole assembly is tossed as the new bulbs are already complete with socket, just slip new bulb into hole and twist to lock. Remember, these are halogen bulbs so do not touch the glass at all or premature bulb failure will occure.

Then put the entire housing back in it's bracket and replace the bolts on either side, once done, plug wiring harness back in and it should be good to go. Now you will need to re-allign them as you don't want them aimed up or too far to the sides but straight ahead if I'm not mistaken and slightly down to avoid glare. The idea is that for driving lights, they are necessary for one see without the glare issues of the high beam, and to illuminate the sides of the lane/road for easier navigating in inclement weather or out on dark country highways with little to no night time lighting. They are usually clear.

Fog lights are a little different they are almost always amber in color, better units will have an anctual amber lens, not a dichroic (sp?) coating on the reflector or an amber tinted bulb. Idea there is that amber will cut back on the reflective glare caused by rain, snow and fog, it's beam pattern does not go as far out as driving lights will but will have a wider beam spread from side to side, again to aid in seeing the edges of lanes/roads.

I make this distinction as they are often confused and used interchangebly when they are infact two different animals all together.

Back to the stock driving lights a sec, they are mounted just below the bumper in the bumper skirt but the housing that holds them has an access hole in the back that's just large enough for the plug and not much else. So hence the removing of the entire bulb housing to gain access to the bulb assembly itself. Not such a great idea Ford.

So there you go. Today is try to get the bolts off the driving lights so I can get the new bulbs installed and get this finished up.

Hope this helps someone in need of new bulbs up front. :-)

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