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Arrow Cruise behaviour concerns

G'day all,

The issue has certainly emerged a few times but we have yet to cure it. There have been some recent reports of cruises in various states where the standard of driving has left a thing or 2 to be desired. Understandably, in the spirit of the occasion people can get carried away. My concern is that when we start toying with the laws of physics, things can turn ugly.

In saying this, even in our own past we have not always been lucky. A handful of Victorian guys will have memories of a highly respected member who lost control of his car during a wheel-spinning exit from a meet point and ended up swerving and crashing over a gutter. Far worse than a potentially written-off car was the humiliation for him, including a less-than-impressed female passenger. It was a sad day that few have forgotten.

So the bottom line is that when we hear of events where people are not driving with safety in mind, it is a recipe for disaster. At the current rate, the odds are a serious accident will happen at some stage. The potential consequences of this are well worth thinking about.

We have devised club rules and regulations but now we need to strictly enforce them. I certainly hope nobody is naive enough to view this as 'taking away the fun'. Anyone who has been involved in an accident can confirm my suspicion that it is not fun by any stretch.

Some of the new ideas we are looking at include a brief discussion before the departure from a meet reminding members of the regulations. Unfortunately we are also going to have to look seriously at starting to take action against offenders. The issue cannot go unaddressed.

If anyone has anything constructive to add, your thoughts are valued.

Jack Travis, E-Series Acting President

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Re: Cruise behaviour concerns

Pretty unfortunate that this has had to come up yet again.

Time to start getting the message really hitting home - you screw up, you are not welcome at E-Series events, or if you do go - you don't drive. It's that simple.

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Re: Cruise behaviour concerns

yes i gather (i didn't attend the meet in question) silly antics marred a Brisbane FF cruise.. Now it is done by invite only thru email.. It is a shame it came to that but due to some *fools*, that have no repect for themselves, others property or others are not welcome anymore..

Roads are for cruising, racetracks are for racing..

I'd dare hedge a bet, that the idiots that drive like this are also the ones that bitch about having no money for tyres and full comp insurance..

We all like to act up every now and then but some people can't understand that there is a time and place for it

Well done Jack for bringing to peoples attention again...
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Re: Cruise behaviour concerns

Reminds me of some dickheads the other week in a commodore cruise here in Adelaide.
I was standing at the lights behind a commodore, which was ready to drag the
commodore besides it, next to me was a commodore, behind that was one and behind me was one too.
Anyways, all of a sudden each and every one of them starts bagging up
the rears. The two commies at the lights dragged of the line and nearly ran each other
of the road because the road zipped into one lane. BLOODY DICKHEADS !!!
And I'm sitting there I'm my missus mums car, with my missus and her mom.
Where's the cops when you need them.

But to get back on the topic, I do think people should be made aware of set club- rules.
If they decide to do stupid stuff anyway, ban them from the club !!!
It's called a CRUISE, not a RACE !!!!

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Re: Cruise behaviour concerns

If it's of any help we usually start the cruises with a briefing that includes our definition of acceptable behaviour. People who don't adhere to those rules are simply told to leave - it's only had to happen once so far but the individual concerned is also banned from attending other cruises we organise for a period of time.

There is a also a thread here that forms the basis of our cruise terms (it's called Cruise definition) that might help a bit.

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Re: Cruise behaviour concerns

We aren't going to point fingers and single people out but hopefully the people know who they are and can appreciate that we don't want that type of driving style. Of course accidents do and will happen but if its a result of sprited driving then thats where the club gets brought into it. Other clubs (CCC) have very successful cruises and they are 100% for safe driving.

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Re: Cruise behaviour concerns

This is an issue that needs to be looked at. Enforcement of guidelines may need to be a tad "strickter" than is currently being experenced. Im all for 'fun' but keep the name E-Series/FF seperate.

Ive been described as a vault of usless random knowledge.

Ill take it as a complement i think.............
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Re: Cruise behaviour concerns


can you please explain why you wont be targeting individuals? If they are happy enough to do stupid things behind the wheel and give the club a bad image, why arent they going to be faced with the consequences?

I think perhaps you should stop getting all worried about treading on people's toes and hurting their feelings. Its tough love, but which do you prefer - telling someone to leave or pulling them out of what's left of their car?

If the best this club can do is 'politely suggest' that people drive safer, you may as well not bother.

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Re: Cruise behaviour concerns

Fair points for sure.

The priority at this stage is giving people clear warnings before the cruises as Russell described. At that point we will be able to 'target' individuals and say we are doing what we have to do. There will be no excuses of 'I didn't realise' etc.

It gets more complicated when realistically we cannot expect people to drive under 2500 rpm at all times. A line must be drawn.

Jack Travis, E-Series Acting President

1989 Ford Fairmont Ghia turbo/GL replica (underway)
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Re: Cruise behaviour concerns

Drive under 2500rpm? If the club is going to make rules as to how many revs we are able to do while driving on a cruise, that's where the line must be drawn.

We have all done things on cruises which we are ashamed of, but they are done on the spur of the moment. If that person crashes, hurts themselves, it's their own fault, and although we think that people will blame the club as a whole, it's realistic that people will assume, as long as it is an isolated incident, that it was the individual.

If this issue is pushed too hard, people will go underground, and create their own cruises (as we've seen) where they do things that aren't condoned by the club/site.

I say, don't distribute stickers/club endorsments to people who have broken the rules, and let the shame lie on them alone. That way, if they are involved, the site cannot be linked.

As much as i hate to play the devil's advocate, we all have our own licenses, we all are in charge of our own driving. The club can't determine how we use this priviledge, but they sure as hell can ban and kick out members who don't obey by the rules.

There's no way to stop this kind of behaviour from happening, especially when mods on this site, as well as other highly respected members are accused of doing what we're talking about here..

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