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Question Ford 93 Tempo 2.3L overheats...funny situation ?

Hey there,

Well, to start off this car has 112,200 miles on it. The thing cools semi-ok but,
overheats very easily if I am not CONSTANTLY moving. The weird thing is this,
usually on cars when you turn on the HEATER (For the cabin) it would suck
HOT air away from the coolant making you car run cooler. Well, according to
the temp gauge it actually gets hotter. BTW- for those of you familiar with
the temp gauge it normally stays around the "R" in NORMAL.
This is really funny, as I thought it was the other way around.
The only thing I can think of is even though it is supposed to get rid of the
heat; the fact that the heater is being run and requires work from the motor it
creates even more heat. I may be missing something here. :hrm:

BTW- I had an engine block heater put on recently so the coolant was
flushed then. This has been a prob before the block heater was installed.
The fan is good and still works.

Got any suggestions.
Thanks in advance for any info.


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Re: Ford 93 Tempo 2.3L overheats...funny situation ?

My apoligies for posting so late after the fact. Anyhow a couple of things to be checked... of course if you haven't already fixed the problem...

Check to make sure that your rad fan is coming on... also check to make sure that the rad fins are not all clogged up with bugs etc... sometimes it can be something so simple...

Make sure that your coolant level is as full as you can get it.

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Re: Ford 93 Tempo 2.3L overheats...funny situation ?

Yes. Possibly a cooling fan problem, i'm guessing you have ac, because i have never seen a tempo that doesnt.
when you switch your a/c on the elec fan should come on, when you switch on the front windscreen defroster the fan comes on as well.
Your tempo should have a thermo switch, this can be easily jumped to check fan operation.
also pulling off your ect sensor will cause the fan to come on.
Tempo fan motors are very common, you can even feel the play in the motors if you shake the fan up and down when off. when power is at the fan, a light tap with a hammer might get it going temporarily
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Re: Ford 93 Tempo 2.3L overheats...funny situation ?

Check your electric radiator fan. Open the hood and run the car till it get real hot and see if the radiator fan turns on. If not it's time to replace it.
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Re: Ford 93 Tempo 2.3L overheats...funny situation ?

I just went through the whole debacle with my '93 Tempo....

It would overheat with A/C running while it was sitting still. If I drove and got some air into it, it was fine.

I replaced the fan thermostatic switch, the thermostat itself, flushed the fluid.

I finally realized that the fan was operating, but it was weak with not enough ummmpph. I replaced the fan motor and the problem is gone. Hooray!

Hope it works out......
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Re: Ford 93 Tempo 2.3L overheats...funny situation ?

This may sound odd, but I had a water pump start to go out and did the same exact thing.

Also, check the thermastate, it may be the problem.

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Exclamation Re: Ford 93 Tempo 2.3L overheats...funny situation ?

Yes .,My customers rarely check the small things before they panic and call....good advice...RICK
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Re: Ford 93 Tempo 2.3L overheats...funny situation ?

in 5 minuts u can pinpoint it.
get the car hot a lil over norm runing temp.
with the car on grab the top rad hose is it hot?
then grab the bottom, is it hot?
if bolth are warm ur thermostat and water pump should be okay although i think the owner manual suggests replacement of the thermostat every 50thousand. if ur okay there, next feel all over ur radiator, see if theres any cold or less hot spots, it should be an even heat if its not go get sum radiator flush, n run it through there then dump ur fluid and put fresh stuff in, i would add 1 bottle hyperlube supercoolant to bring u down a good 10-20 degress or red line water wetter wil do the same thing w/e avaible 4 u.
and use only prestone coolants
n just for kicks cover up ur dist real good with a trash bag r sumthing, take a garden hose and carefully, but with good presure blast water through the rad fins, to unclog all the bugs and dirt blocking air flow and although sum suggest againt this, take the hose and jam it in the radiator, with all the hoses off, 2 blast all the loose crap out after u flush it.
n after that u should be cooling like a porsh

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Re: Ford 93 Tempo 2.3L overheats...funny situation ?

ok dude, this may sound excessive but i have a 93 tempo as well. it was given to me because it overheated slightly(at least that's what i was told)anyway, it had little bit of water in the oil. i put a bottle of liquid head gasket in it and it ran like a top. never overheated or even got warm for about 2-3 months. and then it started to idle real high and got pretty hot. make a long story short, after pulling the head off and inpecting. that thing was cracked in at least 8 places. funny thing is, it ran fine. for the most part.anyway if you checked/replaced all the common stuff and it just seems to be running hot, only when sitting still(like at a traffic light, or drive thru, whatever)have a cylinder leak-down test done. bet you a new GT that you have cracks between the valves(in-ex) in 1 or more combustion chambers. most commonly the middle cyls. just my 2 cents.
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