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Possible changes in V8 SC.

Been a slow friday night and just happened to see a small article with Bill Woods on Sports Tonight. It was mentioned that possible changes to the sport in the not to distant future include a standard brake and suspension package, and no longer allowing car-to-pit telemetry.

Be interested to hear your opinions!.

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Thumbs up Re: Possible changes in V8 SC.

They may as well make the brakes & suspension control components. The cars are now so alike that I think the whole "Falcodore" thing is not just an inevitability, it's already happened. So why not? I don't think they should lose the telemetry however, & it is imperative to keep some things, like the engines, exclusive to each brand or otherwise there's no point to the formula!!! The day they move to a control chassis for example (like NASCAR) is the day I stop watching!!!
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Re: Possible changes in V8 SC.

I recon a GT and what ever it is that holden have in the same class.(not that they have anything in the same class) no mods WHAT SO EVER..just how they come from the factory..Now theres ya bathurst 1000 :)
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Re: Possible changes in V8 SC.

There's a reason standard road cars are no longer the face of V8 Supercars - they do well on the road, but things like brake fade come in after a handful of laps, let alone a full 1000km of race pace. This is unsafe as it could lead to sudden brake loss eventually as the braking system is cooked

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Re: Possible changes in V8 SC.

Major Rules Overhaul Put More Grunt Into V8 Supercars
Release Date: 21/05/2004
The Touring Car Entrants Group Australia Pty Ltd (TEGA) today announced a major overhaul of the Technical Regulations governing V8 Supercars, a move designed to put more emphasis on driver skill, ensure tighter racing and contain costs for all teams.

The sweeping changes are arguably the biggest single introduction of across the board modifications including the limiting of adjustable aerodynamics, extending engine use time, using a sequential gear shift and controlled brakes.

The planned integration of the new regulations will commence in 2005 and continue through until the introduction of new models in the Championship, expected to be in 2007/8.

The reduction in aerodynamic effectiveness from the start of 2005 will give the immediate and very obvious benefit of an enlivened racing spectacle on the race track.

Technical stability post regulatory change is a TEGA commitment to provide a stable platform for the efficient and effective operation of teams.

“What this means for fans of V8 Supercar racing is close quarters racing, a greater emphasis on driver skill, and overall improved racing and entertainment,” TEGA chairman Kelvin O’Reilly said.

“The cars will look and sound the same, they will just perform in an even more entertaining manner than the current crop of V8 Supercars as a result of reduced aerodynamic effectiveness.

“Successive TEGA Boards have considered the issues of cost containment and enhancing V8 Supercar racing in a non-contrived manner and the decisions reflect the responsible natural progression for our sport.

“This is great news for V8 Supercars and great news for our fans.”

No significant areas of the cars have escaped review. The final rules with precise specifications will be released in the coming weeks.

“The cars will utilise a mixture of controlled components, tightly controlled specification of components, individual team homologated components and model specific homologated components,” O’Reilly said.

The major initiatives are:


Minimal working aerodynamics solely to achieve parity. The cars are to have the same external appearance.

· Removal of front under tray from 1 January 2005
· Rear wing to be fixed or with minimal adjustment from 1 January 2005


· Control brake rotor from 1 January 2005
· Control brake pad from 1 January 2005
· Restricted list of specified calipers available for use in 2005
· Control brake caliper from 1 January 2006

Data logging / telemetry

· Live car to pit telemetry is to be banned from 1 January 2005
· Control dash unit from 1 January 2005
· Reduction in the duplication of data collected from 1 January 2005.
· Reduction in the number of channels of data available to teams from 1 January 2005.

Transmission / driveline

· Immediate consideration of gearbox specification – sequential/h pattern shift. Any change to be effected 1 January 2005
· Control specification of internal gearbox components from 1 January 2005
· Minimum flywheel weight from 1 January 2005
· Control carbon clutch from 1 January 2005
· Control crown wheel & pinion from 1 January 2005
· Minimum rear axle (drive shaft) weight – solid component from 1 January 2005
· Minimum tail shaft weight and gauge of metal from 1 January 2005. To be a TEGA recommended part.


· Engine specification will be adjusted to provide extended life.
· As many engine components as is practical and possible are to have a minimum weight and specification applied to them from 1 January 2005
· As many engine components as is practical and possible will be reviewed and specified as a control component (either by specification or supply) from 1 January 2005
· Maximum valve lift to be stipulated from 1 January 2005
· Specified number and size of piston rings from 1 January 2005
· Restricted list of specified engine peripheral components together with designated position requirements from 1 January 2005.
· Engine peripherals to be control components from 1 January 2007
· Minimum engine block weight for both Ford and Holden to be identical from 1 January 2007


· Restricted list of specified shock absorbers available for use from 1 January 2005
· Control sealed shock absorber from 1 January 2006
· Individually team homologated stub axle to be available for use and sample logged with TEGA from 1 January 2005 - control component from 1 January 2006


· Control aluminum alloy wheel from 1 January 2005. All other wheel specifications to remain unchanged. Current stock of wheels to be marked.

General items / non-performance components

· As many non-performance components as is practical and possible will be control components for any new car that is built from 1 January 2005
· Control fuel tank in all new cars built from 1 January 2005.
· Specified identical location of the fuel tank in all new cars built for application with the introduction of new model cars.
· Control on board jacks in all new cars built from 1 January 2005.
· Control rattle guns and associated equipment from 1 January 2005
What a load of rubbish...

I can see how it makes it fairer for the "not so rich" teams and it is really now a combat of driver skill and team performance. But it also makes it unfair to the top performing teams who have worked hard to get where they are...

Such a shame that they are ruining such a unique sport that is the envy of motor racing around the world, its not long until we have nascar in australia....

EL driver...
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Re: Possible changes in V8 SC.

Totally agree you Jase, i just didn't want to say so in the first post, feeling out the water so to speak. In my opinion it's moving away from a parity type formula to a controll type class, where the only thing that's different about the cars are the stickers.

Im undecided as to it being a good or bad thing, I mean if the driveline ( bar the engine ) and suspension components are uniform for all cars, it's going to be dependant on which team can tune thier cars the best, and who has the more talented drivers..... and i'm thinking that's a good thing

On the negative side it's the unknown's that make me wonder if it's a good move. Where are the components going to come from? Will the teams be allowed to alter pick up points and such so the two makes have simular handling characterisitcs?. I'm sure issues like this will be adressed in due time, but I worry that the implementation of something like this may, although unintentionally, favour one group moreso than the other.

Food for thought
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Re: Possible changes in V8 SC.

It's about time they reduced the aerodynamic aids on these cars as they were only originally included on the V8 Supercars so that they could compete against the 2 litre super tourers that were around at the time. Should make for exciting racing as long as drivers /team dont start complaining and get this decision reversed.

As for all the other changes if the goals of the cost cutting measures are achieved just maybe we will see a better championship with more racing like maybe 15 or 16 rounds. Now that would be better as long as these extra rounds are in Australia . Only time will tell ,let's hope so.
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Re: Possible changes in V8 SC.

I don't care much about most of the changes, but removing some of the aero is a great idea. I don't want to see a 30 car train for 100 laps. Lets see these cars move around again.

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Re: Possible changes in V8 SC.

The day that happens is the day I no longer watch the V8's.

And I reccon pigs will fly before that happens in the next ten years.
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Re: Possible changes in V8 SC.

Im sure its to stop v8supercars turing into what F1 has become, where the cost to race is ridiculous, and has a detrimental effect on the sport.
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