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Procar Winton Round - observations

Ok - having just spent the weekend at beautiful, freezing, Winton I'd like to make a couple of comparative observations - especially as this was held only a fortnight after the Canberra V8 round so it is all still fresh in my (failing) mind.

I guess it will be no news to everyone that the Ford Utes are fairly well dominant in the Brutes Series - and for those who don't know they hold the top 5 positions in that championship at the moment.
Further to that there was a pretty good turnout at this round with estimates around 7-10,000 in attendance which is more than the last Konica round at Winton garnered.
If that isn't enough - I would estimate that nearly half of the people there were Ford supporters which is a pleasant change.
So, in this positive Ford environment how many Ford Merchandising stands do you think were present??

Give yourself a lollipop if you said none.
That's right - zero, zilch, NONE.
I could probably live with that if it weren't for the fact that there were THREE Holden stands (one Team Brock, one Suttons Holden and one HRT) which included autograph sessions with Peter Brock and cars on display.

Does something seem wrong here ??
Even VB managed to roll out a merchandising stand and they aren't running or sponsoring a car in the Series!

Have the Ford / Tickford marketing departments gone on holiday?? (I know I've suggested before it might be a good thing if they did anyway).
Does no one see any value in catering to the few remaining die-hard Ford fans in a Series that Fords are actually winning? Or have I lost the plot again and this is actually a clever marketing campaign to generate interest in Ford product by denial of its presence?

One of the annoying things about going to V8 SupeSkaife racing these days must be the huge gaps in the program. Looking back over the Canberra event the total "gap" time over the main day was nearly 4 hours - which isn't funny on a chilly Canberra day. Contrast this with the ProCar events today where there was barely enough time between any event to grab a cup of tea and the total "gap" time was a whole 27 minutes all day!
For those who wondered where all those support categories (Nations Cup, HQs, Mirage Cup GTP, F3 and GT Sports had gone - well they are all alive and well in the Procar series. What we get here is a packed day of excellent racing for a whole $25. If this isn't the best value racing series in Australia then you can paint me pink and call me a dancing elephant!

I know this may come as a huge surprise to a lot of you but racing cars can actually run close to each other at the pointy end of the field without the world as we know it coming to an end!

Now I know some of you will be ringing the looney bin to have me committed (too late they won't take me) or wondering if I've been sampling my sponsors product - but I can guarantee that I saw this with my own eyes (and they ain't that bad yet!).
Almost all of the categories provided good, close racing and plenty of action for the entire days events. Reminds me of how racing used to be ...

which brings me to .......

You can actually get close to the racing at Winton and in the Procar series the whole thing isn't geared around entertaining the priveleged "few" in the Corporate boxes / tents / stands.
This is basic racing for NORMAL people who like to be close to the action and it's a great thing to see. What's more you can see nearly all of the track from any vantage point without watching a screen - which you could do at home anyway.

It's just another one of my frequently delusional opinions but I suspect that Tony Cochrane and his mob could learn a thing or two from the way this series is being run. Experience should teach us that any winning formula needs to be appealing to its audience to maintain that market position or it will fail. Motorport has some very good recent examples (BTCC, 2 Litre Super Tourers) that tell us what can happen to a series that doesn't listen to the people who pay to attend or who think they have a dominant market position.

Anyway enough ranting from me.

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some good points russ... after watching the Brutes last week I feel that it's far better racing as there wasn't a massive gap between first amd the rest. It didn't hurt that the fords were in the thick of it for a change too!
I hope GP takes note that a merchandising opportunity was missed too
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I agree with Russell on this one, I think it was dissapointing that Ford didn't have a merchandise stand there to help support the Ford effort at the event.

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Originally posted by smciner1
I agree with Russell on this one, I think it was dissapointing that Ford didn't have a merchandise stand there to help support the Ford effort at the event.
I'll take that one step further o'shaymus...

I think it's downright disgusting that Ford had no merchandising at such an event. Sure Barra is a big deal but there's always other things going on out in the world. A hard ask to be sure, but these little things need to be done to get people talking Ford instead of the all conquering Holden. Just my thoughts...

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Some good points Russell

I agree Winton is the best trak of em all., needs some work as to buildings and parking for public, but you get the chance to see everything!

Yes, hopefully Ford will get into the V8Brutes as they have done in recent times with v8supercars

BTW, arent the holden utes detuned for the races?
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I know this isn't the same thing rus but it is along the same lines.

All clubs should have received this email and as such I don't have a problem passing it on to others.

Hi team,
Are you all aware that there is a TE50 running in the GT Performance class at all Procar meets?
Team Yamaha has entered the white T3 TE50 in blue Yamaha livery and is becoming increasingly competitive. This year is their first year in the big Ford and they are hoping to gain some ground and knowledge ready for a big assualt next year.

Tickford has offered limited support to the team this year through offering marketing assistance and display vehicles at the tracks. The team is also happy to receive any similar support at events from local Tickford / XR Car Clubs. Procar is warmly welcoming any suitable display of affiliated Club vehicles.

If your Club wishes to help the team (and yourselves) through vehicle displays, please contact Jon Carroll the Team Manager on 041* *** ***. Some Clubs have already taken the initiative to have Trevor Haines (the steerer) and / or Jon at their meetings as a guest speaker.

Can I suggest you review the Procar calendar at to find out when they are in your state. Note that Winton is in two weeks and next month's racing is at the Queensland International Raceway. You may also like to check out Team Yamaha at

See you at the track!
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I was up at Winton yesterday as well. Was a bloody good day, lots of racing instead of processions.

All the categories are pretty good to watch, and bugger me if there isn't some carnage in the Brutes

The Mirage Cup is quite interesting too, probably the cheapest full time category to get into (ie: National Series) and they were lapping Winton about 2secs quicker than the Brutes.

Was up there with one of the other LS1 guys and we had a good chat to a couple of the drivers about getting into it. you can pick up a race ready car (secondhand) for about $15-18k.

Nations cup was pretty much a race between the Lamborghini and Bowe's Ferrari but you could watch those things go around all day.

Highlight was seeing a Lamborghini Murcielago outside Stokell's pit, and then seeing it on the road on the way home, Sex on wheels. It came past me then I caught it up about 20 minutes later, as I went past him he pulled out onto my tail so gave the SS a nudge up to around 150 but funnily enough it didn't seem to have a prob keeping up

But overall I agree with RussellW, bang for your buck this wins, $25 for a solid day of pretty close racing in about 7 categories.
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Hey Brendan

An SS doing 150, what was the oil consumption like...

oppps I'm bad what is the fuel per 100/km like on hwy roads in your car?
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9.5 - 10.5 l/100km sitting at 110kph
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