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V8 Supercars - Perth Round

I will be there in the Grandstand on Saturday and Sunday.

Im going for the Stone Brothers cars although I think the real danger man this weekend is Brighty.

Car's I have owned. First car purchased in July 1994, in order of ownership.
VC Valiant 245Hemi, 280zx Nissan 5 speed, 88 EA 3.9CFI,94 ED Gli X Chaser, 79 FC LTD, 351, FMX, 91 EA2 Fairmont Ghia, 1999 AU S pack, 2000 AU Forte, 1992 EB2 XR8, 2001 AU2 SR, 2002 VX2 Acclaim, 2002 VX2 Manual S pack,2003 BA XR6 manual, 2001 VX2 Berlina.
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i pity tha fool
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i'll be there sunday. hopefully cat corner.

ditto on the stone brothers and brighty.

-Jamie's Gallery-

Previous ride: EBII V8 Manual Ghia spring roll.
Current ride: 1970 ZC 351 Fairlane Custom.. (estimated 350ftlb @ 2000rpm.. max torque 420ftlb at 4500rpm.. with standard exhaust manifold!)
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A shit load of Dim Sims
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Went up there today to get all my merchandise (Lowndes hat, stubbie holder, and FPR key ring) so when I go back tomorrow I can just watch the racing and not worry about any of that stuff. Won't both going on Sunday though, better off watching that on TV due to the ordeal of getting into the place, was still busy today though. It was the first time I've been to the round over here in nearly 8 years (last time it took us 2 hours to get into the place, and even then had to see through hundreds of people to see the race) and to see the autograph hunters up there today amazed me. People were carrying backpacks full off posters, coasters, model cars just anything they could get signed. Today was the best day for it though as the drivers didn't have much on, even found Craig to sign my hat, the other drivers that happened to walk past me were Murph, Steven Richards, Dicky, Glen Seton just to name a few. Looking forward to tomorrow, hope Lowndes pulls it off, if not one of the SBR cars.
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Ive been going since 1995 and you just never know what the traffic is going to be like going in sunday morning and coming out on Sunday afternoon.

Some years you are out in no time and others you can be in line for 2 hours before you are onto Pinjar Road.

Last year we brought half a carton of VB from some Mountain men in the back of an XF while we waited, $5.00 a can thanks very much!!

Car's I have owned. First car purchased in July 1994, in order of ownership.
VC Valiant 245Hemi, 280zx Nissan 5 speed, 88 EA 3.9CFI,94 ED Gli X Chaser, 79 FC LTD, 351, FMX, 91 EA2 Fairmont Ghia, 1999 AU S pack, 2000 AU Forte, 1992 EB2 XR8, 2001 AU2 SR, 2002 VX2 Acclaim, 2002 VX2 Manual S pack,2003 BA XR6 manual, 2001 VX2 Berlina.
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EF Fairmont
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1 11 Castrol Perkins Racing Team Steven Richards Holden Commodore VX 28 28 0:58.8518
2 9 Caltex Havoline Race Team Russell Ingall Ford Falcon BA 24 24 0:58.8567 0:00.0049
3 1 Holden Racing Team Mark Skaife Holden Commodore VY 22 9 0:59.0515 0:00.1997
4 34 Garry Rogers Motorsport Garth Tander Holden Commodore VY 22 22 0:59.1653 0:00.3135
5 2 Holden Racing Team Todd Kelly Holden Commodore VY 14 14 0:59.2271 0:00.3753
6 18 Shell Helix Racing Max Wilson Ford Falcon BA 22 22 0:59.2499 0:00.3981
7 29 Sirromet - Life Style Wine Paul Morris Holden Commodore VY 21 18 0:59.2767 0:00.4249
8 4 Pirtek Racing Marcos Ambrose Ford Falcon BA 24 9 0:59.2817 0:00.4299
9 3 Lansvale Smash Repairs Cameron McConville Holden Commodore VX 14 14 0:59.3301 0:00.4783
10 51 K-Mart Racing Team Greg Murphy Holden Commodore VX 23 23 0:59.3805 0:00.5287
11 44 Team Dynamik Simon Wills Holden Commodore VY 18 11 0:59.4480 0:00.5962
12 6 Ford Performance Racing Craig Lowndes Ford Falcon BA 23 16 0:59.5136 0:00.6618
13 50 Team Brock Jason Bright Holden Commodore VX 14 9 0:59.5240 0:00.6722
14 17 Shell Helix Racing Steven Johnson Ford Falcon BA 23 17 0:59.5605 0:00.7087
15 5 Ford Performance Racing Glenn Seton Ford Falcon BA 21 8 0:59.5929 0:00.7411
16 31 Super Cheap Auto Racing Steve Ellery Ford Falcon BA 25 21 0:59.6305 0:00.7787
17 888 OzEmail Racing Team John Bowe Ford Falcon BA 19 19 0:59.6576 0:00.8058
18 65 Betta Electrical Paul Radisich Ford Falcon BA 23 23 0:59.6622 0:00.8104
19 21 OzEmail Racing Team Brad Jones Ford Falcon BA 26 18 0:59.7042 0:00.8524
20 23 ICS Team Ford Mark Noske Ford Falcon AU 28 25 0:59.8451 0:00.9933
21 45 Team Dynamik Jason Richards Holden Commodore VY 20 3 0:59.8888 0:01.0370
22 20 Orrcon Racing Jason Bargwanna Ford Falcon AU 22 8 0:59.9222 0:01.0704
23 15 K-Mart Racing Team Rick Kelly Holden Commodore VX 27 27 0:59.9579 0:01.1061
24 16 Team Brock Paul Weel Holden Commodore VX 21 16 1:00.0258 0:01.1740
25 8 Castrol Perkins Racing Team Paul Dumbrell Holden Commodore VX 26 26 1:00.1250 0:01.2732
26 33 Garry Rogers Motorsport Jamie Whincup Holden Commodore VX 24 13 1:00.1658 0:01.3140
27 021 Team Kiwi Racing Craig Baird Holden Commodore VX 24 24 1:00.2387 0:01.3869
28 19 Ford Performance Racing David Besnard Ford Falcon AU 23 13 1:00.2800 0:01.4282
29 10 Orrcon Racing Mark Larkham Ford Falcon AU 20 18 1:00.5206 0:01.6688
30 75 Toll Racing Anthony Tratt Ford Falcon AU 27 26 1:01.0030 0:02.1512
31 00 00 Motorsport Rodney Forbes Ford Falcon BA 3 3 1:01.2357 0:02.3839
32 66 Betta Electrical Dean Canto Ford Falcon BA 24 20 1:01.5625 0:02.7107

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HSV Hater!
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Yup was up there today. Got my FPR hat , flag and numberplate holder thingos lol :)

was a good days racing beat going to school, the classic tourers was pretty good lotsa fast old cars and lots of sliping and sliding

traffic wasnt too bad at all and a pretty good turnout by the fans

the practice was a bit weird they struggled to do 5 or more laps before someone went off and the red flag would come out. i think a total of 12 went off but 2 managed to get back on being Ambrose and Murphy

i was very impressed with seto he seems to have some good speed in only his 2nd outing in his BA

well im off to get some food and sleep before doing it all again tomorrow

Marcos Ambrose and Ford Falcon - The 2003 V8Supercar Champions
BA Ford Falcon - 2002 Wheels Car Of the Year
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Australian BA XR6 Falcon
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BOF, Hypo and I are in the grandstand, directly behind Team Brocks pits in Block K, row C3 if anyone wants to catch up, will be wearing a plain dark blue hat with a Ford oval - thats the limit of my merchandise.

BTW - finally getting my manual BA on Monday, how you going with yours. Nuford have another N/A manual Blueprint/premium coming in shortly and its stock.

I've been going to Wanneroo since 1977, getting in/out of the circuit is easy nowadays, for the last couple of years, i've been going up arounf the back of the pine plantation - go north on Wanneroo and turn right onto Giles, go to end then turn right again into Wesco, go to end turn right into Pinjar and then you end up turning right into Wattle if you want to go to the esses.

If you want Novus or the pits, go past Pinjar and turn right into Flynn, then left into Mather, go to end and follow dirt track into the Novus parking area.

I'd be surprised if it took more than 20 mins to get back to Wanneroo Rd using the above routes, most people are still using Pinjar.

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Due to work I can't make it this weekend, but I hope for those that are going that the weather is good and Ford win another. Got to listen and talk to David Besnard last night at the FVP/Tickford Owners Club of WA meeting and though he is struggling in the AU he is looking forward to the whole thing. He seemed like a top bloke and a hell of a laugh, I wish him and all the Ford lads the best of luck.

Go the Fords....
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4WD Jockey
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Was a good weekend, I went on saturday and sunday.
Caught up with Kieron and Hypo, top fella's, good luck with your BA mate.
It was the first time I have been before, and it lived up to every expectation, they sound unreal!, not being biased but I rekon that Ambrose's BA definately sounds the best out of the pack.
I saw Brad Jones, John Bowe, and said a quick hello to Craig and Glen, I soon found out why Craig has such a following, what a great guy!. But I can't understand why Glen hasn't got more of a following, I also found him to be a genuine bloke.
I found the Saloon cars quite surprising, they go alot faster than I thought they would!, would love a drive of one sometime
I also got the chance to catch up with the Supercheap Auto Grid Girls, (lets just say, they wouldn't be "Supercheap") they were georgeous, got a pic with them hehe.
There was one thing that did really annoy me and many others (not the parking, although thats another story )
Trying to watch the god damn V8's!, there's just to many people, it's just about impossible to get a good view. I found it extremely frustrating (esp on sunday).
Apart from that, I'll definately be going again!
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well what a weekend! as usual i drank way too much and slept way to little but had a fantastic time anyways - cant wait to do it again next year! Ambrose was absolutely flying in that last race and if there hadnt been any safety cars he would have finished miles ahead.speaking of miles ahead did everyone there on sunday see that yellow and black camaro - in appendix j or something... he was about 11sec. ahead after around five laps so put on a bit of a show for the spectators. at one stage he threw the big camaro into cat corner like a bloody super sedan and fried the tires all the way to the esses - awesome stuff!
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