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Does anyone have any specs on the new S-Type-R?
Are there any at the MMS?

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I have none at this present moment but it sound like the S-Type R is going to be a real BMW M5 basher, I just can't wait till the motoring scribes write up some reviews on it.

I'm a happy camper!
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Although not many motoring publications in Australia have given favourable write ups on them. Which is a shame because they look like damn fine cars.

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HSE industries is proud to present

Jaguar S-Type R

Jaguar is poised to jam the M5 with the sensational new S-Type R! The most powerful saloon the company has ever built is charged with stealing the BMW's crown as the world's best executive performance car. It will also have to tempt motorists from the driving seat of models such as the Audi S6 and forthcoming Mercedes E55.
Auto Express was first behind the wheel of the potent newcomer, which hits showrooms this week. Powered by a 400bhp supercharged V8 that develops an astounding 553Nm of torque from only 3,500rpm, the R sprints from 0-60mph in only 5.3 seconds, while top speed is limited to 155mph.

But despite the awesome performance, Jaguar has chosen to ensure the hot S-Type is as discreet as possible. This is not a car that's going to court attention with outrageous bodywork and headline-grabbing detailing. Instead, the Coventry firm has added a mesh grille, new alloy wheels and a small, yet functional rear spoiler. Look closer still and you'll spot 'R' badging and huge new brake calipers.

The interior is better, too, thanks to improvements made to all 2002 specification models. As a result, the centre console and instrument binnacle now looks more stylish and feels more robust. The revised electrically adjustable seats are versatile and comfortable, while new door trims offer greater practicality. Other innovations include an electric handbrake (which replaces the traditional lever with a switch) and an LCD control screen inspired by the X-Type's touch-sensitive unit.

Fire it up and the 4.2-litre V8 warbles into life, filling the cabin with a smooth, distinctive engine note which only hints at the new Jaguar's performance potential. Slot the six-speed box into 'drive', squeeze the throttle and, as the handbrake automatically disengages, the R surges forward. Press the throttle to the floor and the nose lifts as the S-Type roars towards the horizon. From 3,500rpm, the rate of acceleration is simply stellar - few cars can match this Jag's devastating straight-line pace.

The next revelation is the suspension, which proves incredibly supple. Rough roads do little to unsettle the hot S-Type, while potholes and speed bumps go virtually unnoticed.

Despite this level of refinement, the powerful V8 never threatens to overwhelm the chassis, as Jaguar's 'CATS' computer-controlled suspension system can fine-tune the dampers according to road conditions. Under acceleration, heavy braking or hard cornering this firms up the suspension, helping reduce body roll and improving stability and grip. When the car is being driven gently, CATS reverts to comfort setting, offering an incredibly smooth ride. To the driver, these changes are imperceptible.

The steering is equally impressive. The wheel feels weighty, yet delivers precision and feedback to rival even the M5's. On open roads the R is involving and rewarding to drive. The new six-speed auto boasts improved engine response and smoother changes, while the J-gate, which allows drivers to select gears, offers even greater versatility. It also feels as if Jaguar has stiffened up the change mechanism, enabling shifts to be performed more accurately.

Ultimately it's hard not to be impressed by the Jag - but this high-performance S-Type is not without its flaws. Interior build quality was poor on our early test car. Although the seats and dash were neatly upholstered, some trim was loose on the driver's door, while the power-steering pump and air-con were noisy. Such faults are hard to forgive in a car which costs 47,400.

On the whole, though, the S-Type R offers value for money and a great driving experience compared to its direct rivals. The 52,000 M5 is pricier, while the 45,470 Audi S6 is not as good to drive - so at this early stage, things 'R' looking good for Jaguar!

It's the most powerful saloon car Jaguar has ever built, and one of the most rewarding to drive, too. Striking an impressive balance between comfort and sporting appeal, the S-Type R is a super saloon drivers could use every day. Despite some concerns over build quality, the price is competitive and equipment lists are generous. Levels of refinement are virtually unrivalled in this class, too, thanks to an improved interior and extra soundproofing. A new six-speed gearbox also adds appeal.
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Good write up Ian.. Very informative. Thanks for that..

Stupid me didn't realise the M5 was in it's sights! It'll have to be an awesome car to beat the M5!!

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Has anyone driven one of these yet?
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mmmm yumo
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Read Another article

From The Australian

Jaguar S-type


Verdict ****

A supercharged V8 makes the S-type R a fast but not feral cat, writes Neil McDonald

Jaguar S-type R
Specs at time of test
Comment: Longer wheelbase than the Germans but styling compromises interior space. V8 is responsive and smooth. Secure, safe handling, prodigious levels of grip and that lush Jaguar ride. It's supremely confident through the twisty bits. Vastly improved ... build quality and interior fitout.P> Price: $162,000
Warranty: 3 years/100,000 km
Engine: 4.2-litre supercharged V8
Power: 298kW
Torque: 553Nm
Transmission: Rear-drive, six-speed auto only
Seats: Five
Weight: 1800kg
Fuel tank: 69.5 litres
Fuel type: premium unleaded
0-100km/h: 5.6seconds
Litres/100km: 14.5 city, 8.5 highway
Turning circle: 11.4m
Airbags: Eight
ABS: Yes, with stability control

Value ****
Performance ****
Overall ****

THIS big cat has just taken an angry swipe at the European performance car set. Like the Mercedes-Benz AMG E55 and BMW M5, the new S-type R is a stealth machine that delivers the automotive equivalent of viagra hidden potency that blitzes when you least expect it.

In the R's case that's 298kW from its Eaton supercharged 4.2-litre V8.

At $162,000 R is the most powerful production Jag built and the range-topper of the vastly improved S-type range.

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to R territory there's a 2.5-litre V6 from $85,500 or normally aspirated 4.2-litre V8 at $112,000.

This big R follows the European line of thinking that mates enormously powerful and refined engines, meaty tyres and outstanding dynamics to sedans that don't need to visually remind you of their prowess.

It can rightly take its place beside the more expensive E55 and M5 beefy V8s that go about their business with little outward fuss, save for subtle spoilers and wide tyres.

Jag's newcomer is also quite capable of keeping the Germans honest too.

From the outside it may carry all the quiet demeanour of a posh gentlemens' club, but unleashing the scorchingly quick tourer is like letting Ossy Osbourne loose at the club's annual general meeting.

At idle passengers are only vaguely aware of its potent bent eight as it gurgles a throaty melody through its chrome-tipped twin exhausts.

Once under way you've got a superbly smooth and responsive ZF six-speed automatic shared with the BMW 7-Series and a big fat torque band (a massive 553Nm at 3500rpm) to play with.

Around town the V8 is a pussy but once you plant the pedal it will leap aggressively to attention.

From 3500rpm the surge is tremendous. When pressed there's an aural sensation from the supercharger as it hums a purposeful tune.

For the speed demons the R will rush to 100km/h in just 5.6 seconds and has a governed top speed of 250kmh; academic really in all states except the Northern Territory.

There are few Euro sedans this side of the E55 AMG Merc or BMW 5 Series M that can match the Jag's confident linear pace.

The adaptive auto also boasts better engine response and almost imperceptible changes. It allows a "sport" mode for press-on enthusiastic driving, which cuts out sixth gear and stops hunting between shifts.

Conversely once cruising, sixth is reinstated for economy. Again it works without driver intervention, apart from pressing the accelerator.

Unfortunately Jaguar's J-gate selector doesn't offer the ultimate flexibility of a tiptronic system. Using the J-gate manually is a pain and ultimately it's best to leave the gearbox in D.

The R oozes subtlety.

The Coventry based luxury car maker has given it a mesh grille, bolder alloys and a very discreet rear spoiler. Understated "R" badging and huge new Brembo brake calipers further reveal its hidden potential.

The R also benefits from the substantial makeover of the Series II S-type.

There's 10 per cent stiffer body, more stylish dash and finally, a user-friendly centre console. New lightweight aluminium front and rear suspensions save weight but the R is still a porky 1800kg.

Complementing all this is a brace of adaptive front, side and curtain airbags, climate control, trip computer, six-disc boot-mounted CD player, anti-lock brakes with emergency brake assist and the usual array of convenience electrics.

The R also gains plush leather sports seats with electric memory.

The S-type uses an electronic handbrake, operated by a console mounted switch. It is applied automatically when the key is removed and released whenever the J-gate is moved from Park. In short, it works brilliantly.

And if you think the R performance comes at the expense of a luxury ride, remind yourself that this is a Jaguar and certain standards must be maintained, ride quality being one of them.

Equally the raw power of the V8 never compromises the impressive chassis dynamics thanks to Jaguar's computer-controlled suspension system (CATS) and dynamic stability control.

CATS fine tunes the adaptive dampers according to road conditions. Under acceleration, heavy braking or hard cornering it firms up to reduce body roll and aid stability.

When cornering it allows the inner wheels to have a softer setting while the outer wheels remain firm, thus delivering a more stable, flatter ride.

The beauty of the system is that it all happens automatically and creates a near-neutral handling car.

Despite prodigious grip and meaty 18-inch Continental tyres, the suspension retains a level of suppleness and compliance that Jags are renowned for and rough roads fail to unsettle it.

The levels of refinement are complemented by well-weighted steering, which delivers plenty of feedback and pin-sharp response.

Overall it's hard not to be impressed by the R.

However, the same quibbles that afflicted the Series I models carry over. Rear head and legroom is still tight for adults and boot space is only average.

If you explore the R's potential fuel consumption will also take a hammering. Fortunately this time around the quality is flawless. Like the engine, the body feels strong and enduring.

The R is an impressive beast that packs an iron fist in a velvet glove.

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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