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2nd Questionnaire for David Flint

Following on from the last series of questions the members of this forum posed to FPV/FPR head honcho, David Flint, he has kindly agreed to answer another set of questions from FF members.

Could you please post your suggested question(s) in this thread and we will collate them into a list of about 10 to ask.

Remember that questions about future product (except in the broadest of general terms) will not be answered for obvious reasons.


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Re: 2nd Questionnaire for David Flint

I've got a beauty....

David, what do you think of Neil Mitchell?? (remember no swearing on this website, lol)

Seriously.... my question is-

What is FPV's plan of action in regards to marketing and release of performance car figures in light of what has been in the media of late with road safety issues?

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Re: 2nd Questionnaire for David Flint

I would like to know why they started the numbers again at 1 with no reference to the different series on the build plates. Marketing stupidity, what is the use of reusing numbers, VIN's aren't reused and it detracts from some of the mistique.

I would also like to know if FPV / FMC ar going to continue to take a hard line on modifications and voiding warranties. Alternatively could he clearly state what is and is not acceptable in terms of midifications.


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Re: 2nd Questionnaire for David Flint

My Question.

The BOSS powered GT range although a great package has been well criticised for its lack of straight line performance in comparison to the alternative. The alternative offering from HSV based on similar pricing and vehicle appointments have proven that straight line performance is considered a significant quality for these types of vehicles to possess in the eyes of the consumer. Does FPV plan to do further 'performance' development work to vastly improve the straight line performance of the BOSS powered range or does it consider the current offering with Mk2 to be more than enough?

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Re: 2nd Questionnaire for David Flint

Generally speaking, is there a 'chance' that one day we'll see the return of the legendary GTHO with say, approximately 500 HP and 500 ft lbs?

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Re: 2nd Questionnaire for David Flint

My question.

Would it be possible for FPV to arrange advanced driving schools for FPV owners?
These would be taught by some of out V8SC heroes such as Loundes, Ingel, Ambrose, Bowe etc.
There would, of course, be a charge for this driving school and an exemption for warranty purposes. I personally would like to continue where the original course finished with more track work focused on high speed braking, corner line picking and recovery from "unusual attiudes" i.e. fcukups.

I know there are many courses available already but these are generic and not specific to my vehicle.

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Re: 2nd Questionnaire for David Flint

sorry, missed this thread, posted them in the TG thread also. These ones more applicable here.

1. With all the media attention regarding high powered local cars, do you consider that there is a real issue where by the government will put pressure on local manufacturers to limit power outputs? how does this make you feel considering the importers and high performance european cars seem to be exempt from the negative media attention and criticism?

2. Do you consider it is necessary to follow Holden in the 'bigger is better' philosophy when it comes to the high performance V8, or will Ford AUS adopt their own philosophy and develop other technologies to remain competetive? Do you consider that Ford has done enough to remain competetive considering Holden have just released their LS2 engine with much more development potential...? is the 5.4L V8 enough to keep in touch in a marketing and performance point of view?
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Re: 2nd Questionnaire for David Flint

My Questions
1)How much does Prodrive actually contribute to the road cars that you guys develop?
2)Is there a possibility that FPV will be selling it's own unique High Performance Parts to those who want that extra Performance Gain over the standard FPV range?Could this be another alternative to give FPV the edge over there competitor?
Cheers Alex.


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Re: 2nd Questionnaire for David Flint

Should FPV/FMC be putting money into more important things than V8 Supercars? Its my opinion that you are putting all your eggs in one basket as you either are a Ford or Holden fan in V8's anyway. Would it be better pushing the product in other areas like stronger advertising, backing of other smaller Ford based teams and encouraging dealers to sponsor teams willing to use the Ford product, I ran a GTP in the East coast Targa with 120 cars entered and was not able to get one Ford dealer backing which is a shame because i won the class and spent $25,000 to do this one event.
So David what is FPV/Fords plan that the other manufacturers haven't already done to put them ahead into number 1


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Re: 2nd Questionnaire for David Flint

Is Ford Australia really the least bit interested in being number 1?

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