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After all the dust has settled - "Whats the GT really like?"

I am in a position (at last) in my life where I reckon I can actually afford a 50k+ car. I have always wanted a GT Falcon, an XA 4 door actually, but the old cars dont have ABS and airbags. This car has to be driveable by the missus too, so good steering and creature comforts are essential along with an autobox.

I would never buy a "brand new zero km car" as I cant come at dropping the several thousand dollars in the bin that turning a new car into a second hand car does.

I have decided then to buy a near new car from a good dealer which has less than 10000km on the dial and under 1 year old thus getting the balance of new car warranty, not too many km per day average and also hopefully having a more "bug free" car.

Now that they've been around for a bit and there are many reports of things giving various people the sh*ts... What are they really like?

Is it really as good as I think it will be to own a GT (silver with orange stripes with any luck) or are they overhyped? Should I get an XR8 and blow it?
Dare I say it... what about a VY clubsport R8? They pack a lot of agro for the bucks but dont really appear to have the same "cruiser class" that the GT has.

Whats your real feelings? After 12 months has your GT just become a flash falcon or is it still holding that aura of being a GT?

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Re: After all the dust has settled - "Whats the GT really like?"

Well if your in a position to buy a GT then go for it,you'll be amazed the reaction you get when driving them around town.They got the power handle really well and have the looks,it certainly is the best decision that i have made.
Cheers John

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Re: After all the dust has settled - "Whats the GT really like?"

I have to agree with John on this one,

i have had my GTP since October and havent had any problems with mine. if you put aside the odd car that will have issues, as a whole they are an amazing vehichle.
They are great to drive, supprisingly easy to drive so if the miss's doesnt really like driving a Grunter then it is still ok because its good as a cruiser or as a muscle car.


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Re: After all the dust has settled - "Whats the GT really like?"

I don't own an FPV, but go the GT (Black with Stripes!)

I know how I react when I see an FPV on the roads, jumping up and down like a little school boy.. Go the mighty 290.
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Re: After all the dust has settled - "Whats the GT really like?"

If you find one it will only take one test drive to settle your mind,now go find that silver one with orange stripe's,cheer's mate.

Herrod mod's,mmmn.
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Re: After all the dust has settled - "Whats the GT really like?"

well the parents don't own a gt but an XR8 the only problem so far is brake shudder but if you buy a gt you avoid that with the premiums you get as standard, they go great and are one of the best sounding V8's you can buy at the moment. as for the Versus VY II Clubsport R8 they are also a great going car but since you want an auto the GT is the way to go with the new ford auto. much smoother and you get to play in manual mode.

Good choice in color Lightning strike silver with orange stripes is one of the best color combonations FPV have out looks hot.

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Re: After all the dust has settled - "Whats the GT really like?"

Ok TONYK, I own both, a GT and a VY clubbi, so I can give an unbiased opinion. Looks and reaction value the GT wins hands down. Even tonight, I went to our local supermarket, and when I came out, the usual 10 bods looking at it. But looks and people hasseling you is only a small part of it.
You probably will not get either of these cars second hand as yet, ive not seen or heard of any as yet, and believe me I do look all the time.
So if you have to buy new, Clubbie you could probably get a series 1 for around 55 to 56k on the road as the series 2s are around 65k on the road. R8s are usualy 10k dearer but only have diff seats, two dash gauges and better brakes. Personaly I looked at but could not justify 10k extra.
GTs are around 70k base model on the road, leather is a 2.5k option(probably worth it) and stripes (must have, as it looks like XR otherwise) at $500, but remember you pay 25% luxury car tax on these items. An XR will always be an XR, and will depreciate alot quicker than a GT. If you only want to spend around 50k, I suggest you see if you can get a series 1 Clubbie as value for money, XR8 does not even compare.
At 70k my GT only has std radio and no climate control as the Clubbie has an awesome computer, climate control and a rearly good 6 stack cd player all standard. You now have to go to the GTP to get all the features that are std in the Holden, now you are looking at 80k+ on the road.
Another aspect to seriously look at is insurance and finance. Mine are cheap to insure as I live in a good area and im over 30 and a rating 1 with no history. GT 1003k and Clubbie 1032k. Finance, what you have to look at is how much can you afford. Mine are structured as GT put 15k in borrow 56k with 20k interest, repayments of neary 1 k per month and balloon paymnt of 22k. Clubbie put 20k in borrow 36k repayments of just over $500 per month and a balloon of 17k. So the bigger deposit you the easier it is. I have also got 3 properties, so getting that money to buy these cars is easy.
Driving, both cars are similar, the GT is heavier to handle and on fuel. The GT is smoother on the road, just depends what you want to do with it. The GT is quicker than a series 1 Clubbie (only just), series 2 Clubbie should be quicker than a GT as it has now got 285 kw upgrade.
In a nut shell, both have pros and cons, GT for looks and power, Clubbie for nice driver and way better value for money. I do have quiet a few problems with the GT and have only had 1 problem with the Clubbie, you get good ones and bad ones in both, luck of the draw. Good luck as what you decide, hope I could shed some light on you deliema. Cheers GT 522

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Re: After all the dust has settled - "Whats the GT really like?"

My 22c (inc GST) worth.
If your budget is $50k hard then go a 6T or XR8, the FPV range is above that.
If you can stretch to 60k then go an ex-demo.
There are shit loads of demos about. Most are speced low as in maybe stripes, prem sound or leather and you will get one for about 60k on road.
I saw a black GTP with leather & prem sounr in Mildura last week for $73k
There is a blueprint GT with leather for $62k up here in Hervey Bay
It is 2004, 2003 plates will have a bonus by now.
As far as what are they like...... GREAT MATE.
One interesting thing I have noticed is that some of the cars have problems and some people mod their cars...... seems that a lot (not all) of the members of one group are also in the other group.
I have done 38,000 km in mine and have had NO major probs at all.
Oh and if you see one of the "P" cars i.e. one with a GT-Pxxx or GTP-Pxxx build plate, remember these were the promo cars and were thrashed by every journo in oz (and hen some)

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Re: After all the dust has settled - "Whats the GT really like?"

I'd go for a XR8 personally.
Yes, the GT is a head turner, and yes it goes very well indeed. Let's face it though, everything the GT is, the XR8 can easily be, except for the pose value and resale.
If you're not worried about what others think, the XR8 is perhaps a better (read, cheaper) option.
A set of Konis, cams, exhaust and the XR8 will be up there with the GT in most ways. Brakes may not be as good, but you'll only notice that on the track.

But that's me, as the 'image' or 'street cred' of something doesn't mean so much to me......


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Re: After all the dust has settled - "Whats the GT really like?"

Originally Posted by GT 522
I suggest you see if you can get a series 1 Clubbie as value for money, XR8 does not even compare.
OH! I beg to differ my friend. You can get a 6 month old XR8 for the same price as a 2 year old Shlubbie. Maybe even cheaper i would suspect. Some of your prices need looking at i think. 80k on the road for a fully optioned GT-P? Some one is paying through the nose.
My XR8 more than compared to a Shlubbie the other day. It has even far excelled a 300kw GTS. Come to think of it i have roasted more HSV's than i have Lambs. A few mods to an XR8 and you would bee surprised who you would be lookin at in your rear vision mirror. Just ask Tony Rullo from CAPA about the boss motor, he thinks they are shit hot. Best thing to come out of Australia since Captain Cook landed here.

Anyway in my opinion from what i have gathered since its release the GT is an awsome vehicle. But with only 50k id bee looking at getting an XR8 and doing a few personal mods to it. It's those little touches that makes them yours.

By the way GT 522 you forgot to mention your tax file number too. :)


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