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mad aussie mussle cars out bt the next 2 years

well the govt did it 20 years ago and it looks like they are at it again!!!

we could see with in the next 18 months that all high performance cars , will not be sold in australia due to its high speed..
rumor has it that the max kilowatts is around 190 no more..

holden and ford do know about this but are not saying much about it, because they want the current high performance cars out on the road, so that the norm then will buy a standard car from the makers.

so this means that holden and fords current high performance cars will in time become collecters items!!!

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Close - it was 30 years ago. How time flies.

Given the present focus of our fearless (and brainless) political masters on sticking up cameras of every kind on every surface capable of carrying one...

... and their worrying interest in fluffy dice and dancing Elvis dolls ...

... not to mention their willingness to impound peoples personal property ....

... and their total disregard (in Vic anyway) for the absolute mass of unroadworthy shit heaps that plague our roads ...

NOTHING these assholes manage to come up with would surprise me. I guess if it happens we will get the usual half assed bleat from the Insurance (sorry Motoring) organisations and a few letters in the daily fish wrappers and then we'll accept the infringement of our civil liberties the same way we do every time.

I hear the Terriotry is the fastest growing State in the country. Might go and join the lucky sods. When all is said and done I'd rather have cyclones, dust, flies and inebriated ethnic Aussies than this over regulated, nanny State we live in now.

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What was the source of this info? Although it wouldn't surprise me.

Does it also affect the aftermarket modification of a vehicle? Or do the insurance companies "protect" the population from such cars by increasing insurance costs of high powered vehicles to almost unimaginable high levels?

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It will never happen for the pure fact it will kill the local car industry and the government responsible will be afraid of voter backlash. There is nowhere in the World that this is in place. Its not Power that kills its speed!(speedlimited) If you gear or give enough gears (ie honda variable transmission) anything right, it will do the same speed as a high power vehicles will. I would honestly like to know the amount of people killed each year because of a car that has more than 200kw's compared to ones that dont. i would also think that an idea like this wont just kill aussie icons like FPV and HSV but just about all the Euro vehicles.
They may inforce a lower speed limit but no way a power limit of 190kw

Elmer Fudd.

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the source was internal, thats all i can say..

i hope it doesnt happen again, like in the 70s..

but we are fleas on an elephant!!!!

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190kw, isnt that about the power output of a WRX???
They don't go very fast or have any accidents do they?

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190kw's? Phaark so we better all get used to driving standard 6's or pissweak V8's....personally i think the figure would be more 290..but time will tell.

Do the pollies know that the people who generally buy the powerful cars generally have a dollar and know how to steer safely and properly considering how much brass the vehicle costs?

Perhaps someone should tell them that no matter what the output, whether it be 60kw or 360kw, its the dude behind the wheel that makes the car become a weapon. Cars aint dangerous, dickhead drivers are!

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This happened in the US in the 70's.. Ralph Nader... A greenie "dogooder" who campaigned endlessly to stop the muscle car ... That was the end of the 426 hemi, the Ford 427 tunnelport, the LS6 454...etc, I CAN see this happening here! AND SOON!... Once the "big 2" ( Ford & GM) start getting up above 300kw's, The legislation will start?.. ( maybe already has?).. Why is Ford SO inactive Re: A blown Boss?... & GM might have cast the final straw with their 427???

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190kw? An STi is looking better all the time.

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190Kw, a standard falcon makes 182Kw, the new Holden V6 is estimated to make 180-190Kw.. Get real. Even magna come with 180Kw and a supercharged camry with about 180Kw is in the works as well.

It won't work, Ford and holden would have problems meeting 100% of demand with just locally made 6's. It would end the industry.

Yet european cars like a 5 series come with 170+, and mercs come with over 400Kw are completely ok. Nah, won't happen. There maybe performance targets or something, but not a blanket ban.

A WRX has ~160kw, a 200 sx has a~140kw and they have plenty of accidents are in some of the highest insurance brakets. why not make the limit 130 kw...

Governments are stupid, but not that stupid. The automotive industry is Australias only major manufactured goods for export. THE ONLY ONE. Can't see them risking it, esp now they are signing export tarrif targets and putting more money into auto projects like mitsubishi, holdens new engine plant etc.. Billions of dollars would be lost extremely quickly.
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