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FPV - What else is on the Slate?

We've all been so fixated on the GT, perhaps we should start wondering what else is coming from FPV in the future?

FPV is basically Tickford with more resources, and has the brief of going head-to-head with HSV (something Tickford couldn't really do power wise with the old Windsor 5.0).

So we've got the following models.....

GT = Clubsport
GT-P = Clubsport R8 (my guess)
Pursuit = Maloo
GT-HO = GTS (yes, I know, but it'll come for SURE, and remember GTS is 100 car limited edition only)

So we've still got to find a competitor for the Senator, Grange and (when GM's HFV6 arrives in 2004) XU6.

Monaro - or if you insist, Coupe - is a thorny problem. Mustang is obvious competitor, but current Stang is a bit of a dinosaur now (FOX platform dates back to 79), and I think Falcon Coupe is a dead issue to everyone but the Hiller brothers & AEC.

Now obviously when new Fairlane comes out next year you'll get a Grange competitor from that, and a Boss290 powered luxury Fairmont Ghia based car for Senator would be sweet....

Also, I'd imagine that Raptor/R7 will get the FPV treatment as well since its based on Falcon platform (be vewwwwwwy qwiet, we're hunting Cayenne's.....hehehehehe).

We know Uncle Geoff and Happy Jack read these forums, so what do we think would a good direction for them to go in? What would we like to see?

And please, there are already threads about 2 missing guages and black-out bulges and shakers, so don't post comments about those thing here - got to the threads already boring us with that!

I'd like constructive comments and opinions on what - OTHER - FPV product we'd be seriously interested in seeing to compete with HSV.



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I would think later on down the track that a Hot Focus, Turbo 6 would be in the pipeline.
Just imagine what a FPV Focus would be like having all the resources of Prodrive behind it.

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I really hope they bring the focus RS out here, and if they find it too expensive to do that, maybe even bring out there own turbo focus maybe more powerful than the 160kw, maybe similar output to the focus RS cosworth which produces 204kw. either way, the car would be awsome.

i would also like to see a hotted up version of the XR6T, that would be nuts.

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I agree with FM, with the quality of cars that ford oz put out in terms of engine refinement and handling, imagine what they could do to a focus. I wouldnt be surprised if they could make a better car than the european version giving the resources and talent they have at the company

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I definately think we need to bring out a hot 4 cylinder. Just look at all the cars on the road these days!!!! I don't really like them but alot of people do (obviously). We certainly have the talent and I think eventually FPV will cover all bases, give them time How about a WRX and Lancer EVO eater... mmm Forcus RS ??

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I too agree that there should be an FPV version Focus, especially if the RS is going to be too costly for Ford to import, FPV could just make thier own version.

I dont like the idea of an FPV turbo 6 - where is it going to sit in the whole Ford line up, the "big picture"? It has 240kw now, which is more than enough for a production car. Any more power and it is obviously going to compete with not only the HSVs, but other Ford products as well (XR8).

A limited run GTHO should be considered, with a bit of extra mumbo and perhaps AWD to take the fight right up to the top, the GTS. But I also think Ford should target other brands with FPV, not just HSV/Holden.

As for the coupe thing - yeah, they need something there. Dont know what though. Obviously a 2 door Falcon would be choice, but that has already been ruled out.

How about an FPV F250 or an F350?! There you go Geoff, next year's motorshow concept car!

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why has a two door falcon already been ruled out?

the coupe issue should be dealt with by the new mustang, which should be an fpv product.

when you say that the gts is a 100 limited production, i assure you that if a gtho was released it'd be limited too.

they already did a sporty version of the 250 or whatever with harley davidson

fpv turbo 270kw would be good, good competition for skylines and such, i would like to see that

i would like to see the focus RS as well, and the Fairlane FPV also, but im not sure if thats going to happen or not?

wouldnt mind seeing the 270kw turbo go into a ute also, there is alot of things ford could be doing, but im not sure whether any of it will happen

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I think there is no doubt that an FPV Focus will emerge. Just look at the credibility that Subaru gained with the WRC cars and the flow on for their production models.

A GTHO would be a natural progression of the GT. I don't think this will happen for quite some time though. One of the biggest reasons for the resale and desirability of the Phase 1 through to Phase 3 was that they were stopped virtually overnight by blackmail from fleet purchasers as a result of grubby 'journalism' by a media outlet desiring to increase their market share (under the guise of the Public Right to Know).

I would definitely like to see an FPV treated Falcon wagon before the wagon is axed. An FPV version of the R7/Raptor would be an ideal X5/ML55 competitor.

I'm not a big fan of the two door car concept. Reason? They sell well in good economic times due to the 'hairdresser factor' but they can be harder to move that the 'pox out of a showroom. This was the case with the Eunos 30X, Holden Calibra, Ford Probe and the like.

More expensive items such as the CLK and the 3 series coupe sell well initially but they are also kept for a much longer time. When traded it is usually back to the same dealer over ten years later.

The two door Commodore has done well so far but it is a result of a good sales and marketing strategy by General Motors. For Ford to follow now would be disastrous. There will still be an incredible amount of snobbery attached to a $100, 000 "Commodore" or "Falcon"
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the FPV Focs may hit snags as Prodrive would have a conflict of interest with their efforts in rallying, i know it far fetched but suppose if Subaru were threatened enough they could make life difficult

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I'm actually quite surprised there wasn't a convertible monaro at the Sydney Motor Show..
Maybe Ford/FPV can beat them to it? Thats IF they do release a Coupe - which i strongly believe they have been working on.

Another of my great ideas.. lol... would be a supercharged version of the E-GAS dedicated I6 engine. (or Turbo if it is possible)
Like the EL PREDATOR. Low running costs with improved preformance! Sound good to you? Hmm maybe not, as the XR6T already fulfills this requirement.

Lastly, Maybe a response to the SSX hatch - Holden are forever using Ford ideas, so why not get the jump on them! They did this to Ford with the Raptor AWD idea and quickly made the cross8.


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