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Should FPV match the HRT 427?

Could this be where the GTHO comes in? A sedan that can match a ferrari or porsche GT2?

If so, what would have to be done to the car? A drastic stripping of the interir for a start, although I wouyldn't think you'd ever be able to get down to the 427's weight, due to the heavier but stronger ford body.

What would power it? I don't think the 5.4 would be up to the task sadly. Supercharging/turbo could be an option, but I don't think there's sufficient underbonnet real estate. A better alternative would be to use one of the alloy big block engines out of the FRPP catalogue. How about an alloy 429 with alloy semi hemi BOSS heads? Add fuel injection, supercobrajet bottom end or similar, and the thing should be pretty bullet proof and very powerful. Should fit in the engine bay easily, given that even a OHC 4.6 modular is wider than a 460.

Maybe even a 427 OHC is such things can still be made...

A bigger fuel tank would be a given, but this should be easier than in the past, as the moved location of the stock fuel tank should allow for a big drop tank without much loss of boot space in a road going version.

Ford should probably be able to produce such a car cheaper than the HRT, as the standard front suspension of the ford is probably good enough not to need replacing.

I'd love to see ford do it, It'd be great to see it debut for next years 24 hour race.

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Yeah, I couldn't dissagree about the 24hr. I Think that if Ford could get it there, it would be great publicity, There would be the Ford V HOlden thing happening (Good Bragging rights for winner).

To see a stripper would be great too.

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NO, FPV are doing the best thing they can do make the best handling aussie car

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Racing sense ? the 427 is a corvette cr5 in a monaro body. Good for GMH, they can now make the bathurst 24hr race boring (i'll qualify this later).

I wonder if its going to get to the "funny car" drag racing phenomena stateside - where a manufacturer will claim that the drag car is a taurus or intrepid or whatever, just because it shares an inflated fibreglass shell bodywork with the same headlights....

In its retail sense the 427 is over-rated - its a $200k commodore - it probably still rattles. U could buy your own fleet of 6 exec commos for that price.

Holden claims that it has orders. U cant order a car that isnt even in existance yet. Whats happened is that people have taken options on the 427 - they have an option to buy one.

And its impratical. I really cant see CEOs and CFOs turning up to work in a monaro with a roll cage. What cars do they drive ? M5s, 7 series, GT3s, NSXs, skyline gtrs - ie either Limos. or performance luxary cars.

Better yet - by 2 xr8 260s approx 100k lets say - spend the other 80k engineering one of the cars to take the extra engine - ie cannibalise one of the xrs. (okay im getting silly now - but hey why not, the 427 is silly), spend the other 20k on track days (as if this car ever existed, I really doubt it would be road legal).

Now on motorsport becomming boring - its the same in the v8 supercars as it is with f1. Given a company team with an unlimited budget and a very good driver ie skaife or schuey, they will pretty much keep winning. Well good on them - but thats bad for competition, and thats bad for viewers.

Finally, the 427 is just a marketing ploy. Holden/hsv are scared of the boss, so they bring this 200k plastic fantastic into exisitence. Ford should keep doing what they are doing - but dont bring into the world some overhyped marketing toy. Im all for a 350kw gtho, but nothing as stupid as the 427......

sorry for the whinge, but its getting close to my heart - Im just sick of GMH and their marketing.
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I totally agree with dave_au. If any does happen to buy that 427 HRT Holden, i would be laughing my ass off. Like come on, which looser would spend $200,000 on a Holden? Maybe some idiots who think their getting a car that is like a Ferrari?
Im just like imaging which kind of car i would buy if i had a $200k, and the first thing that comes to my mind is Aston Martin. I allways had loved those cars and plus+ its part of Ford Motor Company.
If Ford did wanted to compete with the 427, they could of stick a GT40 in their falcons (dont know if it would fit though) and most likely blow the shit out of the 427 HRT.
Like i said in my previous posts, Holden thinks their making Ferrari's and i personally wouldnt want Ford to do any thing like this. Lets just stick to our GT's, XR's, Mustang's and Falcon's.
What i would love to see is, when the new GT40's does get produced in US, id want Ford Aust to import them and sell them here. Dont know if it would fit Ford Aust's budget though.

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I dont really care about the HRT 427. It was only made to do what its doing as we speak - and it was a marketing ploy. They had to make it look like a production car to fit in the bathurst 24hour - nations cup.

I dont want Ford to compete with this car. The 247 HRT is a racing car, it's designed for amateur racers to buy and then take to the track. Yes, you can get a street car, but I dont think they would sell many. Never the less, it's still a car, and we have to appreciate it for what it is, and what it can do.

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and another thing, imagine all the race data holden will get out of this race with its suspension using next yrs setup....

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The 427 is a race car, same as the other race cars out on the track.

CEOs don't drive to work in Ferrari 360 Michelottos either, but they drive to work in the base model, like 360s, CV8s, GTS Coupes, get the picture?

The car was also not supposed to be racing until March next year, probably to allow the launch of the 'retail' version.

We don't look at it as a Monaro, it's a race car FFS. You will never see one on the road, but you won't see a 360 Michelotto on the road either.

I think we will see a 383 or 427 Coupe on the road eventually, but once again it will only be the model the race car is based on.

Finally - why is it Holdens fault that the car is racing, they came up with the idea (good marketing seeing as all these Ford people are talking about it), but Procar as the owner of the series, and CAMS and the FIA as administrators of the series approved it.
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Originally posted by Rodderz
and another thing, imagine all the race data holden will get out of this race with its suspension using next yrs setup....
watching TV before, heard that holden are going to use fords wishbone system next year. Will this make the holdens quicker or slower to even out the field more?

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Surely the 427 Monaro can't be worth more than $90,000. Doesn't the lack of interior equipment cut down on costs rather than add to?
AND what is it with Holden designing these ugly filler caps? And next Motor Show, have soemthing other than a Commodore.

EG, Ford Australia offer more cars with a V8. Falcon, Explorer, F-Series, and Mustang
Holden offer one. The Commodore.

What does that tell you?
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