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BA XR6 - intermitent engine not starting

Hi All!
Car - 2003 Falcon BA XR6 sedan (Blueprint)

Just wondering if anyone else has had an intermitent starting fault with there Barra.
Mine has done 10,000 km, and it has been into the service department 5 times, the first time at 900 km. The service boys can not find the fault.

If I drive for about 5 to 10 minutes, then stop the engine for 10 or more minutes, then try to start it again, it beeps and wont fire up. After two to three attempts it finally fires up. Ocassionally (2 to 3 times) when it has fired up it runs on 5 cylinders for about 1 minute.

Any suggestions would bw appreciated.

aa-001 (Still love the car)

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Re: BA XR6 - intermitent engine not starting

Only once when my ute had done under aout 300K's did i have a tiny problem. When istarted it, the thing coughed and ran horrible and then stalled. It did this twice but as of 9800K's now, there has not been one problem engine wise since.

I would suggest taking it to a different service yard maybe to see if they can find anything. Posting it here is good though as im sure someone will be able to give you at least some idea on what to do. Have they tried resetting the computer or anything like that?

All the best mate,

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Re: BA XR6 - intermitent engine not starting

Don't know what's causing your (interesting) problem. But I do know of a few problems with the BAs BEM/ECU. I would ask Ford for a flash upgrade of the latest XR6 software. In the meantime, disconnect the battery for about 1 hour, then reconnect it, which should reset the ECU.


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Re: BA XR6 - intermitent engine not starting

Similar but not the same.
I don't have the warm start problem, but do get the missing cylinder problem if the car has sat idle for a couple of days. Once running and cleared no problem until the next couple of days parked. The time to clear seems to be dependant on what you do, next time I'm just going to let it sit there without touching the throttle and see what happens.

I have reported this a few times but get a typical dealer lack of interest as no fault codes are present.

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Re: BA XR6 - intermitent engine not starting

Yes this was one of my problems until about 8,000 k's. I don't think I had it as bad as yours.

My N/A Auto XR6 would have a stumbling idle sometimes and stalled quite a few times. Only on one occasion did I also have the failure to start for 5 mins and then running on 1 cylinder problem until it cleared itself with a big puff of fuel smoke. I'd say it was flooding and running too rich. If I was driving at highway speed and suddenly slowed down to idle, it would hesitate and die. The stock computer seems to run the engine rich as a safeguard (if its too lean you get worse problems).

My dealer won't help unless there is a code or Ford has issued a tech bulletin.

Problem solved by (a) a 5,000 k road trip to really run the engine in; (b) around town - running the engine at least until it gets to proper operating temperature (the ECU leans out the mix and the cold "choke" cycle or whatever stops). I live 2 mins from the office. Problem solved by taking a nice longer detour to and from work; (c) if on the open road, let the engine idle down gradually; (d) take it for a strap down the highway once a fortnight.

The best thing I did ultimately was to fit Pacemaker extractors, Lukey muffler & 2 1/2 inch system, K&N panel filter & XR6T snorkel. For a less than $1,000 spend it helped the engine breathe much better and it has a snappier response (it will now keep up with an older manual 5.0 XR8 at the lights). It took the computer a fair time to detect the mods but its getting better all the time. Ultimately, I think an aftermarket computer such as Unichip is the only solution to the "one size fits all" computer settings. However, I don't want to void my warranty...
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Re: BA XR6 - intermitent engine not starting

not the same problem, but maybe worth a try... my AUII XR6 had a problem where around 1 in 5 times the engine would splutter and stall, or not start. if i turned the key to on, then off, then on, etc two or three times, the fuel lines would prime (not that this normally needs doing) and it would always start no probs first hit... maybe worth a try. i sold the ute before they ever totally fixed the problem.
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Re: BA XR6 - intermitent engine not starting

Had that on mine once or twice, supposedly crap caught in the VCT phasers, once I got it started sat it on about 5000 for a few minutes been fine ever since, has has ECU flash at 15000 service.
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