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Base Ignition timing!!!!!!


I am rightly pissed at present.....

... I am putting the tweaks on the ghia after the new motor going in - adjusting the timing at the moment. As you all know, the dizzy is in the most F....D place on our cars it is absolutely f.....G disgraceful!!!!!!!

There, vented my spleen and all that. Probably been posted on here before but I may have missed it. HOW DO YOU GUYS LOOSEN YOUR DIZZY TO ADJUST THE TIMING??? I have everything in hand like running the self test and so on - timing is just out a touch and I want to adjust it just that little bit.

I have the ISC off trying to get to the bolt and bracket that holds the Dizzy, but I will be f....d if i can get to it. My sockets can't reach - even with my longest exyension and even with gloves (burning hands and arms on the cooling pipes), I can't crank the bolt enough to loosen it, but then again there is no room to get any force behind it.

Anyway, advice/help appreciated guys.

Just in closing - but is it just me that thinks the placement of the dizzy on the EA/ED would have to be one of the most f....d up things ever?? What were the designers thinking of when they came up with this excuse for ease of use.

anyway - hope some of you guys get on here tomorrow and I will get back to the timing then. F.....g thing.... :) .


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right tools, for the right job is basically all i can say.

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Job done

Managed to get it sorted - but it was a matter of back and forth with the ISC and then adjust it and then but the ISC and the hose for the PC Valve and all that shite. have to also remember I have a gas system in the way as well. It doesn't really get in the way of this job, just helps clutter everything up.

anyway - comment still stands 100% about the dizzy being in an absolutely f....d position. Don't care about what it is like on other cars, it sucks on the 3.9/4.0 motor.

Outa here - still working on the car..... .

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Amen to that...

I don't know what knob put the dizzy in our cars where it is because there is a whole heap of unused engine space for a small part like that.

Recently I was playing around with it as my car was running rough, and getting all the cap off was just ****ed. In the end putting it together I couldn't get the final clip to snap in place and was getting really frustrated. But than I took a moment to collect myself and slipped my hand in this particular position after which all went in place.

Honestly, it is not just the dizzy cap that makes no sense, the whole engine bay is rather cluttered, especially the front. Other illogical design traits that come to my mind is having to lift the engine or the K frame in order to remove the sump, the starter motor is just as inaccessible to remove as the dizzy and any job at the front of the engine usually requires removal of X number of unrelated components. I guess thats what you get when 6 cylinders are in line tho.
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When they're inline and.......

And multipoint was coming into vogue for them and they had the come down from smoking too much crack the night before and the new receptionist with the big tits must have just walked past the window and......

Damn ****ers in the product design department - what were they thinking!!!! Anyways - it is aussie and I will give them their dues, they at least had a go!!!

Damn f.....g engine bay - especially with all that bloogy room........

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Re: When they're inline and.......

Are we settled now?
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Re: When they're inline and.......

I agree with all of the above.

Ane here is how you undo the dizzy bolt the easy way (if I remember right - months since I've done it). Slip a socket on an extension bar down between the ?1&2 ?2&3 cyl inlets with a universal joint between the socket and the bar, with a spring around the outside of the socket so it doesn't flop around. You can buy them. The problem, from memory, is that you can't get a direct go at the bolt, but with this setup you can easily get it.
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Re: When they're inline and.......

I reckon the dizzy is a bit trickey to get to, but that starter is an absoloute joke. The top bolt on the thingis nearly impossible to see, let alone remove. It took bloody ages the last time I did it.

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Yeah AB

I'm done till I have to get in there again :) .

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Hey Mallyboo if you installed the motor and gearbox you would of had to use a long extension to do up the bellhousing bolts or maybe not, using a spanner would of been a nightmare.The use of a long extension with either a "wobbly" end on it or uni versal joint and a 14mm 3/8 socket would have made it so much easier and as for moving the dizzy the use of a heat proof glove is one of the best tools I have bought in the past well worth the money.BC as for the starter I agree they can be a pain but the use of a 1/4 set with a 13mm socket and a stubby spanna makes life so much easier.

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