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Engine go boom boom

Hi all

As I was driving today (with blown head gasket) then the temp gauge skyrocketed all the way to the end line in a matter of seconds and I had steam pissing out from under the bonnet. Pull over (corner Princes Highway and Huntingdale Rd) shut her down lift the bonnet. give a quick look and all I can see is boiling water pushing its way past the the radiator cap (only had half on to stop the presure building up). think ok I'm going to be sitting here for a while, so I leave the bonnet up and go look at the caryard across the road.

Come back bout an hour later with buckets of water start the car (started fine) and start adding water to it. then all of a sudden it starts firing on 5 cylinders so i stop the car. wait 5 minutes then (finish filling the radiator it was allready up to the overflow tank) start it again and all i get is. CLick.... Click.... then Bang and starts running of 5 cylinders again.

let it idle (roughly) for a couple of minutes to see if it was water on something making it idle rough then slowly bring the Revs up wierd thing was that once it hit 1400rpm it ran fine but anything below that it didn't like at all.

Drive it home again run fine over 1400rpm but didn't like anything under that. to the point where sitting at a set of lights it felt like it was going to stall. get home let it cool down for an hour and an half come out to start it again and click...click bang again it'sfiring on 5 cylinders shut it down again and leave it.

Is it safe to say that i've siezed a piston? and the click.... click was it trying to start on the siezed piston?



P.s if i have to change the engine how hard would it be to fit the AU XR6 VCT engine in it?

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if it was a seized piston the motor wouldn't turn at all. unless you snapped something? anyhow from what ive heard to fit a au motor it has a differant sump. i think there is a crossmember that has to be modified. why dont you buy an eb motor and buy some decent pisons and do it the old fasioned hard way??? build one up.??
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I think water may be getting into the cylinder that is not firing and causing the plug not to fire at low revs.
A good friend of mine had a Mitsi Magna with a 2.0 four pot that had a blown head gasket. It would only run on 3 untill it warmed up and the 4th got hot enough to overcome the damp plug.

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this is the oppisite it runs fine when it's cold but when it's warm its a dog. dunno save up and get it fixed in a couple of weeks or drop in another engine.



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To drop in a complete AU VCT engine your going to have to transfer all the electronics and wiring also. I wouldnt be worth it IMO for just 172Kw.

Just get a regular 4.0L, then do some head and cam work and youd be well over the power of a VCT.


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Ever heard of hydraulic lock? You might have a bent rod now..... Seen it too many times!

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i agree with NZinAUS, i think that water is getting into the cylinder and shutting down the spark/bang operation. it probably runs better when cold as there is less water getting into the cylinder to stop the flame, no pressure in the system when cold, but instant water injection when hot and there is pressure in the system...

what are you doing driving around with a blown head gasket?!?!?!?! you will kill the rest of your motor (bearings/crank/bores) from the water getting into the oil!!!!!

it would be cheaper to rebuild your current engine with good pistons, a very well ported head, big cam and aftermarket computer then to fit a VCT engine i reckon, and you will get the same power.

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Be the first to buy a wrecked BA and take out the twin cam and drop it in , or buy a wrecked turbo and go with that.
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I'm not driving it around anymore, I drove it with the head gasket for a week only because I had no choice have to be at work at 5:00am. I quit my job so now I don't have to drive it.

It's been sitting in my driveway ever since it I got it home, only started on the friday after I got it home when it was cold let it warm up so i could call some mechanics and tell them as much as possible. As I've said in other posts I'm not that good a mechanics.

How much roughy would I looking at getting it rebuilt with good pistions, head and cam. i got a quote for a fully rebuit ED 4ltr and they want $2200 I just thought i could pick up a later model second hand motor for the same price. ah well it was a thought.


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the head on my 3.9 is cactus, and i cant justify wasting $1000 on a head for an engine with nearly 300,000 on the clock, my solution, throw the old 3.9 out and im gettin an ED 4.0lt put in it next week. it has 125,000 on the clock, in very good condition, out of a totally stock as a rock ED, fully fitted for $1050 including a radiator flush, and all fluids. i thought that was a good price.
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