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Head Gasket?

Hey boyz, im very dissapointed with my EB1. After just spending almost 2 grand on fixing up my 3.9L - It appears that the head gasket has finally blown....
It started with a funny hissing sound when i accelerated in gear... then after about 1/2 hour i started too smell burning rubber. When i inspected the engine bay, all this
smoke came pouring out of the bay. It looked like it was coming from the rear of the block. When she cooled down, i checked the water level and it was empty :(
I dont think any serious damage was done to the engine
itself as the rocker cover felt like it wasnt that hot. Does this sound like a gasket problem? If so, what sorta $$$ is it gonna cost me to fix??



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smoke or steam?, burning rubber does not happen with a blown head gasket, maybe a hose on an exhaust manifold maybe, fill the water up and see how it runs or if it pisses out somewhere, pull the dipstick an if its creamy its definetly a gasket. next time you hear a funny noise stop an see whaT IT IS!
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Head gasket

It was smoke, like when you take a match to some plastic! The oil isnt contaminated at all. I dont see any apparent leak anywhere, but where is all my coolant going?? and what is this hissing sound? i thought at first it was an exhaust joint but then i smelt burning rubber and alot of associated smoke. If i run out of coolant and the engine is overheating, the engine itself should be extreamly hot shouldnt it? The temp guage showed normal temp. Could it be a burst welsh plug maybe, and the coolant has sprayed out on to a rubber hose??? I cant see into the back of the engine bay.
Any suggestions would be good.

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Head gasket

Hey Brent79 sorry to hear about the bad news.Have you got access to some ramps or trolley jack and some stands??If so get it up in the air then get underneath on the drivers side with your head towards the front of the vehicle look up to the left in behind the exhaust manifold,this is the side of the block that has the welsh plugs for cooling, there should be 5 or 6 and one at the back in behind the bell housing( can't get to without the bell housing moved) the other side ,passenger has smaller welsh plugs and these are for oil.If you can't see any stains from these welsh plugs on the drivers side then look at the seem between the head and block for any signs of corrosion or coolant starting to bubble.In your case there should be a big stain evident.Could be possible that you have a broken head bolt.Remove the rocker cover to check all head bolts.

What happened once you have filled your car up with coolant did white smoke spew out of the exhaust this could be a blown gasket between 2 or more of the cylinders.

The smell could be mistaken for an engine cooked.A cooked engine has that smell about it, smilliar sometimes to burnt rubber.Its actually the oil being cooked.Remove the filler cap and have a good sniff.If it stinks really bad "like rubber but worse" then it could be big bucks.Hopefully not though.It might be a good idea to take it to your local mechanic and have him carry out a pressure test of the cooling system and have a CO check for blowen head gasket.

Goodluck, Lukey.

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Re: Head gasket

Doesn't sound good :(

The coolant could be going out the exhaust rather than into the oil. Once you are out of coolant there is apparently nothing around the temp sensor so it won't registor as being hot - real good design that one.

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I dont know :(

Well, i dont think ive done any serious damage to the engine mechanics. After i stopped the car i opened the hood and put my hand on the rocker cover, it didnt feel any more hotter than usual - so im guessing that i didnt overheat the engine. (My 1st fort was a ****ed engine)
I checked the oil and it has no signs of burning. It was just burning rubber + smoke assiciated with a big loss of cooland and a hissing sound. There is no smoke from the exhaust (steam or burnt oil)
Thats all ive got to go by. I'll try and get under the car and have an inspection, otherwise its back to the mechanics for the 3rd time. :(

Thanks for all the help

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Oh crap.....

Bugger, ive just inspected my car - I have a split radiator hose and the coolant has leaked out. I guess ive fucced up my engine now. What kinda engineers designed this cooling system... My temp guage didnt even rise past 1/2 scale. What i dont get is that the engine oil is normal and the engine didnt feel extremely hot to touch (im assuming if you cook the engine it would get almost red hot) Maybe i got it before it ran out totally and the smoke was coming from the coolant spraying onto the engine. (does that smell like burning rubber?) I think i'll instal one of those 'low coolant' lights to the dash. Btw, this is the 2nd radiator hose that has split within 6months. Is my cooling system pressure too high?

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Yes the temp sensor detects the heat of the coolant not the actual temp of the engine.

The AUs have the sensor in the head and detects the temp of the engine though.

You may not have fukked the engine, you said you stopped when you saw the steam pissing out of the engine bay. Which means you probably didnt drive it for all that long with no coolant.
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Yeah, no serious damage done - Replaced radiator hose
(ford genuine, not friggen supercheap) and refilled coolant - Doesnt blow smoke or feel like any power loss so i think im extremely lucky this time :)

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