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PROTEST the New car restriction for P Platers by joining us

IM sure your all aware of the NEW p plater rules coming in the 11 of July.

There is going to be a Mass protest on saturday the 20th of this month
For all the P platers.
People and there cars high performance and not will be showing up at either penrith blacktown and parramatta RTA's

Please alert all our fellow p platers.


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Re: PROTEST the New car restriction for P Platers by joining us

And do think that the EPA and the cops want be handing out canrys.
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Re: PROTEST the New car restriction for P Platers by joining us

When will you P plate drivers learn that you cant drive for crap and this is for your own good.

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Re: PROTEST the New car restriction for P Platers by joining us

ahhh the joys of ACT. I've had my P's for just over 6 months, and I don't have to display them anymore, plus i get 4 more points, just for doing a 3 hour course and paying $70.

It helps that I amactually responsible though...

...someone give me a steep hill
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Re: PROTEST the New car restriction for P Platers by joining us

i heard that these new laws dont apply to current p platers.. so why will all these modded cars turn up?
its just for future people getting their licence

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Re: PROTEST the New car restriction for P Platers by joining us

yeah phibz is right... they said that current P platers can still have powerful cars, its just the L platers of today that get bent over and ####ed...

however if us current P platers screw up and lose our licence for 6 month then i think we are still susceptible to the only one passenger for 1 year rule.

this is such a croc of shit!!! no V8s or "powerful" cars... WTF do they classify as powerful? i'd say 200rwkw is moderate ohwell, at least i still have the chance to fulfill my 351 XD dream :D

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Re: PROTEST the New car restriction for P Platers by joining us

And doesn't it only apply if you get done ?

I thought if u didn't get caught for any offence then you could then drive a "performance car".

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Re: PROTEST the New car restriction for P Platers by joining us

i would gather that P platers should abide and respect the laws in place. the reason these laws are there is because of increasing accidents statistics amongst certain age groups and driver categories.

IMO i would think that you can keep on driving your "high performance modded falcons" and stick it out for the term of your P's until you get your unrestricted licence PROVIDED you OBEY the laws in place. Once you're on unrestricted then do as you wish at your own risk and respect others around you.

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Re: PROTEST the New car restriction for P Platers by joining us

since when was the RTA open saturdays anyway??
you can rock up at the RTA offices if you wish but they will get the last laugh cause you wasting your time.... These new rules aint just for the P platers safety but for everyones elses too... P platers are waaaay crazier now than 5-10yrs ago when i was on mine so i agree with the new rules and regs not only for my safety but for yours too mate
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Re: PROTEST the New car restriction for P Platers by joining us

Ok, how bout a bit of this reasoning...
New L/P platers won't be able to drive cars with 8 or more cylinders, turbochargers or superchargers or modified vehicles. So where does that leave the children of people who only own such vehicles? egs: V8 Fairmont...older cars with V8's that are gutless (3.5L rover V8 anyone?) 4WD vith V8's or Turbo diesels?
This is plainly the most ridiculous law I've ever seen. It means that an L/P plater could get away with driving something like a Porche Boxter or 911...which are SERIOUSLY quick cars but fall outside those laws.
...Just some other pretty quick (0-100 in < 7 sec) cars that make it "through the net":
Commodore SV6
Subaru Liberty 3.0R-B
Alfa 156GTA
BMW 3 series INCLUDING M3 and CSL
Honda NSX
Lotus Elise/Exige
Mazda RX8
Nissan 350Z
Honda S2000
...and thats probably not all of them. Now for some cars that are pulled up but really probably shouldn't be...
Saab 9-3T Vector (8.3 0-100kmh)
Audi A3 Turbo (unknown but more than 8 i think)
Audi A4 1.8 T (more than the 8.8 seconds the 3L V6 takes)
Merc C200K (>8 sec)
Volvo S80 (8.14)
Volkswagen New Beetle Turbo (8.9)
Volkswagen Golf GTi (8.9)
Saab 9-5 Aero Sport Estate (unknown, but huge)
Audi TT (8.93)
Merc SLK 200K (unknown, but slow)

But of course, acceleration is not the problem- SPEED is. You show me 1 current production car that isn't capable of over 150Km/h and i'll show you a pile of bulshit. I've heard reports of DAIHATSU SIRIONS doin 160...

Anyone here who's done high school physics understands that it is acceleration that does the damage in an accident, but it is the NEGATIVE ACCELERATION AS YOU HIT SOMETHING AT HIGH SPEED, not the initial acceleration to get to that speed, that does the damage. So when this law doesn't have any effect, what will the State Government do? Presumably ban cars altogether because they'd have finally done some research into physics.

This situation has arisen from the incredible lack of respect that today's youth (of which I am one for a few more weeks...) has for everything and everyone, including themselves. There is no desire to do wat is right. Also, nobody seems to have any backbone- they just cave in and die to whatever their mates tell them to do.
I drive like a chauffeur and i get ALOT of shit because it...but then again, I've never been booked and never had to worry about it either. Most of them think that their friends will reject them if they don't do what they say. Mine haven't and if they did they weren't much of a friend then.

One final comment on the stupidity of this law- How will it be policed? Will every P Plater driving a car that has a V8, Turbo or Supercharger be pulled over and their liscence inspected? That'd have to be the case considering that it only applies to those who get their liscence after the introduction date. Or what if the car shows no signs of having any of those things or being modified? It would be pure lick catching one of them.

...and in reponse to "XRFOOL"- pull your head in. The number of SHIT fully liscenced drivers is astounding and just because P Platers drive recklessly sometimes doesn't mean they do it all the time. You know there is a difference between a bad driver and a reckless driver...
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