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A goodbye to FF members

Guys as part of my on-going study into human nature, and to assist me with a future book writing project I’m working on, I came up with this little anecdote on how I perceive you guys. It’s meant to be light hearted and funny, so I suggest you don’t need to take it too personally.

The way I see the world is, despite appearances – and at a certain level of consciousness - it’s not actually about the cars, the women or the material stuff. That’s the ‘front’ in this world, and the ‘big ticket’ items are really about the heart, the nature of man and ones own self-proclaimed mastery with the world and his soul.

And one truth of all this, and the way consciousness works, is the world is the way you see it. Either it is a scary place, or a thing to be paranoid about (the cops are either bad guys or good guys), or maybe it’s all joy and ease. But it can be about all these things, or none of them, because in reality you hold the power of choice to live the version you choose to see.

No-one else is doing life to you but you, and it is never about the ‘other guy’. No matter what your ego may tell you. That's the greatest advice I can give anyone in life.

All the squabbles and shit fights we get into on FF’s are appropriate – for each to see our own reflection in others more clearly. It has been fun for me, and something I’ve contributed to very consciously and deliberately. So thank you for all that has proceeded us as I’m retiring STROKEXD and moving onto some new endeavours.

It’s my goodbye statement to members.

I’m posting this thread on the clevo section as most of my involvements have been here.

Here goes (and not in any order of preference):

Workhorse – As the name implies he’s the true under-dog on FF’s. Often more apologetic than he needs to be, and though rarely incited into argument he nonetheless stands up for what he believes in. He’s honest and straight forward and offers a no-bullshit take it or leave it approach to his advice. He the sort of guy I’d like to have around if the house was on fire. And that van - I’m sure if he can change his mind that he doesn’t have to use so many 2nd hand parts to prove a point - then the NOS will take him into the 11’s ..

Davis – Probably pushes more personal buttons in people than anyone else on FF’s. Either you worship him or you hate him. Obviously the most intellectual fellow out their in clevo territory, but I dare say very few would really understand him. His greatest trait is not what he knows about cars but his ability to not care a stuff about those who criticise him because of their own weakness and insecurity. Perhaps more eager to give lengthy tech advice than he needs to be, and many might wonder if he is proving something more to himself than others.

Brenx – Determined and also very much the under-dog and representative of the Aussie battler type. Gets his back up too easy when he’s being criticised or bullied around. Well on his way I hope to seeing if he vests too much of his personal sense of self in how well his car goes he’s adept to be in alternating states of misery and bliss. But he strikes me that he’s got a good enough sense of humour to fall back on that gets him through the slide after he refuses to acknowledge the advice he’s been given turned out to be what he needed to know all along, but didn’t want to admit to because he hates being made wrong. Give him another 12 months and he’ll be pulling 10’s and proclaiming the virtues of everyday driving in a clevo weapon that pulls 5000 rpm on a highway cruise.

Falconcoupe – One of the few guys who’s hard to read on these forums (figuratively not literally). I suspect he’s pretty conservative about most things in life, and somewhat of a fence sitter when it comes to taking sides as he has a gentle nature. I like his balance and impartiality in most things. You’re also someone who I would like around if the house was on fire. You should be a moderator.

XD408 – Calls it straight everytime and shoots from the hip. Pretty new on FF’s so he’s either choosing to stay well mannered or is just plain polite about most things – even when people ramble crap back to him. Either way, you’ve got my respect bud for putting together a tough 10 sec XD first time into it.

Racer – Probably has one of the most extensive repertoires of knowledge about how to get a car to go quick down the track. But gets impatient really easy when people don’t listen to his advice, and he especially doesn’t like to have his opinions changed about what works and what doesn’t. If something worked well for him 12 years ago, and it lifted up his front wheels, then it oughta be working that way for everyone else today. I’m sure he thinks the people on FF’s that don’t listen to him are fools.

Crochunter – You must have a hide as thick as a crocodile to keep bouncing back after getting the bashings you get. Who could possibly tell if you’re really a psychopath that loves stirring shit just to sit back and laugh about it, or if you’re in genuine need of friendship and your own achievement. But I suspect you spend too much time thinking about doing stuff and not getting out there and doing it. Either way mate, no grudges held here. All’s fair in love and war.

4vman – Manages to say in just a few straight forward words what everyone else has been trying to say across 5 pages of threads. Obviously knows his stuff about making cars go fast even if he’s not up with all the buzz words. Confident enough to not care too much about anyone else’s opinions. Strikes me as the sort of guy that keeps to himself a lot and so keeps his personal opinions out of his threads.

Balinor – If your not good mates with 4vman you should be, as you both seem to hail from the same camp. You seem like you’re accomplished and confident with anything automotive, and your no-nonsense approach to tech advice is always informative to read, and you call a spade a spade and not a shovel.

Xdclevo – You seem like an all-rounder and another under dog character. Obviously a clevo nut with a passion for vehicle excellence, with an impeccable memory and DIY skill. But your penchant for rubbing people’s noses in it by quoting stuff that was either written elsewhere, appeared in another thread or has little relevance to the topic at hand is because I suspect you like correcting people way too much. Either way your XD is a great achievement mate, and obviously something you are very proud of. But one wonders what is your real reason for not taking the car to the drags?

Tru-Blu 351 – you’re almost too good Tru-Blu to be true, what’s the angle? Always balanced, never overtly personal, never attacking others, you have nothing harsh to say to anyone, and you put so much effort into researching information for others when most couldn’t be bothered. But I suspect deep down there’s a part of you that shuns convention – the rebel inside - seriously that dash is a radical creation! You’re one of the few people on the planet that could read my book and really understand it. Cheers mate.

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Re: A goodbye to FF members

Strokexd, you obviously view this forum as a social experiment where the participants are voluntary, although not necessarily aware of nature of your interest. I too think that the posts of individuals, particularly those that state opinion not just fact, are extremely interesting to analyse and probably give a far more honest insight into each person's personality than they themselves could give you if asked.

Your statement that the cops are either good or bad is far too black or white. As a metaphor it doesn't allow there to be any grey.

The only otherthing i would say is that in a social forum like this the subsection of society you attract is extremely narrow, all sharing a common interest, that for most is an all consuming passion. There are many types of personality that I don't believe you would encounter in here and therefore you would need to spread yourself far wider to gain a true insight into the human psyche.

Good luck on your travels
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Re: A goodbye to FF members

Whoa...seems like quite an accurate account of the members, so what is going on here, have you purchased a Holden or something ?
Life changes but i can't see a reason to leave here even if you sell the beloved XD, but i guess you have your reasons and will tell us if you wish to, are you moving to a Hippy colony that has no internet ?
You're input will be missed here mate as will the us against the Mod's battles we had some time back, and i'm sure your ears will burn when the next CHI vs AFD thread rears it's ugly head :) .


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Re: A goodbye to FF members

A great read There will be some big grins on peoples faces.

I'll be waiting for that undercover newbee login aka. STROKEXD reincarnated. We'll be able to tell it's you You know you can't stay away.......it does get quite addictive.

Take care and best of luck with your future ventures. Keep in touch.

rama rama

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Re: A goodbye to FF members

Hahahaha! GOLD!!!

F6: the fastest factory 4 door falcon in the world!
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Re: A goodbye to FF members

Originally Posted by howey
There are many types of personality that I don't believe you would encounter in here.
Good luck on your travels
Those undesirable types are in the Windsor section.....but we won't go there.........

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Re: A goodbye to FF members

Originally Posted by falcon coupe
Those undesirable types are in the Windsor section.....but we won't go there.........


Farewell Brad and hope your new horizons will have refelctions of that beautiful XD of yours.
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Re: A goodbye to FF members

Originally Posted by TruBlu351
A great read There will be some big grins on peoples faces.
ROFL it is good isn't it

XB Fairmont (street car) 11.07@123.02mph.
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Re: A goodbye to FF members

A serious reflection of others is no reflection, it is an observation skewed by the "reality" of one person. How about a true reflection by including your own name on the list?

BTW...you probably meant to use "there" instead of "their" in describing me! <grin>

Every environment where communications exist between more than one person involve a social infrastructure. In some manner, it appears that you've attempted to describe that infrastructure as it applies to this board.

I find it interesting that you do it from a position of retreat (saying goodbye) and not as a part of "connected involvement." Since anyone can play psychoanalyst, what does this say about you? You make it sound as if you're retiring to an island far away to sabbatically fester your thoughts on the topic into some prominently publishable form. The short form of which may be considered quitting, but that's not how you presented it. In fact, it seems to be some kind of an attempt at gaining some form of recognition for your intellectual and observational skills.

Your preface to your monologue is rather "The Matrix," isn't it? Reality is what you believe it is? How often have I had to break your arm twisting it to get you to the point where you are willing to consider an "alternative" reality? Was it my place to do the twisting?

I consider the purposes of this board to be many things. It is at least:
* a meeting area for enthusiasts of a common ground
* an information (and sometimes misinformation) sharing tool
* a stage for each of us to present ourselves and our accomplishments

There are none of here that are not a little boastful and a little proud...and possibly a few of the other seven deadly sins. Some of us are probably a bit more than "a little" in some categories.

Consider how long it took from start to finish for me to complete my "Q-Code" engine project? Does anyone even remember when I first mentioned it? It must have been at least a year ago. It took me a long while to find a suitable chassis, and even still, it isn't what I intended from the outset, was it? I wanted a nice, lightweight body in the form of a Falcon or a Cougar, remember? What I've got now is a 4000# 1960 Ford F100 truck. Not exactly what I was thinking for the project engine, huh? I was thinking of a light car and a 5-speed manual. Instead, I've got a heavy car and a C6 auto. Can anyone say ouch?

The truck body is still being worked over by my uncle. The engine is now ready to go in this weekend if I get motivated. If I'm lucky, I'll get to drive it before the end of summer.

However, while not yet a "success," as such, I feel that my project is on a path that will lead to eventual completion. The goal was for a hot street strip car within a budget-minded price range. The engine was built using reconditioned block, heads, crank and rods. Most of the parts were in good used condition or new. Nearly all of the lighter weight parts were purchased through eBay. I've got a few parts that I can't really use...like a nice new flywheel and 164T flexplate for a C4...as I had the engine balanced for both standard and auto not knowing where it would be fitted. I also have a set of single groove aluminum pulleys, as I wanted no power-consuming accessories but the truck has power steering...so requires a multi-groove pulley.

I still kicking around the idea of selling the truck with its Cleveland in it and using the proceeds to buy a light car, as that is what this Cleveland engine wants.

I should probably ask others here what they think of it, but without your input, it won't be the same.

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Re: A goodbye to FF members

What Davis is saying is goodbye we will miss you, while living up to you're description of him.

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