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Is the BOSS a Boo Boo

I have been questioning lately why Ford has introduced the BOSS range of motors. It seems that this engineering exercise was undertaken to cater for "Aussies" preference for good old fashion normally aspirated horsepower.

For as long as I can remember cars that used forced induction were deemed to generate pretend horsepower and laughed at (until the next traffic light). With the Barra240T engine we have seen how turbocharging has taken a good engine and delivered stunning performance, with the potential for good power gains aftermarket.

Now back to the quad cam V8. It's a nice engine, but one that seems a bit limited in future potential. I don't think it can be bored or stroked to increase capacity.The redline would be close to what is achivable with modest engine mods, due to the stroke of the motor. The camshafts do not run VCT. It's heavy and is a bit of a tight fit. It also cost a few dollars to engineer in it's current configuration. I would think that future increases in horsepower will be in small increments as opposed to the Barra240T.

What are the alternatives. I think in NA form the Barra220 3 valve engine could be made to perform well. I also think that development dollars should have been put into this engine and utilise a low pressure turbocharger setup or even supercharging for the XR and GT. I believe this where Ford should have sunk it's development money instead of the quad cam BOSS.

I may be wrong, but I am interested to know what you think.

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Thankfully boring and stroking aren't the only means of achieving performance gains - indeed neither achieve anything more than increased capacity.

Having had a chat to a couple of experts they are firmly of the view that there is plenty of both aftermarket and factory potential in the Boss motors. From a factory viewpoint this may well include forced induction of some kind - I guess we will have to wait and see what comes.

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you think for would bring out a motor with no roof for improvement in future models? yeh we might be sill but were not stupid! VCT can be done making for better economy and performances. alloy can be used. better cams. the list is as endless as it is for any other motor. forced induction isn't for everyone! thats why we have V8's. people were born and bread on them. did you support ford when they took the v8 out in the 80's and 90's. probably not! not many did as it was the wrong decision! just be glad there is the choice. the more we sell the better the next one should be!!

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I am not for one minute questioning whether we should have a V8 but whether Ford should have used the 3 valve motor as the base for the performance models.

The things you mentioned like adding VCT and alloy blocks would cost more engineering dollars and would not offer as big a bang for buck as turbo/supercharging.

Does the 4 valve motor offer that much more potential than the 3 valve motor?

I think a turbo 3 valve XR8 would be a bigger hit than the XR6T.

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why cant you turbo the new V8????

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I assume you can, if there's room for the turbos to fit.
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Hey guys remember they have a stock 5.4 V8 supercharged in the states. O/k it's in a truck but so was the last of the 5 Ltr's.Kenny Brown make a possitive displacement blower that vertually takes the place of the inlet manifold. Strange though the blown mill is/was cast iron,said that it is stronger for that application.But I guess they'll add some strength to the alloy block...
Also I remember when the old Windsor plant closed down it was said that it was for ""all"" alloy motors by 2005. Dream !!!

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It's early days for the 4 valve 5.4L motor yet. Definitely some improvements to be had in cylinder heads down the track. As far as extra cubes go the 5.4 does have some room to move. The 4.6 motors have options for longer stroke cranks and with the 5.4's 29mm taller deck height it should also. Larger bores which is really where you want to increase the size will probably only be viable once the aluminium blocks hit the scene.

Speaking of which check out the last paragraph of this Autoweek article talking about the proposed Ford GT (new GT40).

What will be the first application in the Ford GT—and will migrate to other uses—is an aluminum version of the company’s 5.4-liter dohc V8. The engine, which gets a supercharger to produce at least 500 horsepower in the GT, will be available as a normally aspirated crate motor for sale on the aftermarket. “Anyone who is doing Ford performance racing is going to want to get this block,” says SVT director John Coletti.

Here's the link to the whole article:

5.4L, 32 valves and huffer potential, mmm, thems good apples.
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I still find it funny that people are questioning the future potential of the new V8s .. and they have hardly hit the road...

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Have a look at some of these...

477rwhp Mustang SVT with bolt-ons only!!!

And how about this sucker...
Tailor made screw-type blower for 4V 5.4L

Or this one.. Tailor made for Mustang Cobra 4V heads / intake

There are guys getting PLENTY of grunt out of the Yank-spec 4.6/5.4's .. so expect some crossover of parts and expertise, and start warning your LS1 friends to be wary!

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