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Letter to Mr Flint

I have seen David Flint post in here a coupe of times so hopefully he will read this:
Dear Mr Flint, as a long time Ford Fan, what I would really like to see is an FPV car that can simply produce better 1/4 mile times than its equivalent HSV rival. Why not make a lightweight verson of the GT or Typhoon? Drop heavy weight luxuries like power windows, electric seat adjustment, etc, or have them available as options. Even A.C. could be an option (unless this would be too difficult since its a factory fitment.) How about an alloy bonnet and bootlid? The Falc's biggest problem performance wise seems to be weight, so how about losing some? We all know that the FPV is a better total package, but you cant argue that your car handles better when you've just been beaten off the lights! I know I would be very interested in a stripped down ready to fight version of the GT or Typhoon, I'm sure there would be others.

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Re: Letter to Mr Flint

I've sort of been saying this on other threads much to the disgust of some of the other guys, but the fact remains we get beaten in a straight line and that sux's. Again HSV has all the goodies and manages to keep the wieght fairly reasonable and still cut good times so why cant ford or more to the point FPV. They now have the resources of prodrive to help and still they can't manage to do it. Just athought but maybe they need some younger, newer blood with a lot more passion and more in touch with what most ford fans really want, TO KICK HOLDEN\HSV ARSE in a straight line run. I think that we would all agree that we do alot more of this than we race around a track. So have your fairmont and ghia's for the older more mature driver that just wants a nice car and have your sports models to do what the buy expects of it ,GO HARD and handle well enough to match your competitors. And win in a 1/4 mile race for once.
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Re: Letter to Mr Flint

1/4 mile is stupid in my opinion, sure it matters but I'd rather a nice fast car, that handles better than just goes in a straight line.

If they can make the 1/4 mile faster and keep the superior handling.. I'm all for it.
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Re: Letter to Mr Flint

The Point I Was Trying To Make Is How Much Racing Do You Do Around Corners Or At All For That Matter. This May Not Be Your Thing And Thats Ok But I Think You Would Be In The Minority Nowadays. So Have Your Nice Luxo's That Handle Well For Their Power Output And Xr's And G.t's For The Performance Minded Buyer. Obvously Being A Performance Car The Have To Handle Well But Make The Car Go And Go Hard.
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Re: Letter to Mr Flint

if you dont want any of that stuff. buy an XT and spend 40k on making it a race car.

Unless you drive 10/10ths everyday whats the point.

Drive a full on Road Reg, Porsche GT3 RS and see how long you like sitting in a hard racing seat in the middle of sydney traffic with no aircond or radio.


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Re: Letter to Mr Flint

Yeah great idea, but what do FPV do when HSV strip out a clubby? were back to the same thing, are we not?
The solution is>> FPV make the GT competative in the first place....

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Re: Letter to Mr Flint

Ford FPV doent give a rats ass about qtr mile when they make a car....i mean like the CEO of hsv said "the numbers and stats tell the differenace between us and FPV, for every 10 cars we sell they sell 3" and holden sell more cars because of the large amount of ppl that dont know much about cars care only about straightline speed, i have a uncle who is 40 he drives a ss VX and yes he still ****in out runz ba xr8's and he is happy despite the fact that his ss commodore ran out of oil twice in the 2 years he has had it, and 2 months battle with holden to get it factory fixed!!! its just ****ed! I believe when holden makes a car they get ppl like you and me and ask what they want in a car (thats a feeling i get when i see a gts pull a 13.02 qtr)..i just reckon ford should care about its fans more, alot more!!!!
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Re: Letter to Mr Flint

I beleive that FPV have some great products but they have always been a step behind the competition and always will be........!

FTE and FPV same circus, different tent!

Maybe once they get someone who has some balls and passion then we will see a product that is customer driven and meets demand.

..........sad to say but its fact!

Since the launch of the FPV GT, HSV has gone from a 260KW Clubsport to a 285KW Clubsport to a 297KW 6 litre Clubsport with better equipment and safety features that outperforms the GT. FPV has give its customers a 6 speed gearbox that the competition has been using since late 1999 and some new stripes!! If you are buying pork chops then the GT is better value but I think the competition has it all over FPV!
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Re: Letter to Mr Flint

Becareful Xtrmn8 I Said The Same Thing About Passion And Balls On Another Thread And Got Roasted For It, Lol. But When Your Right Your Right And Much To My Disgust We Are All Right. I Had A Mate With A 5.7ltr Excutive With Full Kit All They Did To It Was Full Exhaust And Modified T.b And Got A Dynoed 297.4rwhp The Car Was Fairly Cheap Being An Excutive But Also Light Changed Gears To 3.45 And Ran A 13.5. Unless You Have An Xr6t Ford Have Made It Expensive To Get Our Cars To Match That And Wieght Wise Well I Won't Even Go There All Round Package May Be Good But "p" Does Stand For Performance . Doesn't It?
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Re: Letter to Mr Flint

hate to say this but i had a drive of a mates new maloo the other day and it absolutly rips the pursuit

For Sale 1996 virago 1100 flat bar, loud pipes Pm me for details
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