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BF XR6T - stock only
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XR6T BF - How Fast???

Hi guys, I've recently bought myself a nice XR6T BF Ute (Auto) and so far it's only done 5500kms.

I was wondering how fast does the specifications says (if any) 0-100km/h & 0-400m go? I also feel that my 'stock car' might go alittle slower since I got the new bulge & spoiler on my hardtop + full tank of fuel (75L of 100 Octane).

So far I've raced modified WRXs, 200sx, Silvias S13, Skyline GTST 33, porsche boxster (stock), Evolution9 (stock), full mod-up Integras, Holden SSZ crewman, SS Utes & XR8s. <---(All cars are Manual Transmission).

And out of all those cars, only ones I've lost to was my friend's Evo9. I was surprised how slow others were, but at the same time, I don't feel mine is fast enough.

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Re: XR6T BF - How Fast???

Take it to the track and find out for yourself.

BA GT-P owner and loving it!
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Re: XR6T BF - How Fast???

An edit alone will fix that, and your mates EVO as well.

Rapid F6 Typhoon
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BF XR6T - stock only
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Re: XR6T BF - How Fast???

I'd like to take it to the tracks, but just dunno where I'm from brissy area, and the only track avaliable is almost 2 hours drive away! I don't want to do any mods yet, still researching cuz I want my money well spent
So at the moment, just wanna know what the performance of my stock is, so I can compare later after mods.
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Re: XR6T BF - How Fast???

when i bought mine, i thought it was slow as well. but the car is so smooth that you cant even feel the cars boost. as what you said before that you beaten all those other cars, so your car is fast and people in this forum will vouch for that.
dont flog your car too much though:)
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Re: XR6T BF - How Fast???

it's only done 5500, my first ute was a ba non turbo, i didnt feel it really come into its own fully until about 7000-8000k's! then i got the t, similar story!
in terms of mods i'd start with a flasher and filter. only problem then will be traction! thats wat i did! though for sum reason i cant seem to pull away from my mates silvia!!???

and beepbeep u advised not to flog it too much!!!!????? why the hell not!!? hehe thrash that thing!! it's the only way!!!hehe
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Re: XR6T BF - How Fast???

i've raced a evo 8 from 60k's and distroyed him so your mates 9 is gonna be toast as soon as some mods come along, id suggest flogging it too because of the self learning ecu the more you flog it the better. i know it seems hard to belive but i was told to do it and i did and my tornado made 30 more kw standard that a mates phoon that never got flogged. then i went on to spend plenty more money and got a hellish lot more power and speed out of her, but i know what you say it dosent seem fast cause u can beat them with a/c on with power windows and crusie controll, utter comfort out of a standard high 13's car is great just be weary of a silver skyline 33gtst 700rwkw that thing teachs you the very hard way about loosing haha its all good!

p.s. traction is a ****!!!! mind you the bf has traction controll yeah? i know my ba dont and as soon as i had 240 rwkw traction was a thing of the past now with more its some what a myth

happy boosting

mods to date: exhaust flash tune injectors and intank pump twin air filters a.r.e. custom cooler 100x 300x 600
stage 1 power to date: 500rwhp
fat pipes, power torque engines, tuffcarparts.com

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Re: XR6T BF - How Fast???

Check out this site


you can take your ute there on either wed or sat(check the site for "test and tune")
I have the same ute as you and ran low 14.1 stock
It pulled 197rwkw on the dyno at 1300kms

Its a ute
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BF XR6T - stock only
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Re: XR6T BF - How Fast???

One of the reason I don't want to take it to willowbank it's because I'll look like an idiot with a stock car Do many people take stock cars there to test? Also, how much is it? I might go after I get some mods.

Hey Rapid, u thinkin of getting mods for ur ute? I'm considering getting APS phase 2 over at Underwood for $5000. Anyone know any place cheaper? Or better cheaper mods besides Phase 2?
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BF XR6T - stock only
Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 27
Re: XR6T BF - How Fast???

Thanks Tornado for the advice for thrashing it (which I had been ) I'm looking forward to see how much I can gain!

Rapidxr6T: Since we both got the same cars and at the same time, does yours have a "redline" in your rev meter? Cuz mine don't... The sales told me "don't redline it until after 1000kms... I can assure him I never did
Also, where abouts did you get ur ford? I got mine from Southside (better not to mention name of the shop) and they suck so f**ken bad. First they told me it was in stock and I'll only ahve to wait maximum 5 days to get the car, then they said they don't have my hardtop in stock and tried to talk me into the one with the sports bar. When it's time to inspect the car (2 weeks later), they didn't have the trim I wanted, they had no fog-light covers, they installed the wrong hardtop (it was agreed that I wanted the exact hardtop as the BOSS that was displayed - buldge + MKII spoiler), they also had the wrong spoiler, no passenger airbag (which I paid extra), and had scratches on the car. It was agreed that everything is to be fixed up and I could also choose 1 out of the 10 available license plates. On the 4th week of waiting they called to inspect the car again; interior trimming not fixed; MUCH MORE scratches, dints, and stone chips; correct hardtop but WRONG spoiler; STILL no passenger airbag and license plate already registered and screwed on without me agreeing!
I then had to report to the quality & service manager and he assured me that everything could be done perfect. On the 5th week... last inspection, and nothing was changed except a few minor paint repairs, PLUS the front bumper was out of place!!! I got even more furious because the quality & service manager didn't care, so on the 6th week I reported it to the Head Manager... and you know what? Not only he told me I couldn't get the spoiler I wanted, the trim had been set-in and couldn't be removed, $500 refund for my passenger airbag, and he told me I'll have to wait at least 2 months to get everything done to what I wanted PLUS I'll need to pay and extra $1200 if I really wanted that spoiler!!! Everything was agreed when we signed the contract!
At the end I was very upset having to wait for 7.5weeks to get my new car which had numerous problems. All I got free was a 15000km service and 2 lousy caps.

Anyone had problems same as me? If so i'd like to hear about it.

Anyway, i still drive my baby, and it's sure smooth, things could be better at the start, but some d*ckheads ruined it.
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