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Should be standard?

I've been having a few conversations with the Customer Service and Marketing departments at Ford over a couple of items to do with the Falcon and the Ute.
Firstly, passenger airbags are an optional item across the Ute range. The reason they are not standard, according to the Customer service department, is because of child restraint seats and belts. Now to me, it is against the law for anyone under the age of 12 to travel in the front seat? So a child seat has been given preference over 95% of Ute buyers. I don't get it.
Secondly, 18" rims. The XR8 sedan gets them standard but XR8 Ute owners have to option them? In my opinion, the ute should mirror the sedan in every way except the obvious. The Customer Service department says that majority of XR8 Ute owners don't want to pay a small amount to have the 18" wheels on their car? Majority of XR8 Ute (and XR6 Turbo, and XR6 owners, sorry) option the 18's and wish they were standard. I don't get it.
Does anyone else think like me or am I slightly going over the top?

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Re: Should be standard?

It will be many years before I can afford to buy a BZ XR8 ute, although I would love to, but I agree with all you have said. Who buys a ute for carryin the kids around? and who prefers 17's over 18's? For a company that makes such beautiful cars, they sure can be pretty stupid.

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Re: Should be standard?

Originally Posted by big_waity
and who prefers 17's over 18's?
ok this may be a financial choice for some. i can tell you now that if i could actually afford one of these cars i seriously doubt i could afford to buy 18 inch tyres for it.
i had 17s on the AU and they were expensive enough.
also on the utes you have to think of tradesman too. if you have 17s on it then they can carry more load.

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Re: Should be standard?

1. I don't think there is a law against children under 12 using the front seat (although it is certainly safer in the rear)
2. It is a bit hard to use the rear seat in a ute
3. Perhaps a solution could be a switch to deactivate the airbag if a child capsule is fitted (although that brings about it's own complications).
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Re: Should be standard?

I see where you're coming from Brute6. I was a bit pissed that Ute buyers have to pay extra for more than a few things.

1. 18" Alloys

The only reasons I see the sedan has 18"s is to lift its game a bit against the SS and to provide a little bit more over the Turbo for the price. Ford aren't going to just throw them in on the Utes, especially if Holden doesn't. I see a lot of XR8/6T Utes with 18"s and just as many without. Personally I probably would have had them if they were standard but, like davway, would have found them a killer come tyre time. As it is I've gotten over 30k out of my 17"s and will probably change at 35k. As for 18"s, tyre wear has been mixed across the FF crew with some sets being pretty much screwed by 20k. I personally wouldn't be too happy paying twice as much for tyres replaced in half the time. Lack of traction control doesn't help (see point 7). Load-lugging is another issue as well.

2. Passenger Airbag

Funny one this. I too was pissed at having to pay an extra 500bucks for this, especially since it's standard on the SS. I can see that Ford are giving owner's the option of carrying a baby in the passenger seat, and why not, If I had a toddler I'd be proud to have them in the Ute. There's no shortage of space in the back for prams, folding cots, nappy bags, stuffed toys as well as a small menagerie of pets. At least some of the F trucks have a switchable airbag like outback_ute mentioned. Great idea but not one Ford Aus is going to throw money at just for the Utes.

3. Second Keyfob

This was bloody stupidity with the BA, fortunately it's standard now on MKII. I couldn't believe this one and had my dealer throw it in. As it was they had forgotten come delivery (even though it was on the order sheet) and I wouldn't sign until I got it.

4. CD Stacker

This is standard now in both the XR8 Sedan and has been standard on the VY SS Ute from the start. 600bucks extra in the Ute is a real bugger.

5. Locking Fuel Door

No can do, and even if you want a locking cap aftermarket from Supercheap or Autobarn you can only get them on order.

6. Side Airbags

No can do. It could be argued that the Ute is stronger against a side impact but it's the impact of one's head against the B-pillar or side glass that's the killer here. Probably something to do with the fold-forward seats.

7. Traction Control

No can do. Now on the HSV Z Maloo this may lift everyone's game. Personally I'm not a fan and am glad it's "permanently off" in the Ute. Driving a powerful Ute in the wet does require incredible discretion and self-control and TC would be good where these traits are in short supply.

There's plenty of other minor things I've left out here. You have to remember though that the XR8 Utes are roughly 10k cheaper than their sedan counterparts. Also the Ford vs Holden Ute segment is a warzone in itself and affordability is king. Corners get cut to keep things that way.

I am still very happy that I was able to get a Boss Ute with 260kw for little over 40k on the road and nicely optioned too. Not to mention only having to pay half the duty at purchase time (2.5% for commercial vehicles vs 5% for sedans). As it is also registered in a rural area the Vic Rego is almost $100 cheaper than a locally registered sedan and $200 cheaper than a metro registered sedan.

For all my whinging I still have to admit, seems like the lucky country alright.

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Re: Should be standard?

Thats exactly the reason why the utes are 10K cheaper, they don't have all the stuff the sedan has, if it did it would be no cheaper. It doesn't magically cost less to build after all.

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Re: Should be standard?

I think that 17in wheels should be standard across the XR ute range, 6, 6T, & 8. I think that the 18's should be a no cost option for the XR8, you pay enough for it(maybe even 6T), a set of 18's would cost bugger all extra for ford. Maybe it's an option cause it effect the load carrying capacity?? Also some people may think 17in tyres cost and wear out quick enough, let alone 18's.
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Re: Should be standard?

But it would be nice to option up a ute to sedan specs if you really wanted, or at least the FPV utes. Trac, Con, airbags everywhere, IRS would be nice if it was possible LOL!

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Re: Should be standard?

i thohgt they were 10 grand cheaper because they were half a car.. knidof
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Re: Should be standard?

i thougt they were 10 grand cheaper because they were half a car.. knidof
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