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Australian Falcons Discuss the australian born and bred models here. Includes the 80's 90's and present day Falcons offered by Ford Oz.

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4 real reasons why you would buy a XR8 over a 6T (and 4 why you wouldn't)

Unfortunately the thread was closed before I could put my 2.2c worth in but:
Reasons why the XR8 is better than the XR6T.
1) allure; the bulge, the burble............
2) low down torque, better for towing boat up ramp etc.
3) manual gearbox (if you want a manual)
4) available

Reasons why the XR6T is better that XR8
1) quicker and easier/cheaper to mod it that is your gig
2) cheaper
3) less fuel (assuming you don't stand on the noise pedal a lot)
4) lighter

Anyone care to add to the list?

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XR8 because:
5) I already have the XR8 logo on my phone
6) the XR8 badge looks better with a red 8
7) 2 more cylinders
8) can use standard unleaded (even though i prefer to use premium)

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More horsepower required
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This topic is like a reoccuring nightmare.

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XR8 Because

(1) Iv'e already bought it
(2) I've only ever seen two on the road.
(3) Better Discount when I traded.
(4) Can't afford to fix a busted turbo.


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Originally posted by Rodderz
XR8 because:
5) I already have the XR8 logo on my phone
Thats the reason why im buying one.

Also because i want a ute and the XR8 is only $1200 more.
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The view over the bonnet and people can tell its an XR8. Turbo's look like stock XR6's, the only difference that is clearly visible is the turbo badge on the back.
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Thumbs up

OK, OK, OK.......

The simple fact is that Ford has produced three awesome XR varieties in sedan and ute form. This is extremely clever work.

Ford has taken a brutish yet smooth design and created several iterations that have an incedible appeal accross wide and complex demographics. Examples of brilliance in each case:


A sporty sedan that is well affordable for a person who enjoys driving and finds the 182kw rewarding enough (many will and do). It looks like its performance siblings and can be optioned considerably. This allows a single or couple with a family or other commitments to have a good-looking, very comfortable and well performing vehicle for not considerably more than the Futura. WIN!!!


A ground-breaking car that shows that Ford has the ability to innovate. This will swing many buyers to Ford who have been very happy with four fan-forced cylinders and will reap the benefits of another pair of pots. Its also not rice and has exellent sleeper value: does it or does it not have the snail? Even though the VL did it before, the market has been matured with hot fours and a whole legion of buyers hot for an idea for which the time has come. Searing performance yet not at all peaky unlike many of it's four cylinder comtemporaries. Excellent range of options made possible through their availability across the XR range. WIN!!!


Very much for the traditionalist that has grown up with a passion for the burble, a distrust of turbo "trickery" and who likes the idea of pumping plain, cheaper, readily-available ULP into the tank even if they have to do it more often. It is essential in a market that reveres the V8. Like the XR6T, unconventional thinking and some guts have resulted in a hybrid engine that looks to the past and the future and yet didn't cost massive development bucks to design. It comes with extra weight but this fits right into a market that likes a bigger car, with a bigger engine and a bigger bulge. The old-school passion will also ensure they go the extra bucks over the XR6T to get it. The long term promise of this hand-built engine make it worthwhile to many. WIN!!!

It's clear that Ford have inspired passion across a wide population of new car buyers and the future second-hand market. They have succeeded in making a range of cars that are many things to many buyers, not the impossible all things to all buyers.

I am waiting for my first Ford and on my way to ordering it I considered every model in the XR range, sedan and ute. I find all appealing and I can understand anybody who thinks any one of them is the best way to go. Everybody has their own particular motivations, internal and external that make the decision clear and I say good on anybody who buys a BA XR.

(By the way I am more than happy to paste this painfully long venting into each and every XR6T vs. XR8 flame war that starts to flare up and am also more than willing to make new ones for every infighting situation that arrives ie. Ford Ka vs. Transit...)

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Well said Madder. Great points there.

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Excellent post madder, my reason for swinging to XR8 is mearly the bulge that arises in my pants upon looking in the engine bay of an XR8!

UTE KILLER!! RIP. BA XR8 UTE 24/12/03 - 9/2/04
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Any offer considered.
Now driving a 04 BA XR8 Manual Envi ute. Mods to come...
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