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Ba, Why There The Best

The new BA Falcon range is the most impressive ever. Ford have taken the market by storm with as quoted by major Automotive magazines as "Possibly the best Australian built car ever". This is a huge statement to make, and I think they are right.

In comparison to they main opposition (Holden), hey what am I saying, there is now opposition any more, they are slowly being blown away into the weeds.

The new base model XT, almost laughs at the Commodore Executive, boasting 30 KW more power, with the same if not better features for only $2,500 more than it's rival. For this you get the better looking of the two and the most comfortable by a long shot.

Same with the Futura, again 30 KW more power, pretty much the same features, this time for an anstounding $3,500 less than the Holden Berlina.

Then the the XR's, the most exciting of the new ford range(IMO), The XR6 boasts 30 KW more than the Commodore S, and a far more stylish look, along with the better ride for less than $1,000 more.

The XR6 Turbo, shouldn't be compared to the Commodore Supercharged S, but hey, both sixes, both forced induction, thats where they lay. The XR6 Turbo with 69KW more than the Commodore (theres enough power difference there to power a small car). the looks, the feel and more for only $4,500 more.

The XR8, well you only have to read the magazines, an awesome 260KW, really puts it in HSV Clubsport territory, but for the sake of Ford Vs Holden, FPV Vs HSV, the XR8 is 25 KW more powerful than the Commodore SS, while being laden which a much heftier weight, still rivals if not has a slight edge over it's much lighter rival.

Then theres the Fairmont, completely dominating the Calais. The basic Fairmont is virtually equal to the Calais for $7,000 less. While the Fairmont Ghia takes prestige to the next level for only $1,500 more.

We would be here for ever if we discussed every model in detail, lets just say GT, what Clubsport, GT-P, what GTS and Pursuit, what Maloo.

So, if your a Ford fan, and have been watching the Holden market domination for the past 10 or so years. Your turn is here, and I bet "You can't get enough of this".

What are your opinions on the Holden Vs Ford, VY Vs BA rivalry???

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Lovin every minute of it. Even though Holden can build more cars per month its good to see the tide turning. The game is far from over, its only just begun.
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You see, it can only get better. I've stuck by the blue oval for years, and now I'm rubbing it in the faces of all holden supporters everywhere. It's fun :D

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Still Rekon the Series 3 Ba with all its improvements is going to shock alot of people!
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Methinks he knows things we don't, but if the current BA Series 1 is any indication, there's some bloody great things to come!

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Originally posted by laminge
Still Rekon the Series 3 Ba with all its improvements is going to shock alot of people!
interesting comment minge, but what series 3? Thought they'll only go series two then introduce a BB or BD or whatever....
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Unfortunately Its not my place to name the next model release code this early, so for arguement sake, lets just call it the Ba3.

After all the AU3 was the peak of the Au range!
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i was told today if you order a xr6t with options you will get it in december or january by that time will we have series ll ?
wow ...


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me thinks trannys and weight reduction and extra power is high on the agenda for the "BA3".
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Everyone seems fixated on power increase and weight loss.
I cannot remember a single model series in which these features were changed with the obvious exception of the AU XR8 and various "specials" e.g. TE etc.
Even with the AU the XR6 & XR6VCT remained the same throughout the 3 series.
I suspect the upgrades of the XR8 from 185kw through 200 and then 220kw was only a reaction to the GenIII and had several bad effects as well as the obvious good ones.
I think that there were/are many pissed off TE/TS series 1 and 2 owners who paid lots for the "Pride of the fleet" only to have it equaled or bettered by a significantly cheaper model.
I wonded if this is one of the reasons why FTE was such a sales flop.
Ford marketing are not stupid and know that in order to retain customer loyalty thay have to make product that has some form of durability.
I know that if the BA2 GT-P, XR6T or XR8 is so superior to my current one as to make it almost unsellable at a real price (like a T1) that I will look at other products more carefully when I buy my next car. (I have owned 17 Fords of which 10 were new so far).
Maybe the BA2 & BA3 should just have a few cosmetic upgrades etc and the new model the "BB" or whatever in about 2006 will be the ground breaker.

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