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Read EA-EL website suggestions wanted!

G'day all,

I believe the time has come to completely rethink the EA-EL website. In some respects, the content and concept of eafalcon.com (as distinguished from the design, which The Goodz has done an excellent job on) is something of a disaster at the moment. A few examples:

* We still have a seperate ef-falcon.tk web site for what is the same club, and minimal EF/EL/XH content on the 'mother' site, eafalcon.com
* There are still EA-ED references all over the place, and in some cases even EA references, dating from before the Club expanded to encompass EA-ED
* The site is primarily an Owners Club now, yet the Owners Club page is almost an afterthought - it was an afterthought in the days of ford.i8.com, but this should no longer be the case
* There was no mention of the Club's structure on the page until I quickly pulled together http://eafalcon.com/aboutus/ yesterday to temporarily replace the embarrassingly out of date 'history page' which in turn I'll have to update at some stage
* The need for a new domain to replace the outdated eafalcon.com is another matter that would be best addressed at this time. I've thought eseries.net would do until eseries.com.au can be registered

It probably makes sense that eafalcon.com rather than ef-falcon.tk be the basis for the updated site design-wise, but I am not going to make any decisions without speaking to The Goodz and Sundeep. Their input is of critical importance, but I am also interested in hearing any other suggestions or concerns anyone may have regarding the site at this time. It's a big job, but it will be great when it is done!

Jack Travis, E-Series Acting President

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Indeed this will be a big job, and it's a major part of the club moving forward. This is everyone's chance to really give their input on how the site should be and what it should contain.

A little of my input: I don't want to sound biased, but I do believe the merged site should be based on eafalcon.com, as it is already more established. And while I don't think a complete redesign is necessary, a mild facelift might be in order, new buttons, logo, things like that. However I'm always open to suggestions.

It's also time to get a form up and running so people can join that way too. As for the owners club page, I think it's a missnamer. Probably should be member's section or something of the sort, where members can order merchandise, find out about meets, news about the club etc etc. Perhaps a login of some sort.

And also with all this updating, I think we should get busy and look at registering and making it all official, because we have already an almost full blown club website, but not an official club, if you know what I mean. I don't wanna be pushy or rush things, I just reckon it's time, and should be done together.

Anyways, just some of my thoughts.

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Great idea starting this thread Jack. Its great to see a club that listens to its members, whether they have been there for the long haul or are relatively new like me.
I totally agree with the new site being based on eafalcon.com as it will be a big enough job without having to start from scratch, website wise.

I have a few suggestions, these are by no means urgent though but I think they should at least be considered.
Definately have the members area like The Goodz mentioned, where you can buy merchandise, find out about upcoming meets etc etc ( having a log in will also stop alot of people just rocking up to the meets and causing havoc )

There should be a modification/how to guide like Tim has been compiling as of late, we could all add our little bits with a suggestions button or similar. Things like looking after your e-series cooling system etc etc would be greatly appreciated by most readers I would think. you just cant go passed tech pages....

Obviously a link to the club magazine is needed, which I might add, Tim does a fantastic job on.

I think, on the main page should be a members cars...or something similar which does not require a log in so people can view the cars without having to be a part of the club. Also I think the club mag should be open to all readers also..but yeah as I said before, keep the merchadise and club meets to members only.

Thats about all I can come up with off the top of my head right now ( too early ) but If I think of something I will add it to this thread

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Hi guys, i dont think there is too much that needs to be drastically changed. Basicly I think it just needs to be updated to include EF and EL models in the history section and the rest of the stuff on the 2 pages eafalcon.com and ef-falcon.tk should be Merged. Buyers guide, gallery, Tuning and Modifications. It would be good to see the "Car of the Month" section from ef-falcon.tk aswell.

If you were to go for a whole new look, it might be a good idea to have some kind of contest for the members to design a layout, logos and suggest ideas about what else the page may need. Then take the best ideas/designs and put em together to form one wicked page :)
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Can we please make it a bit clearer when people sign up as what their nickname is? I see HEAPS of people on here that have signed up to the club that send us their everyday nickname and not their screen name.

Dot Aye You
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Just a few ideas: -


What kind of server does the website run on? Is there any provsions for a database or SQL support? I was asking because I am assuming that you spend a fair bit of time updating the site and stuff especially with new members - why not setup a script and form that automatically adds members to the database and pulls their info from it? This could also be linked to a login possibly..

Secure online ordering is a pretty big issue if you don't now much about it. That seems a bit step but probably not so if you use PayPal or something (I don't know much about PayPal)..

I think the design could be spruced up a bit but it's nice and simple and easy to use at the moment so I spose if it ain't broke..

Thats just a few ideas I thought up..


BTW, I'm not a web guru or pretend to be. I have done web database testing for a development team but mainly I just stuffed around and its been a while since I last did any web designing.. I had a website up once that you could have checked out but the association I was doing it with kinda went cold on the idea so I stopped it..

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You would have to ask gmanea what kind of server it is, at this stage I don't know a great deal about server side stuff, or database and SQL. My knowledge is mostly front end. To set up logins and the like I would need someone else's help who has a bit of knowledge with that sort of stuff.

I was thinking PayPal for online ordering, I think Jack was going to set up something with them? I'm not sure...

The design will be tidied up a little but nothing huge at this point. Keep 'em coming guys!

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Well I have 2 say its pretty ordinary looking, like not having a go but its not profesinal looking (some parts are and thats good) the link buttons need 2 be changed, some info isnt total correct, and the look of the page is crowded, sorry but yeah its an opinion, and on the up side I think it is the best E series site around!

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Show me another E series site thats worth looking at......

The site is mad, I love the layout and designs etc. It all looks rather tasty actually. I reckon you just add in the EF/EL parts, stir well, and bake in a moderately warm oven until well done.

Throw in a few turbocharged cars, some nice burnouts and plenty of sooking Holden drivers for dessert. Enjoy!

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...mmm clevo...

Originally Posted by Sundeep
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Id forget Paypal im pretty sure its only for Yanks and Canadians! I have tried to use it about a year ago and it wont accept Australian Adresses / Postcodes!
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