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feed me hey
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Expensive stuff

OK ive heard some wild stories about what people have spent and havent acheived around here so lets post them here.

Ill start:

My exspensive stuff up would be not installing a p/s pump properly and having the belt come off when i was doing a tire warm up at the start of a drag run. I can only assume it took out the w/p and alt belt then but who knows. I did the run and realised at the end when i went to turn off and nearly scrubbed the grass since i had no p/s. I nursed the car back and popped the hood. Then i realised i could have done the 400m without the w/p. It was a sunday aftermnoon at heathcote and our attempts to locate a set of belts were useless. RACV came to my rescue but at a cost of around $175 to fit 2 new belts.

So post your stuff ups here people lets get an interesting thread together! Everyone will have a story to tell

Dot Aye You
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Fairmont Powah
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When I bought my car it had a bit of a timing chain rattle, I put it on hold for a while while I sorted out some other stuff first, stupid mistake.... it went bang about a week before i had planned to get it sorted, smashed my timing cover and the car now sits on blocks in my garage awaiting the replacement engine my step-dad is giving me for my 18th (*cheers*)

From now on... what needs doing, gets done.
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Wannabe mechanic :)
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Just before I got the car passed on to me from my family, we had it serviced, and (stupidly) tuned by a garage which really doesn't have the know-how to do so (it runs a dual fuel system).

After a few weeks, it started backfiring on LPG (mainly taking off from lights). Back to the garage, tried to retune it, fixed for a while, then the problem came back.

Finally we went to another place. $80 and it was perfect, back to normal. The fix wasn't really very good though, cause it was just a work-around on a problem with fuel delivery (and could possibly be running the system a little too rich at low revs). The Computer that controlled the gas flow was "disabled", and the bloke said that they tend to break after around 18 months, but an econovalve would be a better more permantent solution. Tried that, but it ran way too lean. Also at this point, they replaced the MAP and Oxy sensors, not sure that it was required, and it made no difference to how the car ran, but it did cost ~$380.

Finally, we decided to get a new computer, with the idea in mind that it was still not very economical (it was actually my lead foot the whole time). Finally we thought it was back to new. After a few months, I took it back because of really poor idle at the lights (it would shudder and lose heaps of revs, and then take off would be very poor.. after one trip through the city, it lost ALL its guts, and even after an hour of freeway driving, was still gutless.) I took it back, got a free retune, and it is now compelely fine.

Total cost: $1200. Problems with this: The original computer was "disabled" but I don't think they ever checked to see if it ctually still worked by re-enabling it :(, Also, the $80 fix at the start was perfect, and it should have been left at that.

Also at this time, with all the testing of the exhaust fumes to determine fuel mixtures, they noticed petrol was running extremely rich (eg. valves always fully open). They "fixed" this by cleaning out some gunk from somewhere which was appartly holding something open. When I got the free re-tune, they said it was still running really rich (I had noticed, cause fuel consumption was still crap). So I had paid for labour for this to be fixed and it wasn't actually fixed.

All in all, a complete screw over caused by incompetence by the mechanics and blind faith by me that they knew what they were doing.

ps. avoid Carrera Automotive (croydon, vic), unless you have a LOT of money to blow They will replace everything they see, without consulting you first, no matter what it costs.

TQE, SWB, ATPS, Worst of the E-series.. and I wouldn't have it any other way
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elghia looking like blue
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is carrera the one on maroondah hwy?

The magna is nearly dead...i need a new car...AGAIN!!...why did i sell the EL??

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About a year and half ago I was coming home from work in port melb along our infamous CITYLINK you know the SAFE CONVENIENT road it is

WELL coming through the sound tube I passed car on left and as I looked back to move into the same lane I didnt see 1.5 metres of steel checker plate go under RF wheel any way all I felt was a big bump(whole front liffted of road!) and then bad knock in steering
On closer inspection the plate had torn through floor starting between acc and brake pedals and finishing at seat (just touched seat base) this thing went BETWEEN MY LEGS AND I HAD KNOW CLUE!!!!! looking at this I went into SHOCK freakie bad

anyway cost to get fixed mind you I was working at the Panel shop that fixed it and they took ages
total damage to vehicle $4780 shop quote
cost me 1000 insurance 3 months without the car
and my job in the end because they didnt want to fix their stuff ups

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socially irresponsible
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my bummer story isn't with my present car but it is how i came to have it.
i got lucky and found a xe fairmont ghia complete even to the point of having the original air cleaner canister. totally original, very nice interior where every thing worked, still had the original stereo in it. price was right so i bought it. three months later i had it stripped ready for it's paint, new rubbers etc. another 3 months later and about 7 grand took it for rego. no worries there. the day after that the windows were tinted. time for a highway cruise to sort the little niggles out. i live in townsville so a nice little drive of 3 1/2 hours to cairns is on. we'll insure it next week. that beaut little 302 clevo never missed a beat. up to kuranda the next day lost it on some slippery corner and back ended it into a rather solid embankment. result was a totally bent chassis and roof line. the boot was pushed up against the back wheels, couldn't even open the drivers door to get out. car was deregistered 4 days after registering it. so after 6 months toil and about $7k that lovely old car was trashed. sold it to get it out of the yard for $200.
i have my ef fairmont insured now.
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Wannabe mechanic :)
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Nah, Carrera Automotive is on a side street in Croydon. The street name eludes me, but its sort've half way between the railroad bridge and the lights to enter main street croydon. Theres a petrol station to one side of the street as well.

I can't be all negative, they do fix things alright, but they just replace everything they see and labour isn't too cheap there either..

TQE, SWB, ATPS, Worst of the E-series.. and I wouldn't have it any other way
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Ford!Resistance is Futile
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Well I bought my EL Fairmont in October Last year, beautiful , clean inside and out, 86K Km's, $13K, I was happy. 3 weeks later a slight knocking developed in the steering (could just hear it and feel it throught the steering wheel) very erratic and would only do it when the car had warmed up, about 30 mins of driving. I took it to the Mechanics, they had a look and found nothing, $100 labour. 2 weeks later it was getting worse, more frequent and louder, so I took it back again, they tightned everything checked the rotors, hubs, Brake calipers, Idle arms, steering column, shockers,everthing - $150, couldn't find anything wrong and said that it must only be a small thing and that they should have got it. Next day just before I got to work started again, so I left it for a couple of weeks ( by the end of those 2 weeks it was really loud and very frequent but only after a warm up) trying to gather any helpful info I could from listening and trying to pin point exactly where it was coming from, see the problem is it wouldn't do it when I was with the Mechanic, not warm enough. Then summer startedand on hot days would do it virtually after I drove out of the driveway. So i thought good they are sure to hear it and booked it in, low and be hold the day it was booked in it was cold and raining, We took it for a long enough drive to warm up and it started doing it but was hard to hear due to the rain. The Mechanic said it was the Struts definately so I booked it in again to get them replaced - $500 (Sensatrac shockers, wheel alignment and balance). That night driving home perfect, Next day just just before I got to work again it started. By this time I was getting really pissed so to was the Mechanic, so yet again booked in strated pulling the steering column apart when he noticed the rubbers on the Idler arm were buggered so he replaced them $160 and said with out a doubt that was it. Got home that night beautiful steering very tight felt like new, 30 mins later I went to get a movie and as soon as it left the driveway knock knock (mind you it isn't as violent now but just as loud and frequent). Mate I was so pissed, I got onto the mechanic again and he was pissed as well said he would replace all the rubbers with half labour cost, so again booked it in, he replaced them $80, Next day agin it was there. I spoke to him again and he suggested the steering column itself at $600, being tapped of money at this stage (also at the same time [different mechanic] had 2.5" exhaust, towbar and Pacemaker Headers fitted as well as a K&N Flat panel Air filter) I had to leave it for later. So it is still doing it to this day and no one knows what it is or how to fix it, I have noticed also that the steering gets looser/ligther when it is knocking. So $1000 dollars and no difference the, thing still does it. So if anyone has any ideas suggestions please feel free.

Give me any bolt and I will snap the head off.(ezyouts.... greatest invention ever)
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feed me hey
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Put a photo of your mechanic in the engine bay

Dot Aye You
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Mine's not so much mechanical, but stupid notheless.

I bought an EA S pack from another FF member, to get around to save puting to many km's on the GT on a Thursday, spent all week end servicing the thing (plugs, leads, etc, etc), then went for a drive to see how she goes.

20km later, I hit a roo, swerved, lost it in the gravel and three trees later, the car was a write off. Bugger !!! Only had it four days.

Still waiting for a cheque from the RACV

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