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mad Ford BrushOff!!!!!! :(

I'm having a problem my BA XR6. It is a manual and has developed a loud whining noise in third gear. Only happens in third, its loud enough to be heard over the radio.

I took the car to my local dealer about 3 weeks ago and was told that the noise needed to be looked at by the gearbox manufacturer's rep. I waited the three weeks for the rep to come out and drive it. The rep drove it and said while there was a noise, the gearbox wasn't suffering any performance issues and as a result didn't warrant a repair.

I wasn't happy with this explaination, so the dealer asked me to contact the Ford head office customer assistance centre. I asked for some answers and got none. I then told the head office that i would not be collecting the car until it was fixed or they could give me a reason as to why it is not a repairable issue.

Anyway Ford HO decided to send out their rep to test the car. They tested the car and said the same thing, "While there is a noise, its perfectly fine and the gearbox doesn't exhibit any performance, durability or reliability issue,hence doesn't warrant a repair".

Not happy with this response, i asked for an explaination in writing stating:-
1. What part was causing the noise. and why it doesn't affect the gearbox in any adverse way.
2. Why excessive noise in the cabin as a result of the noisy gearbox is not a warranty issue.

I told H.O that i would not collect the car until i had this explaination.

It's now almost 2 weeks later - car is still at dealer and HO basically told me yesterday that they can't tell me what part is making the noise.

As i see it - If they don't know what is causing the noise, how can they make any statements about the durability, reliability and performance of the gearbox????

The guy i have been speaking to a Ford HO is all but useless, he keeps saying "i'll look into it and call you tomorrow" since last week. Everyday at 5pm i call him to ask what he has come up with, and everyday he makes an excuse about, "Oh i couldn't get a hold of such and such" etc etc.

I have spoken to fair trading, and at this stage have not lodged a complaint, (i'm ready to). Their advise was that while the car is still under warranty and exhibits a problem or issue that was not there when i purchased it, it must be repaired under warranty. Even if there are no issues with the gearbox, the noise in itself should be repaired under warranty.

So what should i do next, almost 2 weeks without my car, and i'm not really sure what the next step should be??

In addition to the gearbox having a problem, during it's time in the dealership it also need to have the power steering pump replaced and the rear diff repaired for an oil leak.

Without sounding like too much of a whinger here is a list of problems that have occured since i purchased the car new last year.

Faulty electronic Throttle system – resulted in car being towed and 3 separate attempts to repair

Faulty Disc brakes which require machining every 15,000km’s

Burning smell from handbrake – still not repaired since new, still won't hokd the car on my driveway.

Rear Diff leaks.

Power Steering pump failure – replaced

Steering Rack clicking – three attempts to fix

Leak in exhaust – fixed

Water pump replaced – leaked

Fan belt deteriorated - replaced

Replacement of Rear Glass, Front Glass, Side Glass, to rectify a water leak into cabin area of the car. This resulted in a complete strip down of the interior, taking the 2 ˝ weeks to repair. Car now rattles like it has 200,000k on it.

Radiator replaced after cracking

I'm starting to get a little pissed, this car has given me grief since day one....

What do you guys think i should do next in order to get my gearbox issue resolved? is anyone else having an issue with their gearbox?

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Re: Ford BrushOff!!!!!! :(

Hope it's not citric acid colour, 'cause it sounds like youv'e got a 1st class LEMON there mate.

Every day above ground is a good day
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Re: Ford BrushOff!!!!!! :(

Go to They get results.
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Re: Ford BrushOff!!!!!! :(

Lodge a Complaint man, Being given the runaround like that is just bulls**t

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Re: Ford BrushOff!!!!!! :(

Thanks for that advise, might try

5 speed or Nothin' Mercury BA Falcon XR6 Manual with 18's, Whiteline Lowered Springs, Adjustable Sway Bars, and Herrod Exhaust......mmmmmh
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Re: Ford BrushOff!!!!!! :(

Go to a different dealer, pretend the car hasn't been looked at & see if you get a different response. The dealer surely must know how to diagnose gearbox noises & carry out repairs without having a pen pushing rep to come & drive it. What would they do if the car wasn't under warranty? tell you to go away because they don't know how to fix a T5?
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Re: Ford BrushOff!!!!!! :(

Yaaaay, another happy customer.

My car was at Ford yesturday getting 4 problems fixed again, 2 of which this was go number 4.

Car comes back with scratches up and down both sides as they had to replace the ute liner due to it rubbing on the wheels. Took car back today and was polite to the service manager, gotta take it back tomorrow, looks like whole tray will have to be resprayed.

I cant be bothered getting the rattle in the exhaust or the noisey ass end fix, ive had enough of it.
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Re: Ford BrushOff!!!!!! :(

And to think I was about to step out of my long history of japanese crap and buy a brand new XR8. I'm glad I came here first. No XR8 for me. :(

Man that list is rediculous. I'd be contacting my solicitor.
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Re: Ford BrushOff!!!!!! :(

Try Peter Warren Ford at Smithfield and speak to Nathan.

He has sorted out a few FF members cars and every one has been very happy with the service.

It's a shame this has happened but stick with it.


You mention wanting to step out of "Jap crap" but you're not now because of some one having trouble with their car?

So what now? You are going to keep buying Jap Crap as you put it?

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Re: Ford BrushOff!!!!!! :(

That list looks similar but not as excessive as the parts I've had to continually repair/replace on my EL. The EL's got 207,000k's on it now and it owes me about $7500 in repairs. It's currently sitting out the front of my house with it's 2nd dead fuel pump. It's had 3 sets of wheel bearings fitted. Constant clicking in the front (from the wheels). Car needs a rack, constantly rusting out the exhaust but I can't be stuffed. I'd trade it tomorrow if I had the $ for another car.

Yet my 95 Hyundai S-coupe has done 207,000k's and it needs an O2 sensor/a pair of rear shocks/left and right CV's. As it sit's it owes me $550 in repairs. To fixs whats wrong I wouldn't cost more than $1000-$1500.

I know I'll be buying another Hyundai, not so sure about another late model Ford. the only recall the Hyundai's ever had was for a sticker on the jack!

dk_falconXR6 : I wouldn't take that. I'd be ringing around as thats BS on a new car.


XB Fairmont (street car) 11.07@123.02mph.
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