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How about a review of a stock XR8??!!

Guys this is beginning to grate. Picked up the latest Motor magazine and there is the XR8 review again, and yet again you would be forgiven for thinking that the XR8 comes with 18" wheels and dead cow interior.

I've been reading all the reviews of the BA XR8 since it was released and you would be forgiven for thinking that Ford put leather and 18" wheels on all their XR8's. Am I the only one who made an order and found these were extra cost options or did everyone else get them chucked in for free by Ford?

I mean no one as far as I am aware, has done a review of a stock factory standard XR8 without any options, much less compared such a car to an equally stock stock standard SS Commodore or whatever. Sure a lot of guys go the 18" wheel option - but a lot don't as well. So why is it so hard for Ford to supply what they make as standard for review?

Do the XR8's really handle so badly on 17" wheels that Ford doesnt want a reviewer going near one, much less driving one? And why dont these same reviewers ever ask after a standard model like the punter gets?

I dont expect it will handle quite as well as an 18" optioned XR8, nor the interior feel quite as up market without the leather, but just for once it would be nice to read a review of an XR8 as Henry Ford builds it. No extras, no options, just the plain old standard XR8 or whatever. Not all of us have a huge bottomless pit of money to tick all the options on the list, so we can get something like what the reviewers write about.

Ok rant over. Just wanted to know if I was alone in being annoyed by this. How hard can it be for the reviewers to insist on at least a set of 17" rims and tyres for the review car - even as a spare set.

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Re: How about a review of a stock XR8??!!

the 18s do handle a little better i felt, but that is only because the standard 17s only have dunlop SP3000 tires, whereas the 18s have the better SP9000s. thats why i got the SP9000s on my 17s....and you cant tell the difference between my 17s and the 18s with the same tires. but ford do normally put a lesser tire on the 17s unless you change it yourself
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Re: How about a review of a stock XR8??!!

Fair point, but must admit it does not bother me personally. I'm interested to seeing how good a car can be from factory, and if this means adding options to get the full picture then so be it.

Holden quite often option up their machines and it is only recently that I have noticed Ford doing so as well. I remember a review in WHEELS on the VY Calais and Fairmont Ghia some time ago and the Holden was optioned up with over 10k by HBD (Holden by Design). One the other hand the BA Fairmont Ghia was bog standard and I remember feeling like it was not a good comparison although the Ford got the nod anyway.

I guess in a perfect world if both manufactures agree not to do it then there would be no issue, although this could be considered a little dull from a editorial point of view. As for misleading the public I think MOTOR and WHEELS have the prices listed at the end of the article 'As tested' normally, but donít quote me on that.


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Re: How about a review of a stock XR8??!!

yeah, i see your point, but I dunno, I reckon that you should only consider the Motor / Wheels reviews for their performance reviews, which isn't affected by interior ( and not hugely by wheel size ).

Interior etc is a very personal thing that is easy to compare at the dealers with a test drive - while convincing them to let you do 0-100 times is sometimes tricky

It is interesting to see people's opinions on interiors etc, but I wouldn't base any purchase decision on what some of these monkey's suggest. I think Motor would certainly say that they test the cars as supplied by manufacturer, and its not their focus . . .

Apart from some of the performance reviews, I reckon your better off saving your money and reading FF's, cause we all rock, and are always right too
Well . . . sometimes . . . maybe :)
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Re: How about a review of a stock XR8??!!

As a rule, Ford generally offer the press a selection of cars with higher-than-standard equipment - because of course, some of the extra options impress!

I agree though, it would be interesting to read the comments of an XR8 on 17's.

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Re: How about a review of a stock XR8??!!

I think Ford supply the cars with 18s to make them prettier for the photos rather then any handling benefits plus it encourages people to option up there cars so they get more $$$
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Re: How about a review of a stock XR8??!!

Don't the SS's come with 18's standard? In most test they like to have the cars as equall as possible in spec an price.
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Re: How about a review of a stock XR8??!!

Yes the SS has 18's standard. I'd probably agree with Venom XR Turbo, the only real difference would be the slightly shorter sidewalls which would sharpen up things a little bit, but certainly at a price!
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roll Re: How about a review of a stock XR8??!!

Note, that car also had premium brakes..........unless premium are now standard.
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Re: How about a review of a stock XR8??!!

Originally Posted by Rob E
Note, that car also had premium brakes..........unless premium are now standard.
This is the one that pisses me off. Every XR review I've read the car has premium brakes. This is especially interesting given the problems Ford have had with the standard brakes. This is hardly real world stuff given the premium brakes are a $3K option, a lot of people wouldn't option it because their budgets are tight.

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