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confused My BA's first road kill

Will living in the out it was only going do be a matter of time before my new BA scored a roo.
It always happend with a new car, eveyone said a new car is a roo magnet up here.
Travelling back from the movie's in Karratha at about 4pm it was pissing down with rain so i was only doing around 100kph when this great big F$$$$! fury roo jumped out.
Hit the brakes swerved right it ran right swerved left it jumped left.
Talk about your camakazi roo then bang, oooh that's got to hurt.
All i could think of was i hope it wasn't dead so i could get the chance to ring it's bloody neck myself.
Had a look at the damage, not to bad just the bumper bar pushed back on the left side about 1/2inch, smashed head light protector,bottom part of the bumper (black bit) bushed right in and a small dent in the bumper bar.
I wish smart bar would hurry up with a roo bar for the BA.
Last week i scored a bird in the right front fender, will they can't look new forever.
The Roo gave a big grin and hoped away with me and my trusty tyre spanner in-tow.

I still miss my EX
but my aim is getting better
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well good to hear your ok though...

my old man hit a roo in his NL fairlane wasn't pretty..for the car that would think that they would know they aren't going to be coming off too well when they jump infront of cars..

ah well what can ya do.

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Bad luck man......What can I say. I'd be pissed. You'll have to teach the barra to jump like roos do!
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Roos are damb dangerous!!!

About 5 years ago, did a road trip all the way up to Cairns and saw the remains of one of those old bedford panel vans that a big roo had tangled with!! Straight through the windscreen and bye bye to the occupants apparantly.

In outback WA many insurance companies won't even give you cover unless you have those "shoo roo" things fitted to your car!!

Good to hear that you're okay though!! Car damage (even if it does piss you off) can always be fixed!!

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With pedestrian safety at a all time high, I think more roos will be bouncing off after such accidents.

Its times like these you need a machine gun mounted to the front of your car. Atleast the dammage wasn't too bad. Roos can do some serious dammage. Cattle are even worse, luckly not nearly as common.

I remember a rally in new zealand where a sheep had managed to wonder unnoticed onto the stage and got collected at very highspeed. Wasn't much left of the sheep.
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Roos have got to be the most stupid animals, they have no road sense at all, unlike most other animals. Even sheep are smarter. I was riding along on my push bike the other day and this roo was hopping along the side of the road keeping pace with me for a couple of hundred metres then all of a sudden without warning he veered right and hopped straight across in front of me. Lucky I had been watching him and was half expecting something like that so I managed to jam on the brakes and stop without hitting him. At the very least he would of knocked me flying off the bike (at 50km/h flesh onto bitumen is going to hurt...) or worse I could of got tangled with his powerful legs and he might of kicked me to death.

Sorry to hear about your car Davo, it's always your new car that gets damaged, never your $500 shitter that's insured for $5000...

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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sorry to hear dude hit one the other week near Monkey mia in the rental Magna was going a bit fast and near dusk. Did about $500 worth of damage I thought it was going to keep going and it stopped dead in the middle of the road dumb animal.. broke the plastic grille and pushed the front edge of the bonnet in and cracked the paint. lucky not worse as we were about 100km from anywhere missus near hit a roo on Springvale rd in east donnie - melbourne the other day... most of the cars we saw driving up around there that were yocals had roo bars fitted even on non 4wds.. hope easy fix....

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Bad Luck Davo,
Unfortunatly thats part of living in the bush.........

Just doesnt make it any nicer when its your new baby......

Go the roo bar (mines a huge Bull Bar on the xf ) & get some spotties they work wonders too.........maybe not as cosmetic as we would like but very very necissary

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I saw a damm Roo sitting along a straight section in Dargo (vic) when i went past it at 215km/h in my EL XR8 about 5 years ago. Some kind sole was praying for me. No doubt about that. I think that was the closest i have been to seeing my number being called out!!

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Originally posted by RICHO

In outback WA many insurance companies won't even give you cover unless you have those "shoo roo" things fitted to your car!!
What is this "shoo roo" thing? do you have any info on this at all?


BA XR6 'manual' ute owner
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