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New AV falcon update....FTE NEWS V10

Hi all.....
I have heard a very strong rumour from a mate who works at Tickford engineering in melbourne that they plan to build 100 special edition AV falcon GTHO's in 2004 fitted with a 6.8 liter single overhead cam Triton V-10...

The V-10 develops 440kw (390 rwkw)at 5250 rpm and 660 foot-pounds of torque at 4500rpm.

That'll wipe holdens smile.....

I also have heaps of goss about whats to come soon as well .......go here and read some more is not quite accurate but they are close.


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440kW in a Falcon, out of the factory? That would line up next to the 350 kW HRT Malloo Ute, and remain a pipe dream just like the ute...
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God.....don't take it is a rumour.....but so was the stroker and it happened much to my was the turboed xr6.....and it looks very promising......we'll just have to wait and see.

It's not what you know......but who you know!
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Car sounds sweet HMM wonder if the engine would go in an EA
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Very, very, very highly unlikely. Not for production anyway. 440kW and a V10 in a Falcon? No way.

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Re: FTE V10

Here's some more "evidence";

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We can only hope

Then we will all be 4 cylinders short not just 2 :) , but have to be skeptical this is the same company that decided australians dont want an v8, back in the xe days. If they hadnt done that then they wouldnt have to make up ground now!
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Grandpa Henry
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too right Madeas GTHO Phase VI!


can i hear you all say GTHO Phase VI?????

The name that once was a cat amoungst the pigeons to Holden is now back and it means business!

If it was'nt for Bill Dicks, CEO of the time if I recall the EA Falcon would have been far more revolutionary. As far as I know he and his bunch of conservative pooftas killed of the 351 Clevo in the XE and was not willing to move to the newer Windsor V8 in the XF when it was released in 1985 in the Mustang there! We could have been light years ahead of Holden if we did that. Though we had to wait till 91 to get the Windsor finally in the EB1. Rumour has it that the Windsor was to be in the EA S but got canned? or words or name to that repsect. Weather the code for it was Falcon S/SS/SE/R?
and so on.

Finally where getting the Triton 4.6 donks in the AV from the states when they where released back in 1994!?
Gee whiz if Ford had its act together back then HSV (Holden's Slow Vehicles) would be the slang name for it by now. Finally the good Yank bloke Ford CEO has smelt the noise of a horny V8 like a red rag to the bull. He unleashed the 'petrol head' (from what I've heard the've been itching to did big V8's for ages) designers and engineers to win back the lost souls from the sinister scourge that is Holden. The Triton 5.8 '351' stoked HO donks bring out 350KW easy and may be in the GT or GTHO if rumours persist.

They released the stroked 5.6 which they said they "never would build". As for the V10 tarmac slayer im in no doubt that it is possible and well as a instant seller, with what we've done to a EA anything is possible! A V10 440+kw 4 door family rocket car jimminy crickets, why don't they go for mass production, instead of a limited run? :( A nice bunch of rich snobby old Fart invalid men or some rich coke snorting yuppie will get it instead. O well thats life is'nt it?

O well I can always test drive one or look or look at through a showroom window and if im ever so lucky some rich bugger will get one serviced out where i live :D

Long Live THE mighty V8- the Veeee8 ! (you know you want one you just don't have the money)

Grandpa Henry, petrolhead for life
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re: v10

I rang my Tickford source again today from his home and after a lot of talking him around and persussion he told me that they had three test prototype AV Falcons fitted with V-10 Triton enginges fitted with a new 6 speed tremec box that'll be released in the new GT later this year( the gearbox that is ) . I asked the same can you fit an engine of that capacity in the new fords engine bay........he told me that the new 5.4 litre all alloy v8 that will debut this year is much much wider than the windsor v8 hense the mods too the widening of the bay ( in the new Av model ).....but is much shorter in length than the windsor due to the smaller cylinder size.......the v-10 will fit easily into the Av engine bay he said too me......because it is only 2.5 inchs longer than the standard 5.0 litre windsor. They have already made allowances too the engine bay for a new 5 speed auto box which is taller and larger than the four speed so they were able too fit in a v-10 with the 6 speeder....he also said the new Gt is in full swing with 5 test cars running regular runs from tickford to the ford proving grounds on a regular basis with a lot of imput and engine design comming from herrod engineering. he also said the v-10's were housed in another special workshop other than the one used for the Gt's at redkin st...Melbourne.

P.s Ford mass produces the v-10 in the states at their windsor plant.....and are currently mass producing 4.6 litre V8's....5.4......6.8's etc.......
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Re: re: v10

I heard that the AV will have a 180Kw standard engine fitted??
4L, I6, 24V twin overhead cam? Is this true?? That would mean its more powerfull than the standard Xr6? and that the xr6 and ghia models will be turbocharged with 110kws?

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