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Australian Falcons Discuss the australian born and bred models here. Includes the 80's 90's and present day Falcons offered by Ford Oz.

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A very satisfying moment.

There has been some recent discussion on 0-100 times ect. for the new BAs. Well heres some first hand experience.

I was stopped at a set of lights, on a two lane highway with a speed limit of 80. After the set of lights, there is about 300-400 metres before the left lane ends and u must merge right.

Now im sitting in the right hand lane, and up pulls a very nice looking new 200SX, with throbbing exhaust note. Unfortunatley the rather nice car was being driven by some dickhead with sideways sunvisor - who rolled down his window and was saying something about being a skippy or skip... or some crap like that.
Now i was in a pretty shitty mood that day - i had just finished work - and didnt like what this guy had to say so i thought id give him a drag and try and beat him before the lane ran out.

Now driving an BA XR6 (note the lack of a "T") I didnt like my chances, as on paper at least the 200sx has about half a second to a hundred (i think it does like 6.4secs to a hundred while the BA XR6 does 7.2). Also his car was modified (didnt know by how much, but the exhaust was obvious), while mine is stock. But i thought, id give it a go as im never one to back down from a challenge (especially when the red mist sets in).

Ok so light goes green i give the Xr some and she launches well with no wheel spin, as does the 200sx. Shifting into second his bonnet was level with my back tyre and he was trying hard - could here his car revving hard and his blow off valve was working furiously! Shifting into third he still hadnt gained on me and there was about 20 metres left of his lane - so he slams on his brakes and pulls in behind me - and the dick starts weaving behind me right on my arse!

Damn it felt good to rack one up for the XR, I didnt care that he was tailgaiting me, i was laughing too hard!! Now im sure that a 200sx is a faster car than my falcon, so im not sure why he couldnt beat me. With a bit of exhaust work, i think my little baby will be very worthy to mix it up at the traffic light grandprix.

oh well just a real world example i though id share on how driving skill and car control are more important that factory acceleration figures (XR8 baggers take note.)

2003 BA XR6, T5, Blueprint. Herrods exhaust, unifilter ,painted calipers.
0-100 in 6.55 secs.
Forever to live in the shadow of its big brother!
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But wait ... theres MORE!
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Ha , good story!

I got hit up by a bunch of middle eastern people at the lights at Rockdale today who wanted a drag and then called my V8 shit when I wouldnt.

They were driving a Magna with a 2.5 exh and each side of the car.

Good luck to them.

Better luck to you !

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well done.

loved how he was weaving behind you, thats so you can't see his embarrassment in the rear view.
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LOL!! good one! love the detail "dickhead with sideways sunvisor" lol!! arnt they always!!

Manual... the only way to drive!!

Proud DUAG member!

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I love it nice work! Sounds like you put him in his place, the dumbarse

Not allowed a sig?..
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Wow! That’s an impressive run! Idiots like that are just asking for it.

However I am surprised how well you went (no offense meant). The other day I found myself next to a citrus yellow XR6T. We both pulled away from the line pretty gently then at the same time we both punched it. Now I knew the XR6T was fast however I was shocked at just how easily it pulled away from me. It just did it so effortlessly

I didn't even bother taking it the cut out in 1st as already it was ‘game over’. Before I was even out of 1st gear I had been annihilated!

Mind you on Sunday, I found myself pulling out from a tollgate right next to a VS SS (It had a non-stock exhaust from what I could hear – sounded very nice too! Anyhow, he decided to put the boot in so I responded by giving the XR6 a bit as well. I was shocked to see that I was not giving away an inch to him all the way up to the speed limit (where we both backed off). Mind you I think he was in greater shock, when I later went past him he looked stunned!

Note: Both times no speed limits and / or road rules were broken

BAII XR6T, Lightning Strike, M6, Sports Steering Wheel, 18" Wheels.
"Anyone can drive in a Straight line"
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