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When is a LSD not an LSD? (XR6 NA Ute) or how loud is your drive line clunk?

I have a November 2002 build BA XR6 ute with the optional Limited Slip Diff. I have had it to the dealer several times to have the drive line free play checked as there has been a "clunk" in the drive line since new. Both times the dealer had the ute test driven and I was told that the driveline free play was normal, I was also told the LSD was not as "savage" as the LSD's of old.

Well imagine my surprise when I got "stuck" on some wet, almost flat, grass (800rpm, in first gear). The drivers side rear wheel was spinning and I was sitting. The HandBrake came out and said "honey, what's wrong?" leaning against the back of the ute, and we all moved forward! She stopped leaning, I stopped moving! (and she is only 65kilo's). 15 metres later and I'm onto concrete and off to the dealer!

Dealer listens to my sad tale, test drives the ute and decides to take it into the workshop and test the LSD on a jack. Comes back and says "the diff is within spec as far as these diff's go, they are not true LSD's like the old 9 inch, in fact they are called "spin resistant" diffs and the tag on the diff says this! SPIN RESISTANT, I ordered a LSD and get a SPIN RESISTANT diff! After a couple of minutes of cooling down, the dealer agree's to change the diff/axle assy under warranty because there was a "history" with this vehicle.

Had the new axle fitted this week and surprise, surprise, most of the driveline clunk has disappeared (only does it softly between first to second now, used to clunk loudly between first to second AND second to third, all at low speeds around town) and the tag on the diff nows says "LSD, Use the right oil blah blah blah". An interesting point is I have fresh black paint on one of my U-Bolts, can't work that one out, next question for the dealer.

Just wondering how many other people have paid their hard earned money for one of these optional "so called LSD's"?

Cheers All

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Re: When is a LSD not an LSD? (XR6 NA Ute) or how loud is your drive line clunk?

I got stuch on the edge of my driveway in the Pursuit the other night. Driver wheel turning over at idle rpm on wet grass and the passenger side sitting there doing nothing.

Not impressed really. I wonder what use these things are on a boat ramp or whatever?

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Re: When is a LSD not an LSD? (XR6 NA Ute) or how loud is your drive line clunk?

That's funny you should mention this issue regarding LSD's on the BA's 'XR6 Uterous'. Coming from the AUII XR6 with an LSD I have always felt the LSD on our BA XR6 was a bit soft.

It's kind of hard to explain but I'll try. Basically sometimes it feels really good. You can accelerate hard out of the corners and you can feel the LSD doing its job. The car just rockets out of the bend with no fuss, as you would expect. Then other times, basically, it just doesn't. It doesn't really breakout into wheel spin. It scrabbles for traction a bit, but basically, it just doesn't launch out of the bend anywhere near as efficiently

Its much more exaggerated in wet and greasy conditions. Sometimes it responds exactly as you would expect a LSD equipped car would :s6: then other times it almost feels like there is no LSD at all. The inside wheel just starts going crazy!

It just seems inconsistent. Most of the time it feels fine however every now and then it just feels really poor. Indeed the first time I noticed it my reaction was that Ford hadn’t fitted it with an LSD! It would be interesting to compare the same car with the LSD and without the LSD to see how different it feels.

Do the Turbo’s and the 8’s get stronger and more traditional LSD’s?

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mmm very interesting - i did not order an LSD simply as the dealer said the it would just add unwanted extra weight and cost...

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I have a XTV8 with the L.S.Diff and on wet grass both wheels arc up on take off.
If i push her hard on a try road the driver side seems to spin first then the passenger side, but its only a second or two before they both spin.
I very impressed with this diff.

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Re: When is a LSD not an LSD? (XR6 NA Ute) or how loud is your drive line clunk?

I have read that only the xr6 turbo and XR8 have true LSD diffs. All others are different. As for the Clunk My Local ford dealer has ordered me a new diff due to massive driveline 'clunk' and noisy diff on my BA XR8.
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Re: When is a LSD not an LSD? (XR6 NA Ute) or how loud is your drive line clunk?

Mine works fine, always both spinning (xr8)

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I've also had a long history of LSD issues on my previous car, an AUII XR8. After getting the dealer to swap it out 4 times, I gave up, partly because that was the best one, but still far from satisfied with it's performance. During this exercise, I noticed that all of them start off acceptably tight, then loosen off after 2-3 months. One of them was so bad that on one occasion, pulling out of a wet up-hill T-intersection, I almost had an accident because the car didn't go anywhere - I remember trying 3 times to get out of the spot, and I was lucky to not go backwards! I hope the Dana M86 in my BA XR8 is better at keeping tight...

I think the tech at the time told me the specified minimum breakaway torque was 60Nm, ie if one wheel was on ice, 60Nm would be all the other wheel would get before the clutch lets go. But at this value, it just lets go way too easily, even in the wet. My last diff saw 90Nm when new and this felt good on the road, but came back to around 75 after a few months.

Anyone know whether the spec is different for the BA XR8/GT?

Please give us proper LSDs, Mr Polites...

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Re: Re: When is a LSD not an LSD? (XR6 NA Ute) or how loud is your drive line clunk?

Originally Posted by Rodderz
Mine works fine, always both spinning (xr8)
I will agree with this statement 100% !!!!! :s6:

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Re: When is a LSD not an LSD? (XR6 NA Ute) or how loud is your drive line clunk?

I have often wondered why the 400m times for all thre BAs are slow. They have plenty of power & torque and although heavy are not THAT heavy.
There are several heavier euro cars that are quicker.
Maybe the this LSD problem is a clue?

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