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Why bother???

Well as of last Saturday, I've lost all respect for the police. Wanna know why?? I decided to spend the day at the beach with my girlfriend since the weather forecast was for 31deg. We were heading down to Rye but passed through Frankston to get some lunch. Sitting at the traffic lights we saw a TOG cop car flash it's lights and sirens just to get through an intersection on the red. It then pulled up at the next set of lights behind some traffic. I turned left and pulled up next to them waiting to do a U-turn to get to Macca's. I was halfway through the U-turn when the cops pulled in behind me and flashed the lights. When I pulled over they told me my car looked too low and that they were going to perform a roadworthy check.

They went right over the car and this is what they said...
Wheels exceed manufacturer's specifications. (I have 17X7's, illegal? yeah right!)
Excessive exhaust noise (the exhaust is an off the shelf Genie bolt-on system, it's legal).
Rear suspension is too low (even though I still have legal ground clearance, "apparently" I have to retain 2/3rds of the original suspension travel now too).
Pod filter doesn't follow the factory plumbing. (It sits where the airbox used to be! I'd say it perfectly follows it)!

I got a major defect notice and a fine for using a modified vehicle. 7 days to fix the car.

IMO, this is utter bulls*hit. My car is not a sh*t-heap unlike half the other cars you see driving around. It is tastefully done up, nothing too over the top, just nice wheels, lowered, and a respray. I don't see why the cops have to pick on people like me when there are so many un-safe rust buckets driving around that they wouldn't even look twice at. Just because I look after my car and it looks a bit different they feel a need to categorise me as a hoon and make me spend hard earned $$$ returning the car to standard. He even had the cheek to say to me (in an arrogant tone) "Next time stay in (my area), the cops are red-hot down here!" What, so I'm not allowed to spend a day at the beach with my g/f next time??

Things like this just get me so down that I wonder why I even bother spending money on having a nice car. I'm tempted to just sell it and buy a rusted Corolla so they don't keep pulling me over. In my case, even when I'm not doing anything wrong I STILL get pulled over. I've been pulled over 4 times in the last 6mths. It's getting rediculous.

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Really it comes down to cops being absolute morons. What some of my mates do is keep their original suspension and some stockers, and all that stock stuff so they can take it down to the pits and get fixed up. In SA you have like 24-48hrs for minor defects to go to the cop shop n show them its fixed. But for example how stupid cops are, on private property, at mi mates school, they jammed their carpark full of cars so you couldnt move, but there was still an access road that didnt block access to the school, some smart copper decided to give em all parking tickets.

Some cops just like to abuse their privillages. And at the end of the day, if a cop wants to find something wrong with your car, they will as really no car on the road other than in original condition and brand new is actually technically "roadworthy"

Its like their method of defecting cars for dark tinting. In SA their official method is to look through the tinting, and if they cannot see the driver in the drivers seat in NORMAL day light, then its defectable.

Sounds dodgy because that allows people to have their own perception on the matter, and something that one cop would find legal, another might find illegal. Its rather stupid actually.

and SPHELL, did the cops MEASURE your suspension?? Did they use a dB meter on your exhaust?? And how did they have a proper book or something to work out the maximum manufacturers wheel size limit?

If they didnt, they cant really defect you for stuff they THINK is right.
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Man, that's harsh....

I know what you're saying, you do all legal work to your car and still get done for it. It sucks. I always get pulled over, they went over a one week old car I used to own too, looking for defects. It had just been rolled out of the showroom... they just want to get you somehow sometimes.

Sorry to hear what's happened... Like MightyNA said, how did they measure the "defective" parts, exactly? If they didn't, you could debate the fine....

All the best with it, sorry to hear its happened...


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Thanks for 2004, crew.
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normally I don't bother replying to these threads as it just starts a sh!t fight... but I will point out some realities.

(1) did the cops let an unsafe rust bucket go just to pull you over???? I didn't think so

(2) 2/3 suspension travel has been around for ages... it is a bit of a double whammy but you should have words with whoever advised you those springs were roadworthy

(3) You are VERY lucky you didn't get an EPA notice for your pod filter.. they are not part of the original pollution controls .. the amount of air that goes in has an effect on the pollution controls and how they operate. The controls are set to work in a certain situation .. unless you have had the car tested by the EPA then you are likely to get one sooner or later.

(4) Your exhaust..while it's not likely for a 6 to be over the limit I assume that as you state absolutley that it's legal you have had it tested?? To make such a definitive statement you must have had it tested??

I am sure if you got a rusted out corolla then you would not be happy when you got a canary for that!!
I am not saying my car is roadworthy.. I know there are a few little things .. and if I get a canary..the so be it.

All of the things you have been done for have been around for ages.. they are not new.. they are part of the risk you take when modifying a car. I have had my share of canaries.. but I don't complain about it.

As for Mighty NA .. take his advice... see what else it gets you....

(in case you haven't guessed I am a bit tired of peple running off at the mouth for gettting dome for stuff THEY think is ok .. )
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feed me hey
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At the other end of the scale I was stopped for travelling too fast. I was written a ticket for having an expired rego but this was rectified when I pointed out that the reg was in fact current. I got away with near bald rear tires an exhaust that has more holes than a seive, and only displaying 1 P plate among other things. Is it me or is there a lack of some sort of standard somewhere?
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Hey Doug,

That's too bad man. Some cops just like to be bastards to young drivers who like to keep their cars in the best condition they can, and get a bit of a performance boost on the side.

I hope everything goes alright for you, and your car gets back on the road without costing you too much.

I wish somebody would do something about all this crap that people in hotted up cars get. It's just not right how these cars are in such good condition, yet attract more attention from police than rusty old bombs.

I'll tell you something, my mum's car has had one out of 4 brake globes working for the last 6 months. I haven't been able to replace or buy new ones yet, but we must have been seen by at least 50 police cars in this much time, and none have even bothered to point it out to us.

I'll probably get flamed for saying that, but hey! I'm getting around to it.

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if you get noticed by the TMU te chances are you will get pulled over .. if you get noticed by a divvie van or station car ..then it's an even bet as to whether you get pulled over.. and usually your attitude will dictate the rest
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No longer around
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wtf is a TMU matey?
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I live in Mt. Eliza about 5 mins out of Frankston and I can say that the Frankston cops are no good at all!
They will pull anyone over for anything!
I lost my licence for 4 months for doing 40 over. I have no problem with that because I was in the wrong. The fact is that two of my mates have been done for the same thing and one only got a $125 fine and the other got done for 1 month! I dont understand how there can be different fines for the same offence????

New Project Starting Soon!.......I Hope
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Yeah, some are real bad aren't they. I've heard so many stories about this kind of stuff, I start wondering what will happen to me when I start modifying my car.

I guess it's where you live and what kind of mood the officer is in.

*Hiccup* I've only had one ociffer Mr. Keg

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