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XR6 BA Owners - Maintaining your Ford

HI all.

Will be a few weeks before my BA XR6 mk2 (Shockwave - yer baby!!) arrives so I thought I might ask a few questions of more experienced BA XR6 owners so I actually have something to keep me occupied and from going crazy waiting..

1. Petrol
Do you use regular ULP or do you use the high-octane stuff ? What are the benefits and risk associated with both ? I know that the BA engine will likely appreciate some better quality fuel, but will regular unleaded do a good enough job without risking/impairing engine life ?

2. Cleaning
What carwash gear do you use on the body ? It is OK to use a Cmmercial car wash (ie petrol station) with the body kit, metallic paint et al ?

What product do you use inside the car ? Armourall in my opinion is really crap as it tends to throw up glare on the windscreen. Any particular products that stand out as very effective ?

Is there anything to be wary of when cleaning inside the car (ie lightly scratching the plastic on the dash with light cloths etc ?)

Any tips on general for nice soft cloths for cleaning inside ?

3. Maintenance
From memory the services for a BA are at every 15,000 kms, do you give the vehicle an oil-change in between (say at every 5k etc) ?

Are there particular oils to insist on ?

4. Delivery
Has anyone found any particular issues when taking delivery from the dealer ? What are the checks that I should perform and are there any particular areas I should focus on ? What should I demand from detailing.. ie nicely washed, detailed internally etc ?

Last time I bought a new car (a Camry Sportivo *shudder*) I insisted on checking under the hood much to the salesman's amusement (yer call me anal I don't care) . Fortunately for me and much to the embarrassment of the salesman - the engine coolant was down well below minimum - I told them to take the car for one hour and re-check everything, transmission fluid, PS fluid etc and refused to take the car until it was done.

I paid for a LSD in my XR6, how do I confirm that it's been installed ?

A few other general questions:

1. Do you enable/disable traction control from a button etc in the XR, or is it like "always on" and just engages when it needs to ?

2. Does using the "sports shift" mode in an auto transmission increase or decrease fuel economy ?

3. Do you let your XR warm up (esp in the colder mornings) before you head off ? I've heard a LOT of stuff lately about the dangers of just driving off with a cold engine in terms of serious engine wear, reduced engine life etc.

Thanks in advance for any advice etc !

I'm sure I'll think of more stuff in the coming weeks.. I hope that asking all these questions is not annoying anyone !!!!



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Re: XR6 BA Owners - Maintaining your Ford

Hi here's some quick answers on what I do anyway..
Because I drive mostly on w/ends I tend to buy Optimax or 98 Vortex, I think its better fuel.
My repmobile is the only one washed at the servo, I try to use better stuff at home like Meguiars (polish etc, glass cleaner is excellent).
The oil in my BA XR gets changed about very 5,000 because I only drive it about 10-12,000k a year so far. Buy your own or check the dealer are using the best.
I bought mine second hand with low k's but if they slug you with pre delivery charges you have every right to check the car thouroghly "pre delivery".
The traction control is usually "off" via the button, you will see a orange wheel light on the dash when it is disengaged. Its good for driving in slippery conditions (when you take it easy anyway) but if 'give it a bit' too much, the TT kills the power.
Mines a 5 speed and an 8 but I never drive it hard until its hot!. The work car has the auto and sports mode, its good for driving like a manual or steep climbs, I presume it uses more because its driven harder in this mode.
Hope this helps, and when your'e blowing away Camry's you will know you made a wise choice.
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Re: XR6 BA Owners - Maintaining your Ford

Petrol - BP Ultimate only
Maintaining - Tried everything from Meguiars and actually found Shell Dobatex Gold to be the go (with pressure cleaner). I hate sponges
Oil change every 7000k's - Still not sure what oil I am gunna use yet. Most likely Penrite.

When you pick your car up, look at absolutely everything you can think of.

Here are a few

Front bumper for scratches. Check your screen (if you got premium sound) for dead pixels, they are usually bright red or blue dots. (Maybe I'm too fussy). Carpet, defects in the paint (9 times out of 10 there are faults in the paint).

Just a few things that are easily overlooked when you pick the car up.
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Re: XR6 BA Owners - Maintaining your Ford

Petrol :
didn't notice any real gain in performance , so I just put the odd tank of premium in now and then to have a play.

Cleaning inside , try some of those new microfibre cloths and stay away
from any chemicals . What I find a real pain is trying to keep the glass
clean , most commercial products still streak/smear .

If you drive your car hard , or do a lot of stop/start driving , probably
an oil change in between sevices is a good idea , otherwise go with
Ford's spec.

You can check if its a LSD by looking at the metal plate attatched to the diff
centre cover plate ( well on utes they still do). It should have an "L" stamped in between the ratio . eg. 3L45 meaning 3.45:1 LSD .

As was said , really go over the panel fit and paint , and especially the body kit paint match . My brother recently refused delivery of his XR8 ute because of poor paint on the bonnet and other fit issues .

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Re: XR6 BA Owners - Maintaining your Ford

Originally Posted by 1000
3. Do you let your XR warm up (esp in the colder mornings) before you head off ? I've heard a LOT of stuff lately about the dangers of just driving off with a cold engine in terms of serious engine wear, reduced engine life etc.
The two main arguments i've heard with this is a: Letting the engine warm up at idle speeds just means the oil is reaching the top very slowly because of engine speed/rpm and so you really aren't doing the engine any favours by waiting for it to warm up.

b: Don't just drive stright off but give the engine a few revs while in neutral and there is no real load on the engine to get oil to the top faster and then just drive the car normally.

One of my mates is an engineer who actually works on engines as well as knowing the theory behind how they work and stuff and he recommends method B, especially with modern engine oils being used. And the owners manual says not to let the car sit at idle and warm up i think.
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Re: XR6 BA Owners - Maintaining your Ford

3. If my BA was my own instead of worrk's I would have done oil changes for the motor, gearbox and differential at around the 500 km mark.
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Re: XR6 BA Owners - Maintaining your Ford

Definatly Get your oil changed more than at least once b/w services. 15,000ks is far too long. How many BA's are going to stuffed at 200,000?

If anyone can recommend a plastic protectant that doesnt glare. Armor-All, Polyglaze Solar care, CRC Protectant have all glared for me

For cleaning any type of window i have found that a 1/2 metho- 1/2 water mix is the best & its far better on price too. Its safe to use on tinted windows as the bloke who did my tint said thats what his suppliers recommend as well.

Also 1000, getting a polish and a good quality wax on asap is a good idea. easily a DIY job Good Luck with the pick up

BA XR6 n/a Ute. Black, 5 Speed, Alarm system, Prestige Sound, Hard Tonneau. MODS: Tint, Lukey Cat-Back system

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Re: XR6 BA Owners - Maintaining your Ford

I think replacing the oil every 5000km is the go. I had a 91 TX3 5yrs ago which i use to change the oil every 5000km with Mobil 1. After 160000km the engine was like new. But this car was not under warranty. Now with the new BA XR6 i would like to change the oil each 5000km's but am unsure if it will void the waranty. And would like to use synthetic oil but am not sure when i take it for a ford service that would use the oil that i supply.
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