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XR6 the right choice???

OK so the dealer just rung me and told me I can pick up my new XR6 N/A (in blueprint and 5 speed) on Tuesday. Im excited, but I cant help but wonder if I made the right decision. U see im 22 and my girlfriend and I decided to sell my 92 VR4 turbo (very quick) for something with under 40,00kms on the clock (as the VR4 was costing money with maintenance). All I could think of was an AU XR6 or XR8 for about $30,000. However after much looking at pretty good condition Xr's for bout $32,000 we decided (on the spur of the moment) to buy a new BA as these were like only a few grand more for the brand new model. Now after reading about how awesome the turbo is i so wish i could have stretched the extra $7,000 but i just couldnt afford it (also insurance probably would be a bit of a worry!). Anyway as im so young (i have no kids by the way) my mates asked me why i bought a car that many percieve to be a large family car - HOWEVER if anyone can tell me what else there is on the new car market for $38,000 that goes as fast as a N/A XR6 (low 7s to 100) then please tell me!!!! (and dont mention the word hot hatch cause i aint interested in those!!)

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XR6 TURBO UTE!!!!!!!!!!
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Dont worry about what other's think mate,I'd loved to have had a brand new XR6 at your age,enjoy it's your money.

Herrod mod's,mmmn.
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I have no doubt that the N/A BA XR6 is a great car. You will undoubtedly love it. Your mates should be greatful that you are getting a large car, that way you can drive 4 of them around at a time and they will be in comfort, instead of if you got a smaller car in which case they'd all be cramped for space.

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It's one of the best looking cars on the road. Enjoy knowing your driving a great package.
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Nothing wrong with a N/A XR6... they are dam fast in themselves.. With some mod potential.. exaust, chipping (get those cam phasers working not just at idle) intakes, dif etc etc etc..

If you ever want to go full house turbo later you could, it would most likely only cost you slightly more than a full house origional Turbo build up.. New pistons, computer, turbo, dump pipe, fuel system, larger intercooler.. these are things both would need. etc.

But in the mean time your still in a great car.. and most likely saving a heap in insurance..
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So far 3 weeks and 3000kms later I still can't get the smile off my face, I have a N/A XR6 in blueprint and it looks better than I imagined.
Facts: it will not be as fast as your VR4, awesome cars, It will use more fuel, mininimum, 9.0l/100km, av 13.5l/100km, It is a heavy car, at around 1800kgs you have to consider inertia when chucking it around.
Fun factor is good, I like the handling, big car, Fairmont like ride, but sports car handling, very neutral, you would have to be a goose to stuff up in this, basically double advisory signs.
I personally have a young family so I need the room and I must admit I was a bit like your mates, I used to laugh a young blokes in Falcons and Kingswoods/commodores when they tried to race them, but large family cars have moved on a lot from then so bugger what they say.
I think you will find a good resale on this model even if you want to get out of it, the only other bang for buck car out there is the SV8 commodore.
One thing get used to people asking lots of questions every time you fill up or go to the shops, there is a lot of interest out there in the new BA.
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How much money do you need to earn a year to get a XR6 N/A? I'm only 21 and am in my last year of uni. I'll walk into about $35K a year next year with the potential to hit about $50K by the time I am 30.

Can I afford a $36000 car when i am 22?? Hehehe, I could sell the Fairmont as is for up to 10K maybe 9... that means I need $26K... I coul save up $3-4K easily, 22.... I could afford to borrow $22 couldn't I??

I want one

256rwkw @ 1920kgs
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I think I pretty much had the first or second BA XR6 on the forums, mine being a Blueprint N/A Auto.

Well, Iím 10000km in now, so here are a few observations based on my 5 months of ownership that I hope are helpful.


- You will get fed up with every Sik Moit asking you ĎIs that the Turbo?í
- Every bastard in existence has ordered his or her XR in Blueprint.
- Coming from a 4 cylinder (turbo or not), the average fuel consumption will initially horrify you.
- Any mod you want to make to your car will bring out the regular selection of geniuses on here accusing you of being a wanker who loves Ďriceí.
- Everyone who canít afford one themselves will call you a fool for not buying the Turbo.
- Itís a BARGE to park when youíre used to a smaller car
- Farkwit driving a Fully Sik VH Commode in three shades of primer will still laugh at your car just coz itís a Ford.


- The BA is a looks magnet in Blueprint.
- The ride and handling are so good youíll wonder how you ever drove the harsh bumpy 4 you came from.
- No matter what your mates say, theyíll all be green with envy once you take them for a drive.
- The power delivery is so smooth and so quiet itís like riving a luxury car.
- Try cruising Sydney to Melbourne and back at 120km/h with 4 guys, a boot full of luggage, air-con on most of the trip, room to spare and 10.5litre per 100km economy in a VR4.
- New car warranty means you donít need to worry for at least three years about more than normal running costs.
- Buying a Falcon means your insurance premium should have got cheaper in a relative sense. Smartlock & Tibbe door security means insurance companies love Falcon (My Falcon costs only as much as my old Accent cost to insure, even though itís 1 Ĺ times more expensive)
- VY Commodore owners look away in shame.
- The interior environment is the best thing this side of a $100K luxury car. Youíre now driving a car that will redefine the way local manufacturers make cars.
- Youíll look forward to future upgrade choices like XR6T, XR8, GT, GT-P, GT-HO (when they build it, we will come).
- In the unlikely event you have an accident, youíre in a MUCH safer car than VR4.
- You can come on 3FB, Ford Forum and FPV-Tickford Club cruises.

And there are many other things that I could go on with.

In all honesty, I do sometimes wish Iíd got a turbo, but as you mentioned and as you would know, insurance costs for a Turbo in Sydney can be Ďprohibitiveí. I donít miss one enough to justify a $3000+ a year premium (with 60% NCB and over 30).

No car is perfect, the Falcon included, but as a private buyer who changes his car every two years or so (I get bored with them easily), I can finally say Iíve found a car I could see myself still owning in five years.

Itís so good in standard form I have no desire to go out and spend $$$$$ to get it Ďup to standardí, Itís comfortable, fast, smooth, fast, quiet, fast, roomy, fast, good looking, fast, big, fast and did I mention that itís fast?

Iíve found it really is the ultimate cruise machine. Last year, I did just over 15000km in total, yet I love driving the XR so much that Iíve done over 10000kms in only five months since I bought it.

I still canít get the smile off my face when Iím in it (What a clichť Ė I canít get enough of it!). :s6:


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Another thing to remember is the BA XR6 N/A only has 3kw less than first AU XR8 (a little heavier though). Great cars, I'm sure you'll be happy with one.

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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