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The Real Difference Between and Stock EF/EL to an XR?

I've been researching the differences a bit between a GLi EF/EL to and XR Falcon.

All what i really found was;-

a) tickford rims
b) tickford badge/xr badges
c) front power windows (ONLY, not like fairmonts).
d) modified camshaft
e) different gear/diff ratio's.

other then that, there isnt much diff?

i have and EF, with a Ghia interior, soon to get xr front end (obviously because it looks much better), and engine modifications, and it'll still cost me much less then it would to get an XR..

Might be only my point of view? .. btw, anyone got some XR Rims sitting around? :)

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Hey exodius.
U add the ghia interior did u? how much did that cost for leather seats n all.

Man if your gonna get the xr lights at the front.. your gonna have to change the bonnet as well.. i went thru the same thing but i didnt wanna spend that much.. i luv the evil fairmont lights anyways.

And man the tickford rims have been drained bro.. i mean.. i luv those rims n all.. but every ford has em there days.. be original! :)

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man and of course doing what u wanna do is gonna be cheaper.. because its an XR MOCKUP and not the real thing from the factory.
Im not giving ya shit.. ive pretty much done the same thing to my car

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The XR's also have modified head, ported with larger valves and better valve springs, larger air intake, knock sensor, different ECU and sports suspension.
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If you want a comprehensive list of all the differences between an EL Futura and an XR6/XR8 then take a look at this page:-

The site has a section for EFs as well but the specs for the XRs is not complete yet.

This shows you the differences between the Futura and the XR, which has several upgrades over the standard Falcon.

A couple of items that you haven't mentioned are the Body Styling kit (Approx $3,000 from Ford), extra guages on the dash, Limited Slip Diff.

PS. The real thing is always going to give you a much better resale value anyway so why not just buy one to start with and enjoy it ;-)
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thanks to all who replied.

pridtr: the xr bonnet;- isnt it the same as the ef xr bonnet? i mean the current bonnet i have?.. the interior cost me $1500, velvet seats, power windows etc etc. (doors included). with the wheels, yeah i know every other person has one, but i want the car as "stockish" looking as possible, aka SLEEPER :o) if you know what i mean. i was also thinkin to get them polished back (like on the trueblueford site/vistors car). otherwise im considering the 17"s EB GT replica's from some tyre place in syd. but the problem is im lowered and i drive quite hard often and 17's will get bent/twisted from the tyre having such a small sidewall to protect it from my psychoness and bumps on the road!..

how much did the front end etc cost you? without spray painting it.

ando: the body kit, FROM ford, costs under $1600 for the full kit including wing or $1175 from canberra car styling, not fited/nor sprayed, it cost maybe 200-500 to get it sprayed (depending who u know), and you can fit it yourself.

there isnt a significant difference between the xr and a ef to much to make me wanna go "i want and xr" front end/lights look wicked, but other then that, you can go to higgin bottons or whatever their called, spend the $3000 and get a supercharger or other mods which would give u more power then an xr. :)

anyhow, if anyone knows where i can grab a cheap front end from would be appreciated :)
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Also, changing your chip in a falcon doesn't do a whole lot of difference.

I can pick the chips up fairly cheap, only thing they come in handy is so you can go over 180km/h.

Plus im running LPG so my computer does get used since its an aftermarket kit. Maybe when i put the high performance kit on i might try to use it again if thats possible.
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The 180km/h speed restriction is there for a reason - the stock drive shaft is not safe above those speeds. The current XRs have an alloy shaft, which enables 180+ speeds, but can induce driveline noise which I've discovered.
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True with the ally driveshaft you get "harmonics" thru it due to flexing ect... Also those with autos.. ever tried to hit 200= k's. I doubt it cause ya tranny will die if ya do
Ive seen it myself
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actually svo.......
180km/h all the way to perth
took me and my best mate 2 and a half days flat chat..

so the 20km/h extra cant be that bad!
(he also still has the same diff etc)

no joke :)
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