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Transmission Service for AU2

When i took my AU2 in for the 60k service they said i should get a trans service where they change filters or something,it was to cost $199. Now i know of a good transmission place who id rather have do than Ford,so has anyone had their auto on the 6cyl serviced?????

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I asked my Ford dealer how often I should service my auto as I sometimes tow a heavy load.

The answer, 100,000Km. I assume that this is what the book recommends so I don't understand why they would push for it earlier.
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trans should be serviced (oil and filter change) at 50,000km's if heavy towing or only city driving, 100,000km's if normal everywhere type driving. Mak sure they don't want to adjust the brake bands in the trans as this aways stuffs the trans up as the computer is programmed to take up the where for the life trans.

by the way if any of you ever get a trans replaced in an AU or later make sure the dealer puts the computer in "green mode" for the trans as it will allow it to learn the shifts of the new trans rather than using the old trans shift patterns and stuffing your new auto. Dealers should now this but some don't.

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i hear so many different opinions on this question.
About my AUII i rang the local ford dealer and the local auto specialist, to whom i took my old ED to. They both said every 20'000 from new. I know some will say its to make more money, but in the ED and the AUII, each time i got the auto serviced, i realise how much better the shift is, and smoother.
But each to there own. :)

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The info harasn is giving is not true! EECV pcm have adaptive learning strategies starting from base tables. Any trans adjustments prolongs trans life, pcm doesn't adapt for band wear, Why do you think it's adjustable?
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Some points....(and I am speaking from bitter experience here)

What are you towing? If it is any bigger than a 6x4 box trailer and you tow it regularly and for distances then service it every 20,000km. Also look at a bigger cooler than the factory one (you do have one fitted don't you?).

From the EL onwards Ford say that the BTR95LE is sealed for life and does not need servicing. There is also no provision for adjustment of bands past the ED or EF I think and indeed not even a dipstick.

Be aware that a normal trans service will only change about 3 litres of the 12 or more litres of fluid that are in the tranny. This should cost about $110. Some centres offer a power flush where they drop the cooler lines and exchange all the fluid. This costs more and is often called a "power flush".

Look after it now and you will be ensured a good service life.

Regards - Pat.
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Powerflush is the only way to go IMO, I heard they do it at Budget petroleum on the corner of wardell rd and New canterbury rd Lewisham. I need to get mine done as well.

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Guys, for your information, my Series 2 xr8 (200kw) auto was affected with a 'harsh' 2nd to 1st kickdown shift. To see if your vehical is effected by this (and i believe its only the 200kw auto v8s).. take off slowly from teh lights, let it change to 2nd gear(which should happen approx 30km/h) when it reaches 50km/h, floor it. it should geardown smoothly..

Mine however, was rather quite harsh, it actually felt like the wheels locked up for a split second (read: compression lockup), before it engaged into 1st.

I Promptly took it back to ford (i bought the car second hand) and made them aware of the problem i noticed. they took the car for a drive.. and watchin them, they were rolling, and stopped.. apparently it also clunks back into 1st gear.

He said they were doing a 'valve body upgrade' where they put the valve body from the 220kw Auto version of the xr8 into mine (dunno if they used the 220kw valve body), but they did change the valve body as i watched them do it.

Apparently there's a Ford Service Bulliton which does state this as a valid problem, however, not to do it unless the owner notices it. which is a fair thing in my opinion, as if i drove like a old guy, and not kicking it down every 2nd corner i got to, i wouuldnt experiance the harsh shifting from 2nd to 1st..

If your cars under warentee, and its a 200kw XR8 and have the same problem as me/ take it to ford, they were a real great help, and they didnt try brushing it off as (adaptive shift is re learning)
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