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Acceleration lag in EB II

Ok its starting to get to me now. The EB IIís are a grate car, and the more I fiddle and learn the more I love em, but there is still one thing that really does annoy me Ė this lagging acceleration until 50kmh.

Is this problem engine design related or is it more to do with the drive line setup, ie the diff ratios? Has anyone here managed to eliminate or at least substantially lessen this lag?

From what Iíve read and been told itís sounding more and more related to the diff ratio, but I would like to be sure before I start spending the money on having it converted to 3.45 or a 3.7.

Itís an i6 engine and a 4 speed auto. And please, donít tell me to change to a manual as Iím not interested in a changeover (unless this problem is undoubtedly auto related and there is no other way of even coming close to fixing it)

Also Iím all but convinced that the standard snorkel on the EB IIís allows for far from adequate air flow. What experiences have you all had with different types of snorkels? (Say replacing the original one with one from a XH). Did you notice a reasonable gain in power or was it not worth the effort?

Any info and ideas would be appreciated,
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I have to it is mostly transmission related.
I have owned an ED auto with either a 3.08 or 3.27 diff ratio and it takes off like a slug compared to my manual XF. I flogged my girlfriends ex cop ED.
But i have also driven an EF XR6 auto with a 3.45 ratio (supposedly the best upgrade for a non XR model diff) and i found that to be sluggish to around 60-70 km/h in comparison to my XF. My XF has had some work done to it but i really dont think it would be equal to the EF Xr6's power.
The XF has a 2.92 diff which is quite tall but coupled with the short manual gears it feel much quicker than the E series models ive driven.
You could try ugrading to 3.7 or 3.9 cos im sure some people here have done it and you may be happy but you lose highway driveability and economy.

Hope that helps
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diff ratio only really helps once you get off the line - better launches are achieved by having a higher 'stall' stall converter - when you mash the throttle off the line the engine 'flashes' up to around the stall speed of the converter, like, 1500rpm or whatever.

if you fit a 2000/2200 stall converter (or like 500-1000rpm higher then stock) to your car it will launch a lot harder, and combined with a 3.45 or 3.7 (go the 3.7!!) diff your car will go far better!

the downside to a higher stall is slightly increased fuel consumption and more heat generated in the gearbox, fit the biggest aftermarket oil cooler you can at the same time you fit the converter.

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Insane By Nature
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Well right now I was looking at the 3.7 diff ratio, but hadnít really thought about the stall converter (stupid me, after doing a huge write up on high stalls for a commodore club forum when I owned my VK).

Iíve been looking at powerchipís recently and so was trying to determine if this problem was engine management related or transmission; had a feeling it would more so be the latter. So is this problem strictly transmission related, or does the management software come into play a lot here too?

Bloody EBís and there water hoses! I just had one blow around the corner from my house. Split right down the side and its right underneath the intake manifold too!
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I have the same prob.
Though the car has done 360,000 and i have noticed that take off's are extremely sluggish up until the engine gets around the higher RPMS and also around 50 or 60 k's.

The trans is a bit worn, but i believe that its a bit of everything that doesn't help.
T/C is original and worn, some slip noticable, trans is original and so is the engine.
I recently had a look at the engine with a borescope and showed some polishing and wear marks, so i believe that most of the engine and powertrain needs an overhaul.

My opinion that this will quash most of the power/ performance problems.

I have plans to do a major engine/trans/TC swap in the future.
Hopefully sooner than later.


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Insane By Nature
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So basically the cars have been around for 11 years and no one has figured out how to remove this annoying acceleration lag? Ok, a high stall may help but Iím convinced itís not going to achieve what I want. Iím getting eaten off then line here guys; waiting for it to reach 50kmh and shifting to second before I get any power is just not an option to me. There has got to be something that can be done?

(BTW: Iím happy with my auto trans, its running well and I donít see why it would be the problem? If you have had experience with manually converting your EB and found that it really did remove the lag then tell me, please, because then I may consider it an option)
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I think the only things you can do is incease ur diff ratio, install a higher stall converter and maybe do the electronic shift kit thing worked well for me and best thing is you can turn it off

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my completely stock eb2 accelerates heaps good from 0 - 55ish...manual tho
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Check the fuel pump and regulator, mayby throttle vaule not opening fully. check the throttle cable could be worn or damaged. and check fuel filter lines and injectors hope this is some help as i also have an EB11 auto.
PS best of luck
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The sluggishness is caused by the ratio of 1st gear.
All factory 4-speeds are like that.
I drive a manual, much quicker than an auto with the same mods and diff ratio. Just as a note of interest, the manual conversion is really not that hard (I did it myself); if ya want the car to be quicker but still have cruise capability I suggest you do the conversion.

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