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confused Axle Tramp + Bang = ? ?

Okay, I'm looking for scary suggestions on what I might have damaged or broken last night . . .

Basically, it was the first chance I had had to really give the car a good boot off the line since the 5 spd conversion, and as it turns out, was a little too enthusiastic and *cough* over-cooked it somewhat
Had fairly large amounts of axle tramp, followed by a large bang from the back of the car, then normal launch . . . (am struggling to remember if it tramped any more after the bang)

Was fairly alarming (initially thought the wheel must have jagged the body somewhere), but after pulling over for a look, couldn't really spot anything out of place.
The only thing I could spot, was the bolt that secures the rear sway bars was bent (I *think* moreso than previously - It was definitely bent beforehand from a previous experience with an unpainted silent cop at night - curse you RTA ).

I'm a don't believe that the car / suspension could move enough to jag this bolt on the ground, so I'm wondering if there are any other suggestions ?

My only other thought was that I had done something to the diff, however I can't hear any unpleasant sounds, and it still seems to be doing the job (but I have almost nfi when it comes to diffs). . .

Everything else that I can see looks ok . . . so before I drag it up to get it checked out, are there any theories as to the cause ? (oh yeah, tis an EL XR8)

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Whats traction?
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Re: Axle Tramp + Bang = ? ?

Hehe, last time I did that the results, well, are best reflected by my avatar.

It might have been nothing more the the body flexing made one of the mounts twist... that can make a banging noise.

Just like a Tsunami.
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Re: Axle Tramp + Bang = ? ?

or running over a speed bump (those little circular book shaped things )- done that before

Have you driven a Ford....lateley?
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Re: Axle Tramp + Bang = ? ?

Or it could have been enough to flex the body enough for the tail shaft to give the side of the tunnel a good hit. I know it sounds od but it happened to my XD when I snapped one of the leaf springs under similar circumstances.

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Re: Axle Tramp + Bang = ? ?

exhaust could have dropped a hanger?

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* Steering click (5th time)
* Brake Shudder (2nd time, and has the applied "Fix")
* etc...
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Re: Axle Tramp + Bang = ? ?

you say youve just done a 5 speed conversion.... i'd say that the tailshaft hit the body - moreso common with 5 speeds than autos on lowered falcons..

inspect around the tailshaft and the tunnel for scrapage
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Re: Axle Tramp + Bang = ? ?

Agree with MADNC_8. The shaft or nose of the diff has probably contacted the floor.
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Re: Axle Tramp + Bang = ? ?

It is the rubber bushes in your control arms flexing too much causing the control arms to smack on the mounts.
Replace then with polyurethane and problem solved.
This will 'almost' eliminate the axle tramp too.


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Re: Axle Tramp + Bang = ? ?

I have problems with my 5 speed flogging the rubber trailing arm bushes - in the EA it was the passener side upper arm on the body side and the same one on the EB and also the drivers side lower trailing arm on the body.

Dot Aye You
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Re: Axle Tramp + Bang = ? ?

i reckon it's a tooth off a side gear in the diff, Try taking long corners or draining the diff and having a look..

Most of the time you won't get a sound out of the diff when one of the little cogs has lost a tooth, but after a while this will start to grind up other parts of your diff...

My old skyline did exactly the same once... I accelerated hard around a corner (Diff was One day old.. just replaced the one I had already broken) and it spun then went BANG... then no noise...

I thought it was fine, until noises start showing up (I had guessed the Suspension made the bang)... the noises got bad, so I opened her up.. had mutilated a sidegear. Caused by a missing tooth....

(My first diff Lost a tooth or two off the pinion, therefore eventually Munched up all but one side gear in the Diff)..
That was my fault though, when you do burnouts and nuts with a broken diff you gotta expect that.. The oil was mettalic when I drained it.. and 2 1/2 cogs were non existant... I had magnetic oil..
lol @ vapourised Cogs....

I had also bent the pin holes and twisted the Main Gear... That diff was a Big time right off...

The second one was welded up though :D then the axle went...
But 140 hp at ONE wheel was awesome fun...

The cops thought not, when they gave me a major defect and told me they were going to impound my car if they saw it again.....

I guess some people just shouldn't pull a 250 m burnout in front of an unmarked cop car...

*My two cents *

Chillin, Pimpin, Lo Ridin.
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