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Blood on the saddle.....

Hello Folks

I hope this not the end for my beloved EA Falcon. It all started 2 days ago when I fitted a new fuel filter. When I replaced it the car hessistated when it started then finally kicked over. Not long after I had to bolt down the road and buy some stuff. The car was feeling great and driving great until I was moving slowly in the carpark (at 20kmph) and the car just suddenly cut out complete loss of all power including steering. Fourtunately the car park was empty though the walk to the phone to contact was a 'fair' walk away to call the NRMA to jumpstart her. I called em then I gave the car one more try , she kicked over! i thought the battery was dead but it was'nt it seemed to be something electrical....

I told the NRMA folks I was fine for now then raced (of urgency not speeding) home. I had to stop at the lights and guess what, she stalled again at low speed. 2 minutes later she kicked over again, the car was hessitating and surging at speed everywhere home it was just like the movie Speed If I got less than 60ks the car rev'd and surged silly and I was worried she'd stall again.

We got the NRMA guy to look at the car when I got home, like me he could not fault the battery or any of the mechanics and it was probably some electrical gremlin like the TFI sensor which often did this wierd stuff. I bought a new one today and fitted it ($180 !!), sort of fixed the problem but the car is still stalling and surging at speed. Im taking her to the auto-electrician to get my pockets emptied on Thursday. Hopefully he fixes the problem and does not make the car act like this always. The MAP sensor and the TPS were replaced recently as well so you can rule out those....? Or is it a earthing issue?

Otherwise the car is simply sucking too much money away, Shame, I'll have to sell her. The car is 100% mech A1 and the electrics are the thing that'll kill it. I think I'll buy a old XD or maybe a XC/ XW and say bye bye to computer technology and hello to good old reliability and cheap problem fixes. I hope though this does not happen but im losing time, sleep and money over my poor old pride and joy....


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If it started doing it after the filter change i'd be starting my fault search there. Is the filter an inline monodirectional one?... if so did you install in the right direction?.... beats me.. ive never worked on an EA.

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Fuel filter fine. The car was surging well before this and stalled once or twice (once every few months or so in a car park at low speed, common on some EA-ED i6xes), now the problem has become chronic where it is potentially dangerous to drive the car at low speed due to total electrical failure. There is a short somewhere or one or more of the sensors have gone loco.
I just hope my wiring proper (due to age and smashes) is not the problem as replacing the lot will be bloody expensive.
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Check that battery earth lead is secure at the engine and that there is continuity from one end to the other (ie not broken inside the insulation) flex it when testing for continuity. Also check the block to chassis earth wire (near the gearbox on the passenger' side) and check the ECU earth screw in the passenger footwell (the screw can become loose in its hole and need replacing with a larger one).

Regards Blue
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Hmm I think its the hall sensor in the CFI unit, getting that replaced. Generally when the TFI sensor goes loco the hall sensor normally follows it. I've never replaced it in the life of this car so its probably the culprit. Perfect sparking otherwise the sensor is cactus. I'll see if I can get a new fuel pump as well. That should solve any problem once and for all.
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Change your TPS first (do both).
My car had alot of surging as well.
I replaced a TPS, Fuel Pump, Injectors cleaned and replaced the ECU. No worries now. Just slight over fueling though.

Check codes on your ECU, if you can get into any self test modes, change the ecu (about $250).


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so far so good

problem solved so far.....

- motor surging at any revs low or high
- car very hard to start
- car starts after a few minutes.....
- car stalls inexplicably at low speed- total electrical failure
- you hear the battery engaging and starter motor but motor
does not kickover.

the culrprits

CFI Hall Sensor - underneath the air filter assembly
TFI Sensor- near the distributor

not replaced but- inspect the coil.....

remember cfi folks if one goes replace both if you only replace one you could blow that new sensor and or make the problem even worse...
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