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Question Boot Release Button on > EL & AU

OK. This will sound like a stupid question but here it goes.

When does the Boot Release button in the cabin (Not the smartlock keyfob transmitter) work on the EL and AU.

Or to put this in another context,

I hate the way that the ignition /Acc needs to be on for the boot release button to work on the EF.

I know they changed this on the EL, and AU, and I have no problems wiring this up myself, I just need to know when does the Boot release button stop working on EL / AU's

I think I read somewhere that on EL's, it uses the Power window relay, so as you can open the boot up to 10 minutes after the ignition is switched off.

As I will be doing some heavy duty re-wiring around this area on Sunday / Monday, I just need some idea's on how to wire this button up, so its a little easier to live with.

Again, I dont need help with the electrics side of things, just need some practical idea's on how to make this function easier to live with.

Thanks for your help
Cheers, Matt

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Hmmm, i always thought the boot release button in the cabin worked all the time, has its own constant power supply. I think in my Fairmont you puch it whenever you want, before or after turning car on, and the boot opens

i'll go outside and take a squiz, see if it works or not...

yip, opened the car, and pressed the button, and the boot popped open straight away...

tho it is a fairmont, could be different to Gli etc etc

besides, who ever uses the boot release in the cabin, that why you have the remote key :D

+ dont know about neone else, but in the 7months ive had my car, the boot has only carried a subwoofer (not anymore) and a few spare cloths on the odd occassion :)
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Thanks for that South, Yeah, on my EF Fairmont (Series 2 Ghia), it only works with the Acc or Ign on.

It sorta starting to P@ss me off, as I have an after market alarm fitted, which you need to push 2 buttons together to release the boot. (Hard to do, when you are carrying something to put in the boot). Also I have a sub box which I sometimes put in/out of the car, and hated having to put the key in the ignition, to open the boot.

Im thinking that wiring it up to Battery power, is a good idea, with the exception that If someone breaks in to the cabin, it makes it fairly easy to pop the boot. (Normally not a big deal, with the exception of when the box is fitted. IE. Makes it very easy to steal). I heard this is why Ford changed the button operation before ????
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yeah pressing 2 buttons all the time would be a major piss off me thinks. Pressing one is hard enuff, haha

as for the someone getting in a opening the boot, well my car was broken into out the front of my house not so long ago (window was down slightly, as the power window cable snapped, so window was held up by bambo stick, anyhow) all they stole was my wallet, and a chain that hols my work security card around my neck.

they didnt attempt looking in the boot, they didnt even do any damage at all to the car, closed the car up, and walked off with just two things.

So dont stress about the boot being opened.

alternatively, you could wire it up to the overhead light. it has a time delay on it, so when you open your car, power will be on, you can press the button, as the light fades, power is off, cant open it. then flick on internal lights to get power again.

dont know if it would work, but i dont see why it wouldnt, good luck, tell me how you went
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Yep !!!!! Thanks again south, thats good advice.

I guess If they are going to break in to the car, my last concern would be whether they pressed the Boot release button. (Lol)

I had the same thing happen to me before, where someone used a screwdriver, and forced the passenger window open, snapping the power window cable. Luckily the alarm sensed it, before he got in and took anything. But the B@#$tard scratched the tinted window to buggery, and I wasnt too impressed with having to replace the power window mechanism.

Methinks I will wire the button up to batt power !!!!!
Cheers and thanks south !!!!
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Shh i'm huntin more power
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So what are the two buttons for???? Why dont you just do a little modifying to your alarm????
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The alarm is one of these multi programable processor models.
IE. One button locks the doors, other unlocks.
Holding both buttons down opens boot.
Pressing lock button twice locks doors, winds up windows.
presssing unlock twice unlocks doors, and disables chirp.
Pressing Unlock, wait for chirp, then lock disables shock, Ultrasonics, and proximity sensor.

Then there are all the programmable modes that use the buttons, and ignition key.

Basically, there is NO WAY I can modify this alarm. It was a biatch and a half to install properly (about 2 days), and needed connections to about 20 lines (and some modifications to the BEM). Also because the thing works properly, Ive got the attitude of if it aint broke, dont fix it !!!!

I also thought about this a little bit, and finally decided to connect the boot release switch to the power window power connection. That way its got power if the acc is switched on, and also has power for ten minutes, if the key is removed, and the alarm is not switched on.
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proffesional stupid head
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one bad thing about the door/boot buttons that sux...

once we locked the Keys in the old XR6, we were able to push the window down enough to get a stick in to press the central locking button and bada bing bada bang... we were in..

"mmmmmmm, DOHC'rilicious..."
- H. Simpson
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I am sure the AU only works for a shrot time after the key has been pulled out. Not sure how long but after a set time you have to turn the power back on the release the boot from the inside. If you have to do that you may as well just press the button on the key fob.

The e series were different with the switch live
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