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confused car wont start!!!

hey guys ive been working on the car for a lil while
all back together and it wont start...

the battery was virtually dead... ive spent 2 over night jobs charging it...
then try and start the car all it does it click click click click and eventually da click slows down and then stops

im aware the battery would have something to do with this
my guess is Starter motor would i be right???
also my other thought was it may be possible i upset somethin electrical whilst removing??? i dunno exactly any input would be good... :)
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By the sounds of things your battery is buggered. My advice, get a new one and keep it away from those crazy chargers!

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Yep, needs a new battery.

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Only a click hey, starter motor isnt stuffed or jammed is it?
My Corona randomly did this and when i pulled the starter motor off, there was a massice crack straight down the center, virtuallt spliting it in 1/2! Changed it and havnt had the problem since (just others instead!)
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Clicking can also be caused by loose cable connections. Check that first.

What voltage is on the battery?. What's the voltage reading when the starter is engaged?.

Batteries are not cheap, I would check a few things out first. Get hold of a multimeter and do a few tests.

Mind you, if you persisted until the clicking stopped, you are flattening the battery each time. If it wont start on the first click, it sure as hell won't start on the last one!

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i heard by giving the starter motor a knock can sometimes unjam it??? does this actually work or do u have pull it apart ???

umm the voltage i havent checked to tell u off my head
but yeah 2moro ill check all dat and get back with hopefully some results

is it also true that if your alternator is stuffed, you can actually drain a new battery ???
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Normally a bad starter will give you a single click, multiple clicks are bad battery or loose connections.

When you get the meter, check that the alternator is putting out about 14.2V with the motor running.

Remember a fully charged battery is about 12.6V, 12.3 is about 50% charged, and if it is only 12V, it's just about flat. If you test when starting, the voltage should not drop much below 9V.

cheers and good luck with it.

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When charging your battery look at it with your voltmeter. hook it up to the charger and charge untill at about 14.5 Volts. then get a hydrometer and check the Specific gravity of each cell. if they are out then first try equalising the battery by taking the voltage up to 16.5v untill all cells become equal. if one cell is down really low in the red then chances are that the battery has a dead/shorted cell and is stuffed.


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Might be a bad connection to your battery terminals. My ED did that (click click click and sometimes started). Found out the battery terminals were dirty as shite. Sanded them back to clean them, whacked 'em back on and covered them in that anti-rust stuff and whammo! One turn of the key and it has started EVERY time since! Knock on wood.

Good Luck.

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My friends VN SS had a clicking problem, we had to start it by reaching underneath the car and put pressure on the starting engine with a screw driver.

Can you source a battery from a friends car and try it to isolate the problem?

Could it be your alternator on the blink as well?
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