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EA vs EF, EL, AU

Hey guys, just wondering. how would a basically stock EA MPFI Auto or Manual go against the later model falcons. I've recently bought an EF Futura 4.0L and I recently raced my mates ED GLI (both Auto) and i beat him from off the mark to 150ish by about 2 1/2 to 3 car lengths.

Now you think an ED would beat an EA, not so. Just after i raced him we ran the ED up against his old mans 5spd MPFI EA Falcon S and the EA beat him by about 1/2 a car or so from 0-140. My EF and My mates ED both have exhaust and extractors and Air filters. The EA is stock but is in very good condition, about 185,000 klms and A1 mechanically. Anyway, just wanted to know how you guys go up against the latter model falcon sixes.

Long Live Ford!!!!


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The reason the EA bet the ED is that it was manual, the Manual EA's go ALOT harder than the auto's.
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EA manual

Yep, Thats VERY true, as i just recently found out.
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Re: EA manual

I've raced my parents AU to 100km, and it got about 1/2 car length ahead of me. Does the AU Electronic 4spd use the same gears as EA 3 spd? I was also running on gas, so I couldn't red line it... Don't know if it would have made enough of a difference though...
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Re: EA manual

the AU has the same gears in the transmission, but higher diff gears. this gives better acceleration... along with the newer lower friction engine, etc.

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EA vs ED

I have a 3.9 CFI S Pack and kicked ass over my brothers friends ed falcon GLI got about 1/2 car lenght in front. I was quicker of the lights and and was in front all the way. Mine is 3 speed auto, his is 4 speed auto but is ex-cop car.


Good by my EA S Pack

never late in a V8

comming soon
K&N air filter
XR8 intake snorkle
High flow exhaust/cats/hm headers
Clear front & side indicators
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Re: EA vs ED

i think one of the hottest looking cars is a lowered EA with the 4WD type rocker panels (sills), and exhaust.

I reckon any EA that has decent headers, exhaust, and D/T ratio's will give any stock commo up to 2002 a run for its money (apart from SS and supercharged statesmans)

The thing i am going to try in the next 12 months is to get hold or design a set of straight copper 3ohm Leads, the only problem will be trying to eliminate interferance, after adjusting the timing to suit these racing style leads, the car should deliver an extra 15kW, add a decent exhaust, higher diff ratio, and i think i would give an AU a run for its money.

Also i have been investigating making an engine management computer out of an old 68HC11 micro, as i have experiemented with re-programming current ECU through serial cables, i have peaked my car to get a 0-100 time in exactly 9.7 seconds (CFI), thats the best ive got, throw in my old cables that have 5kOhm's more resistance, the time goes up to 11.5 seconds, and reprogram the ECU back to stock condition, goes back to 12.6 seconds.

I think i could make a good computer, only problem is air/fuel mixture, since i know nothing about it how the hell will i program it.....maybe i should consider just heavily modifying the current one.

anyway my goal will be to have an 8 second 0-100 time out of my CFI 3sp, by use of performance cables, ECU mods, exhaust, and headers.

of course when the time gets there and ive payed off my speeding fines ill fix it as an official project and let you know the progress of it.

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LOL !!!!!!..........LOL!!!!!

Ben ben ben ,u can not be serious ?......15 KW
from a set of high tension leads ? HA HA HA!.

If you really need more power from your 3.9 i/6
then get

a thermo fan or 2
2.5 ''muffler wiv 2.5'' pipe
and mild cam(auto) or big cam 4 manual
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Proformance , EA vs EF/EL vs AU???

Hey ACID ,how did u manage to keep up wiv your olds AU,is your car warm?.I had a roll on drag wiv my mate in his flash EL ( wiv alloys dba rotors ect)and it was initialy close as i srceamed through 2nd to about 100 kmph,but then his car just took off , if it had wings it would have gotten air,anyway he beat me by 2 car lenths at 160kmph, that thing pissed!.little prick mumble grumble.......v8 conversion mumble grumble............
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Re: Proformance , EA vs EF/EL vs AU???

ssshhh let him find out what other problems are caused by using lower than spec resistance leads.
heres a head start ive managed to find;
o EMI (electro-magnectic interference)
Ranges from car won't run all the way down to
intermittant miss or loss of power.
o Coil loading - too low in resistance may cause
similar problems to those listed above, but
caused by the huge impeadance mis-match
between the coil secondary and it's load.
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