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eb thermo fan kit

edxr8ebgt has a wiring kit 4 thermo fans hows it work what does it plug into and how much is the kit no thermo have my own please help

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The kit I make consists of the main wiring harness, one thermoswitch for
6cyl's or 2 switches for V8's, five relays plus bracket to mount them. Also
comes with another thermostat and fusable link. You might be able to source a set of EL fans from the
wreckers which would make it cheaper or purchase them from your local Ford dealer.
It is not hard to install at all and only should take someone a couple of
hours if they have not done one before. The fans are quieter than clutch fan
and add a proven 10hp or so at the rear wheels, engine response is also
greatly noticeable.
I can supply any part of the kit that you wanted and spare parts are available anywhere in Australia.

List of the components in broken down form.

Harness minus relays and thermoswitches $105.00

Relay N/C x 5 $9.00 each
Thermostat x 1 $29.00
Thermoswitch x 1 $66.00

***You can buy just the harness and obtain the rest yourself if desired***

Complete kit for 6 cyl $245.00
Complete kit for V8 $245.00

Please find attached an e-mail version of my instructions, they don't have the diagrams on them because it takes too
long to download otherwise.
If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me or if you want to order any part of the kit just e-mail me your address and I can send by C.O.D.


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Thermatic fan with logic control for Ford Falcon models EA to ED

By incorporating two electric drive motors coupled to a back swirl designed blade, maximum airflow in static conditions can be achieved with minimum disturbance to engine load.
Heat exchange from the vehicle engine via the radiator is maximized for best cooling efficiency; road economy and power are also maximized.

Circuit Design:
The electrical circuit consists of the main electrical harness, twin thermatic fan assy and a set of 5 relayís and two temperature sensitive switches on V8 models and one temperature sensitive switch for 6 cylinder vehicles.
On V8 models one temperature switch is responsible for the control of the duty fan and the second switch is responsible for the standby fan which will operate in instances of high engine load for prolonged periods or when an engine overheating condition occurs. On 6 cylinder models, only one temperature switch is required to operate the fans.
Air-conditioner input is also incorporated so that when vehicle is static there is sufficient airflow over the condenser to exchange heat out of the A/C system.
An automatic self-test is performed upon power up of the ignition for the same period that the fuel pump activates for fuel rail priming. The circuit is such designed that in the case of a faulty sensor or faulty wiring, the corresponding thermatic fan will power up and not cut out until such time the ignition is switched off. This ensures minimal engine damage if in the case of an overheating condition.
The electrical circuit is feed directly from the output terminal of the alternator and protected by a fusible link designed to blow at over rated fault currents. Grounding of the circuit is made directly at the battery negative post for the control circuit and at the closest possible point to the alternator for the power circuit. This ensures minimal voltage drop over the circuit.

Before installation of the thermatic fan kit, some existing cooling system components will have to be removed.

Disconnect all leads from negative terminal of battery.

Drain engine coolant into appropriate container for reuse or disposal by removing lower radiator hose or removing radiator drain plug located under radiator tank driverís side.

Remove the engine cover plate on top of engine for access to wiring and temperature switch installation on V8 models only.

Remove the clutch fan hub and fan blade off of the water pump shaft as described

Removal: Fan and Fan Drive Clutch 6 cylinder engines.
Loosen the battery clamp and remove the battery shroud.
Remove the air cleaner intake duct.
Remove the two screws securing the fan shroud to the top of radiator, lift the shroud slightly and free the bleed hose. Postion the hose clear of the shroud.
Using the tools shown or other implements at hand, hold the water pump hub and unscrew the clutch from the hub.
Lift the fan and the fan clutch assembly from the vehicle together.

Removal: Fan and Fan Drive Clutch 8 cylinder engines
Remove air cleaner to throttle body air intake tube.
Remove air cleaner intake duct.
Remove battery heat shield air intake duct.
Detach battery heat shield air outlet tube.
Remove fan shroud mounting screws.
Remove the fan/clutch assembly from the water pump hub.
Position fan/clutch assembly in fan shroud.
9) Remove fan shroud and fan/clutch as an assembly.

Disconnect Top radiator hose from radiator to thermostat; remove coolant purge hose from top of radiator at this time as well.

Remove the radiator shroud as shown in diagram.

Remove the factory thermostat in favor for an 80deg C thermostat to suit thermatic control.

For V8 models only, drill a 14.5mm hole and tap with 16mm x 1.5mm pitch tap into the top of the thermostat housing as shown in diagram.

Install new thermostat and fit thermostat housing to engine.

Fit thermatic fan assy to radiator, secure top of shroud with ľĒ gutter bolt and nut each side.

Refit top radiator hose and de-gas hose at top of radiator.

Install temperature switches into position making sure to use thread seal tape on threads of thermo switches.

Install wiring harness and connect to relevant vehicle circuits as shown on next page.


With the cooling system full of coolant, reconnect the battery.

Turn ignition switch to the ignition on engine off position. Note that when the electric fuel pump times on that the thermofans should also come on for the same period of time.
This is the time it takes for the fuel system to prime up and allow the fans to do a self-test.

Start the engine and before allowing the engine to get warm, remove the wire to thermoswitch mounted on the thermostat. The corresponding fan should come on.

OnV8 models only, remove the wire to the thermoswitch mounted on the heater pipe assy; the corresponding fan should come on.

Turn engine off and reconnect thermoswitches.

Start engine and allow to warm. Keeping a watch on the temperature gauge do not allow engine to overheat if circuit is faulty. Note if first stage thermofan turns on automatically on temperature rise.

On V8 models bridge the low degree thermoswitch wire to ground as to make sure it does not activate the corresponding fan.
Start engine and allow to warm, Keeping a watch on the temperature gauge do not allow engine to overheat if circuit is faulty. Note if second stage thermofan turns on automatically on temperature rise.

Turn engine off and reconnect thermoswitches.

To test air conditioner input, turn A/C control to on position. Note that one of the thermofans should have come in.
The corresponding thermofan will cycle in and out as the compressor clutch comes in and out
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