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EL owners with Gas !!

(IF YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW), IN THE PAST 6 WEEKS OR SO FORD HAVE CHANGED THE SPECIFICATION FOR THE SPARKPLUGS USED IN EL'S WITH DUEL FUEL (although I don't know what other models are affected- mine is a EL series one and it was affected).

Apparently after having many complaints from unhappy customers experiencing problems with there EL's, Ford investigated and found that by using a different sparkplug (I think with a different compound or something) the problems would go away.

So maybe if you don't know about this you may have to contact a Ford dealer (which may be hard, but necessary, for some)

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LPG rocks, u get high while u drive. or is that nos? lol jk.

I am using normal sparkplugs, i dont seem to have a problem

Im only running LPG though, My friend is running dual fuel factory fitted and is running just high performance leads/plugs like me.

Nothing diff, if your car is misfiring on start, your spark plugs are shite or your lead(s) have carked it :)

Considered getting a High Performance LPG Kit?
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my car WASN'T misfiring but it idled REALLY rough...Ford replaced my coil + fitted the newly specified sparkplugs and she (the car) seems to go ALOT better...as I said, I'm not sure which models had problems and it might not have been EVERY car that had a problem...I'm just relaying to you what Ford told me

I haven't considered a HP LPG kit...what are they exavtly and is it worth it??
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Well depending on what sort of mods you have done to your car.

Eg. my friend has a high compression lpg spec engine. on LPG it doesnt ping if you plant it etc.

But on fuel if you plant your foot down it pings a bit. Only way to stop that is to put a full tank of optimax and a full bottle of octane boost (which is supposed to fill 3 tanks)

It just alloys u to dump more fuel im guessin, look at the EL Predator, their running a high performance lpg kit on the supercharger.

All Falcons have problems with LPG, dont worry, ALL do, as much as people say they dont, they do!

Dont take your car to ford as well :) RIP OFF! And dopey ass mechanics.
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Dont take your car to ford as well :) RIP OFF! And dopey ass mechanics.
Yes I know Ford are generally dearer than most mechanics around, the dealer I go to is VERY good. The dealership has won 'top dealer' on many occasions, and whilst I send my car there on most occasions when it needs help, I do send it to another place as well.

I'm guessing you're from the city or something...I live in the country and many people rely on dealerships as they are basically the only people around + if they're bad EVERYONE knows about it!!

It must be dealers in major citys that are bad because where I am there aren't that many 'bad' dealers at all...

And in regard to the mechanics- the apprectices have to start somewhere don't they?? All of the mechanics should have training to a standard set by Ford...do you bag out most people who aren't highly skilled?? How do you think they become highly skilled?? Do you buy bread from Bakers Delight??- do you think each store has the manager bake the bread and the apprectices just watch or something??

Sorry to sound a bit p*ssed off but I'm sick of everyone bagging out Ford and its employees
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I agree that there are some good ford dealerships around, ones that do the right thing, but in Exodius's defence, there are some bad ones too.
The first time I got my Ford Serviced was at a well renowned Ford dealership.
Paid something like $280 for the service (cant quite remember), which included plugs, oil change, brake check etc.
The Oil was changed, and the plugs (This I could tell). But after about 1 weeks worth of driving, the thing started stuttering badly > 50Km, when you gave it a little.

I didnt want to take it back there, in fear that they would get me for more $$$$$
Asked a good friend, whom was a mechanic, and he found that the spark plugs were INCORRECT for the engine.

I dont mean to bag the service dept, but they are meant to service these things everyday. Plus, its not like I went to a backyard bozo, and paid him $20 for a service.
For the $280 that I paid, I expected it to be done right !!!!

Anyway, I have learnt my lesson, and will NEVER take my car to be serviced at a FORD dealer again !!!!! PERIOD

(I have had worse experiences with Holden Dealerships, in regards to services as well, so Its not just Ford Bashing here)
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Xyphoid::: Totaly agree..

Don't be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark...Professionals built the Titanic!
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sorry to hear that you've had problems with your (previous) Ford dealer/s, but not ALL Ford dealers are like that and I imagine MOST aren't like that. I think you have to realise that there are some places where there are Ford dealers that have good (not dopey ass) mechanics that actually do the work they're meant to and customers actually drive away HAPPY :s5 (me!!)
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Dont know about difference plugs for EL's but........Ford have changed their supplier of plugs.....Champion used to supply FMC but ford have now changed to Denso.....a much better plug overall:s2: .....
The other thing they have changed is AU2 late model 6's are now fitted with Irridium plugs which are supposed to last 100,000+ k's....have had taxi drivers report a saving of ~1 litre of lpg per km..they are exspensive but some of our taxi companys are switching their earlier AU's to them...
when i say exspensive im talking around $20ish per plug:dead:
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