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I cant believe some people...

Hey boyz, remember my post about my CFI-MPFI conversion
and how i said i was dissapointed with the results... Well, i took my wagon in for an auto service yesterday coz she wouldnt slip into 4th and they rang me and asked me why i had removed the auto TPS. Of course i argued with them for 10mins telling them that they r idiots and didnt know what they were talking about! Anyhow, so i went in and sure enuf,
no TPS for the auto! The foookin wank mech that done my MPFI conversion didnt put it back on!! So they put one in and
HOLY crap! My car is HEAPS betta! Revvs right through the range! I cant believe i didnt pick up on it sooner... i thought it
was the shitty second hand computer i got. The car still hesitates a little on first acceleration but i'll find that prob next. So im a happy chappy, even tho it cost me a little over a grand... still worth it.


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That's great news! It wasn't very inspiring when I read you'd done the conversion to MPI and didn't find any real power increase.....but this is cool, now I gotta convert. You may find the hesitation on first acceleration is simply because the car is running proper fuel injection now. Often injected cars take a moment to pick up from when you floor it, compared to carby cars where the fuel is dumped straight into the engine as soon as you floor it.
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Well at least your car is running well now, good stuff :)

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Nah, i think it is an actual problem.. its too severe. How long does the computer take to relearn its settings? I reckon it might me a bad sensor of somesort (hoping its not the fuel pressure reg - r they expensive?) Ive also dumped a bottle of toyota injector cleaner in. See what happens

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Well that is good to hear Brent, I'm glad your happy with the result of the conversion. I was very surprised when you said that there was almost not improvement after the conversion, but now I guess the problem has been sorted.

As for the hesitation. I suggest you get it sorted out quick smart. I had the same problem from a set of burnt out spark plugs and it resulted in a big backfire which blew my head gasket.

If you havent already done a service, including plugs air and fuel filter, I suggest you do it.
Check out your fuel pressure and make sure it is up to scratch. Make sure there are no leaks in the fuel lines, and give the injector cleaner a go.

It is most likely dirty injectors.

Good Luck

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If I drive full throttle from a standstill my car hesitates briefly and then jumps into acceleration. I have read on this board previously that this is normal and is a safety feature of some sort. It doesn't really bother me - though if it is abnormal I'd be interested in correcting the problem.

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ILS, a slight hesitation is probably normal, but if it gets worse, then it could cause more problems.

In my case, I floored it and it hesitated harshly. Because of my burnt out spark plugs there was too much un-burnt fuel in the engine, and when the spark did come, it simply gave a nice bang and blew the gasket out the side, and not to mention my air box into a few pieces.

I just suggest that you know exactly what is causing it before you choose ignore it.

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now youre making me jealous...!!!

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Nothing to post but......

Congrats Brent - now you have the next few months of tracking down the little things and hey presto - one satisfied owner of an mpfi EA!!!!! Some people might have said go out and buy one - but there is some definite satisfaction in doing it yourself and doing it right.

Way to go!!!!!

My 2c

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Re: Nothing to post but......

Yea thanx mally... The guyz who did it said it would have been
betta for me to dump the 4L MPFI in it. But i reckon ive done the right thing. Bass - The whole ignition system was replaced (Sparkers, leads, dizzy, coil) I even got them to replace the fuel filter when they renewed the pump (which by the way cost $300+) The hesitation I get is only breif but noticable (doesnt seem normal) however the car idles and starts first kick so i dont think its a fuel problem. I wanted to run the self diag test the otherday but my gregories manual didnt specify what colour lead the input connector was, any ideas anyone??? Im thinking it might be a problem with the
ACT,MAP or coolant temp sensor - as these sensors were taken from a wrecked EA ghia (MAP&ACT). Just for those who r thinking about the conversion - lemme tell you this... I absolutely blasted away a 2.2L Astra last night and this guy had a running start. Not a bad effort for a Wagon :) The MPFI is a definate MUST for any CFI owners!! Once she hits the 2500 mark she goes :) Now im gonna get a cam and maybe try one of those K&N things. Cheers....


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