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Lost to a Civic

Ok I lost to a Civic. Its true and I am saddended by this.

I have the stock CFI 4sd Auto EB (92)
He has a Carby 1.5l manual (87)

I have issues with the throttle cable. The casing of the cable has broken where it clips to the rocker cover. The wire is perfectly ok on the inside of the casing. Does this mean Im getting slack? I sure hope so..

My main question is do you think that a throttle cable can hold me back that much? I mean seriously.. even if it is auto vs manual I should still flog him. I can take off better than them (RWD v FWD) and they are just learning manual too.

Other question is how do you replace a handbrake cable. Mine snapped (no I haven't done any handbrakies)

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That's exactly what happened to my throttle cable, casing had frayed away somehow, It makes heaps of slack in the cable cos where it is frayed makes the length of the thing longer. We replaced ours and noticed a shitload more response from the motor. Ours was so bad we could press the pedal about an inch before the the throttle would move


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thanks dude great news... because its completly broken appart...

I need to know how to fix a snapped handbrake cable now... its stuck at the little pulley that the handbrake cable goes around

I think it came off the rail then one of my friends said.. "oh I can fix it" and moved it up and down really fast.. .I think it broke a few of the wires because it was completly frayed when it came off
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Re: ^_^

I don't know if there are any potential safety issues with replacing a handbrake cable, but if so I'd take it to a professional. Also, I would buy a brand new cable rather than sourcing one from a wrecker.

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It couldn't be much over $50 to do I hope...
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Ive had to replace a handbrake cable in both my previous EA and my current ED. They are about $25 I think from Ford.

If you want I can post up the instructions to replace it (with the best of my knowledge)
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Re: .

Cool, my throttle cable is frayed away at the clip on the rocker cover also, nearly broken all the way through. I guess that explains why my car has felt a little more sluggish recently. Hopefully I can get it fixed this week.

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i paid $75 for mine installed....took the guy about 1.5hrs to do cos the cable wedged its self pritty well in that hole where it exits the cabin....he had to snip the wire and basically remove stands of it individually with pliers!!!! - its a pig of a job if this happens.
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Yeah it has tangled at the place just below the pulley :(

Its $33 from Motor Mate within a few days after ordering.
Its the front part apparently.. Would you please be able to post instructions or something? that'd rock dude thanks..

Yeah the throttle cable casing can be pulled back 1.5" I hope that means I have lots of power left to spare.

And the brakes squel sometimes when Im going about 60k.. could the caliper be stuck on (happened with my friends car) I hope so (kinda) cause that will free more power still ^_^
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Ok this is just from memory so here goes.

Go underneath the car where the front part of the handbrake cable connects to the rear part which is under the drivers side. There is no need to jack up the car unless its lowered. Put bricks behind the wheels so it doesnt roll back.

Right at the end of the cable remove the circlip which secures a 'pin' which holds a bracket which connects the cable to an 'arm'. There should be another circlip a little futher down the cable and remove that also. Push the cable through the chassis rail. Reach to where the cable goes through the firewall into the cabin, its right next the exhaust so make sure the car is cold first, there should be 4 nuts (10 or 12mm I think) which secures a small cover/plate type thing. You dont have to unbolt them completly, just loosen them off as much as you can.

Now into the car.

There should 3 nuts that hold the handbrake lever to the car. 2 on the firewall and one that connect to the underside of the dash. The bolts on the firewall are above the foot rest, the other one should be pretty obvious.
The complete cable and handbrake handle/lever are now ready to be pulled from the car.

Once its free of the car, now its time to remove the cable from the lever. There should be a circlip at the end of the lever(firewall end of it), remove that. Remove the pully which is held on with a circlip also. Now its either fully extend the lever or fully release, I cant remember, and it may take a bit of effort as you said the cable is frayed. But right at the end of the cable there will be a ball type thing, line that up with a ‘hole’ in the lever, and unhook the end of the cable from the lever. Cable and lever should now be separated!

Line up old cable and new one to make sure they are the same.

Now for the installation :)

Now I tried threading the new cable through the firewall from the cabin side but I couldn’t do it, so I threaded it through underneath the car.
Now with the end of the cable sticking through into the cabin, making sure its in the exact same position though the firewall as the old one, connect it to the handbrake lever, first with the end of the cable, then connect the pully and then the hard part, the ciclip which holds the handbrake lever to the cable.
Bolt the 3 nuts back on.

Now the underneath of the car should be pretty straight forward, but getting the cable to thread through the hole in the chassis rail is not easy, and re-clipping the circlip.
Once that’s done reconnect the end of the cable back to the bracket, and then retighten the small 4 nuts for the cover on the firewall.

Now get in car and pull the handbrake lever and everything should be back to normal :)

If youve got any more questions dont hesitate to ask.
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