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NC Climate uncontrolled

Every now and then my NC Ghia's climate control goes full hot, fan speed nine and vented to the screen.
It stays the same down to temp level 16.5. At 16, the temp goes full cold, the fan goes to H and the vents go to face level.
The only way I've found to get it all back together is to switch it on and off a few times using the Off and Auto buttons. Any ideas?


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temperature sensor

dont know anything about Nc's so i cant tell you where it is or how it works

Best wishes
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Re: NC Climate uncontrolled

The full hot and full fan, sounds like it going into demist mode, dont know why it would feel a need to do that.

Doesnt sound like it is going to be an easy fix, would have to guess a computer some where is not behaving and getting confused, wish I could offer more.

Good Luck.


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Re: NC Climate uncontrolled

Check vacuum hose fittings and end of intake runners.

Regards Blue
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Generally if it goes to the screen it is a vacuum leak but that doesn't explain the fan speed. It's check the cabin temp. sender. I think it is located behind the grill next to the clock.

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Re: NC Climate uncontrolled

It's usually natural for when demisting for fans to go full speed because it works on auto and the fans will stay that speed till the temp sensor reaches desired temp.

As for why it switches to demist, I'm sorry but I have know idea.

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Thanks guys
I posted the problem in the hope that it was a common-ish fault but it looks like Iím in for some diagnostic fun and games.
Dellboy is on the right track, it is going into demist mode. I caught it in the act yesterday just as it started its party trick. The demist icon on the display flashed on briefly and I think I heard a relay operate (no, I wasnít driving at the time). Funny though, the display then went straight back to displaying auto and face level even though the system was actually in demist mode.
I still havenít been able to work out what triggers it, it seems like a random thingówhich to me seems to indicate something other than the electronics.
Next step, I suppose, is to get hold of a genuine manual and try to learn how it all works. Iíll let you know if I make any progress.

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Re: NC Climate uncontrolled

I used to have the same thing happen on the odd occasion on my EB Fairmont. I just used to get out the manual and go through the reset proceedure on the climate control - cant remember what it is though. Never got it fixed but it only happened about 5 or 6 times over the 7 years I owned it. I think it's just a bug in the system.


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Thanks Casper, I thought I had it fixed when I ran the diagnostic mode and it worked okay. Didn't last though. It's getting harder and harder to restart it so I reckon you're right about a glitch--maybe the guy who programmed it went on to develop Windows 95.
I ordered a genuine manual from Bookworks today ($149 post free) so I'll check out the reset on the weekend. If it only does it once a year from then on, I'll be a happy camper.
Bit annoyed though, I paid a whole $5000 for the car (5 litre, 210000k, not at all shabby) at John McGrath Ford (ACT) last Saturday and look what happens...


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found the bugger

On further diagnosis, the system wasn't switching to demist after all, at fan speed 9 there's a fair amount of air bleed to the screen, making me think it was going to demist.
After trying everything I could think of, I resorted to the 'thump the crap out of the dash near the sensor' method and every time I did it, the temp went back to where it should have been. Just goes to show, sometimes the old methods are the best.
Thinking it was an intermittent open in the cabin sensor circuit, I pulled the sensor and control unit out and disconnected all the relevant conectors. I didn't find anything obvious apart from some wires near the sensor that had been trapped behind some trim. I pushed and pulled all the connections etc. with a multimeter attached, couldn't find any opens so put it all back together hoping it was just a dry joint at a connector.
Just to find out, I disconnected the cabin sensor with the system running and it did exactly what it had been doing when it was playing up.
Just back from a long drive and it seems like it's fixed now.
Wasn't hard to get the sensor out, if anyone has a similar problem, I can copy the removal procedures from the manual.
Unfortunately, if it's the actual sensor at fault, FOMOCO don't stock 'em any more...bastards.

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