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frown NF Fairlane Cluster in EF - Help !!!

Firstly, I would like to thank all the guys here whom have helped with so far with suggestions, etc, regarding this conversion.

Anyway, to keep everyone up to date,
I am currently fitting an NF Fairlane Instrument Cluster to my EF Fairmont.
So Far I have calibrated the Tacho from a V8 type, to work with an I6
I have also Swapped the E2Proms from my Original Cluster, to the new one, to get the Odo Reading from my old one.

After all this, I have wired up 1 of the 4 Connectors.

Anyway, my problem so far is the Cluster Beeps at me when I start the car ????

Its kinda like the speed alert beep, except its 2 descending tones,
(I.E. High Tone, Low Tone), and repeats continuosly.
I havent wired the Trip Computer up, nor Have I wired the Door switches, Bulb Outage, 99% of the Warning lamps, etc, etc, but I was wondering what the Beeping is for ????

Apart from the Beeping that I cant shut up, The Tacho, Speedo, Oil Pressure, Fuel, Temp, Battery Guages and warning lamps all work, so does the Gear Position thing.

Does anyone know what the Beeps are, and how you shut them up ???????

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have spent sooooo much time on this conversion, and I dont really want to find out that the beeping means that I have wasted most of my time ???


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is it like the tone you get when you leave the headlights on??? Sounds like it might be expecting an input from somewhere that you haven't connected. How long does the beeping go for???
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My sisters 88 mod fairlane had a beep like that to tell you the handbrake was still on if you attempted to move..... dont know if your prob would be similar but i know the fairlanes seem to have a lot of warning sounds......
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put the original eprom chip(s) back in the nf cluster, maybe they are not the same??

wouldnt you need the nf's body controll module and computer for it work properly ?

Best wishes
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I'll try to dig around in my EF workshop manual for any info on the beep signal you mentioned.

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I reckon it would be warning you about something that it thinks it doesn't have. If you haven't wired up your warning lamps then that could be a source. Door switches might be an issue - it wouldn't want you to drive around with your doors open.

Maybe just try and get the rest of the connections wired up and then see if it still beeps. I doubt it would.


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Yeah, I think everyone is on to something with regards to the warning lamps.

I had a quick look in the workshop manual, and the Only thing I could see there was a 2 tone Warning for check suspension, or Bulb out warning.
The Only problems I have with these are,
1) Check suspension is meant to Beep when it has a grounded input. I figured that If I didnt connect this line, then it shouldn't beep.
2) The Bulb out Warning is meant to Say BULB OUT around the LCD Odometer, and Tripmeter, but at the moment it says nothing.

I have to admit, that also I dont have any warning Bulbs fitted, with exception to the Fuel, Oil, Temp, and Alternator, and 2 Bulbs for the LCD Illumination, so I Dunno If there is any Urgent Warning Lights (Like Check Suspension, or Airbag) that are trying to light up.

As for the BEM, It looks like that the Same BEM was fitted to Fairmonts, Ghia, Fairlane, and LTD, (Thank good, as I dont really want more things to replace Hehehehe),

Also, the E2PROMS were exactly the same on each cluster, even their location is the same. But to be honest, it was a lot of effort trying to de-solder these, as they were SMT (Thanks Jase_ELXR8 for your suggestions on this one), so I Dunno If maybe I fried one of them (Ummmmm I havent tried my Original Fairmont Cluster yet, so Maybe I have 1 Fried Dash :crazy1: ). - PS, if anyone is interested, the EEPROM's are X24C44. If you do a search on Google for this, the first 2 Doco's that come up are programming info for them). - Dunno about the Legalities on that one though ?

Luckily I have the Day off, and I need to get more wiring, connectors, Resistors for the Door Inputs, and some heatshrink, and will give the Second and Third Connector a go, to see if I can shut the thing up ??????

Oh yeah, the sound is like the Headlights on warning, except its only 2 tones, and they are descending, not ascending (Low tone, Mid Tone, High pitched tone).

Also I have yet to wire up about 24 more lines, but I figured that maybe if the warning Signals had no imput, then the Cluster would think that there were no problems ???

Cheers guys, and thanx for all your help,
and please, keep the theories coming, ITS ALL HELPING ME !!!
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So Matt, if you just soldered in a new one of these chips, would it reset the odo or would it not work at all???
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Actually, I just swapped the chip from Original Fairmont Cluster, with the One from the Fairlane Cluster.
The Odometer readings did change (Swapped over).
I just reverted back to my Fairmont Cluster when I was buying wiring, heatshrink, connectors, diodes, resistors, and anything else I could think of whilst I was there.

The Fairmont Cluster still Works 100% even though the Odo was the wrong reading for the Car. (Reading From the Fairlane Cluster).

The funny thing is that it swapped over the Odo, Trip Meter, and the Service Spanner setting. (My Fairmont Cluster was telling me that I needed another service Hehehehe).

So, the answer to the $250 question - (Thats how much a few Instrument Cluster Reprogrammers charge for changing the Odo).
- Dont hold me to it, But I have been told 2 different lines.
The First one was that simply replacing the E2PROM with a brand new spanking one would either work, or would need some bits in its memory changed (Set or Cleared) In order for it to work.
To be honest, not 100% sure, as I dont know how to really program these things yet, nor do I know how to peak at the contents of their memory.

The X24C44 chip can be bought from RS Components (Mascot, Sydney) for about $14.00. I have already priced that, and I am now thinking of playing around with one, just to see if I can do anything Interesting with it. (I assume that If the Cluster doesnt work with a new E2PROM, then I just solder the Original E2PROM back in, and everything (Fingers Crossed) should be sweet.

Yeah, Just something Really strange, I swapped over 1 Chip, and some other damm thing around the Tacho section, to try and get the Tacho calibrated for my 6. (The Fairlnae Tacho was for an 8).
Both Tacho(s) now work, and are calibrated for the 6 ??????
What I mean to say is the Engine Idles at 600RPM, with both clusters, and there seems to be no error :crazy1:
The only sus thing that I found was the Fairmont Cluster, which was Originally a 6 Tacho, but swapped parts to make it an 8, take about 30 Minutes or so, to come back within Calibration ??????
I honestly Dont know what the F#$% is going on, but at the moment I am not complaining.

Oh, I will do a dash Diagnostic on the Fairmont one, and see if any of those Bits have changed up at the High end tests ???
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Ok - Here is the latest update.

I have had a F!@#$%g shocking day.

1) Burnt my 9 month old, $9000 IBM Thinkpad T21 with the F!@#$%g soldering iron - Just a note to anyone thinking of doing the same thing, DONT DO IT ! (the F!@#$%g thing slipped when I was getting myself a drink), I didnt do it purposely.

2) I spent most of the Day wiring the Door Switches for the Cluster, and got them all F!@#$%g wrong. Now when a door is open, the Dash thinks it is closed, when they are closed, the Dash says they are open.

3) with all this F!@#$%g around with clusters, the F!@#$%g car would not start. Took me a good 5 minutes to get the thing to run again. Obviously a loose wire from the cluster.

4) The F!@#$%g bulb holders are F!@#$%g different to the ones that I have on the Fairlane. The fairlane ones are ever so slighty smaller, and because I didnt get any one the fairlane, this is causing me to get the Sh!t$.

5)I have also wired some of the warning lamps, and the F!@#$% B@$t@rd is still beeping non stop
It starts beeping after about 30 seconds when the Ignition is switched to the On Position.

The more I think about this, the more I am thinking that this is the Self Leveling suspension check. I have not wired this connection up at all, because I dont have that suspension, and the workshop manual says that the error should only come about if the Check Suspension line is taken to earth.
But The Instrument Diagnostic table in the workshop manual says something along the lines that the Cluster can beep on this error, if their is a problem with the Check suspension line.

I dunno, but I am begining to bang my head against a wall on this one, and I really need more opinions, as the Beeping will drive me F!@#$%g crazy !!
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